3.0 Updates: Racial Skills

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    Racial skills
    • Changed the unique Nuian Racial Skills:​
    - "Warrior Architects" - Reduces construction time for houses and castles -30% for 5min.
    - "Nui’s Blessing" - Nui’s Blessing Increases strength, spirit, intelligence, stamina, and agility +10% for 5min. Cannot be used during the Nui’s Consolation buff.

    • Changed the unique Elf Racial Skills:​
    - "Lithe Flow" - Increases swim speed +5% and allows you to hold your breath for +30sec for 5min.
    - "Environmentalist" - Increases the Maximum Health of all allies’ mounts within 10m by +10% for 5min.

    • Added new Race - Dwarf. Dwarf unique Racial Skills:
    - "Dwarven Artifice" - Decreases Machinery production time -30% for 5min.
    - "Summon Juggernaut" - Summons a powerful suit of mechanized armor for 5min, preventing the use of normal skills but granting access to new Juggernaut combat skills.
    - Dwarf Transformation (Juggernaut Skills) has multiple limitations but, in exchange, provides the access to multiple battle skills.

    • Changed the unique Firran Racial Skills:
    - "Strong Claws" - Enables you to climb trees and ladders 50% quicker, and increases move speed while dashing +10% 5min.
    - "Catlike Reflexes" - Negates fall damage for 5min.

    • Changed the unique Harani Racial Skills:
    - "Jungle Tamers" - Decreases Logging and Gathering time -30% for 5min, and resets Recall cooldown.
    - "Explosives Expertise" - Increases ship/tank Cannon damage +3% for 5min.

    • Added new Race - Warborn. Warborn unique Racial Skills:
    - "Brute Strength" - Increases Move Speed +10% while carrying trade packs for 5min.
    - "Ravager" - Unleashes the Warborn’s demonic form for 5min, preventing the use of normal skills but granting access to new Ravager combat skills.
    - Warborn Transformation (Ravager Skills) has multiple limitations but, in exchange, provides the access to multiple battle skills.​

    Transformation Skills
    Juggernaut Skills (Dwarf Transformation):
    • "Primary Shelling Attack" (consist of 4 distinct phases)​
    - Homing Round: 30m range single projectile. Inflicts Target Lock, making enemies more susceptible to other Juggernaut skills. Also unleashes the Fire Flood effect under the target’s feet when it hits, which deals damage over time to anyone who stands there.
    - Scattershot: Fires a burst of shrapnel at nearby targets, hitting closer targets multiple times. Fires extra shrapnel at nearby Locked targets.
    - Bombardment: Fires a stream of fireballs at the target. Has a chance to interrupt on Critical Hits.
    - Dual Cannon: Fire two enormous fireballs at the target. Guaranteed critical hit on Locked targets. Deals additional damage to Stunned targets.​
    • "Primary Melee Attack" (consists of 3 distinct phases)
    - Iron Fist: Charges up to 20m towards a target and attacks them.
    - Uppercut: Launches the target into the air.
    - Leaps up to 12m and slams down on a target’s location, dealing damage in a small area. Stuns Locked targets.​
    • "Mountain’s Wrath" - A freezing spin attack, damaging and slowing all enemies in an 8m radius.
    • "Tactical Bomb" - A 20m projectile that can provide a number of effects, depending on which skill you use before it.
    - Shelling skills load Fire Bombs, which deal cause continuous explosions in a small area on impact.
    - Melee Skills load Frost Bombs, which slow all enemies in a large area on impact.
    - Shield Skills load Gale Bombs, which increase the Attack Speed and Move Speed of all allies within a large area of effect.​
    • "Shield Stance"
    - Lowers armor plating in front of the Juggernaut and erects a powerful forcefield for a short time. Grants the Juggernaut +40% Block Rate and restores 180% of damage received as health. All allies behind the forcefield receive -20% damage.
    - Enables Juggernaut Charge​
    • "Juggernaut Charge" - Charges forward during Shield Stance, damaging and tripping all enemies that get in your way. The longer shield stance is maintained before charging, the longer your charging distance.
    • "Temporal Armor"
    - Grants immunity to all debuffs for a short time, but drains the Juggernaut’s power supply much faster. When Temporal Armor ends, the Juggernaut disappears and the caster is temporarily incapacitated.
    - Temporal Armor’s maximum duration decreases in proportion to remaining Juggernaut time.​
    • "Assisted Loading" - Using Iron fist removes the cast time from Homing Round, but prevents it from inflicting Target Lock or Fire Flood.
    • "Auto-loading" - Loads Tactical Bombs depending on the skill used.
    • "Staggering Blow" - Uppercut pushes Slowed targets back much further.
    • "Endless Storm" - Temporal Armor removes the cooldown on Mountain’s Fury.

    Ravager Skills (Warborn Transformation):
    • "Reaving Claws" (consists of 2 distinct phases)
    - Attack 1: Damages the enemy.
    - Attack 2: Inflicts Bleeding on Shaken targets.
    - Attack 3: Deals additional damage depending on the targets rank of Bleeding (up to 80% at Rank 5 Bleeding)​
    • "Scything Kick" (consists of 2 distinct phases)
    - Attack 1: Deals damage to all enemies in a 6m radius and pulls them closer. Inflicts Bleeding if used while under the effects of Hunter’s Glory.
    - Attack 2: Damages all enemies in a 4m radius and inflicts Shaken.​
    • "Rupture" - Slams the ground, damaging all enemies in an 8m radius. Trips Bleeding enemies.
    • "Soar" - Propels the Ravager into the air, damaging all enemies within 6m on takeoff and launching them briefly into the air. Removes the Shaken debuff. The caster floats in place for 3sec, during which they can use Dive.
    • "Dive" - Fly up to 40m towards a target, dealing damage to all enemies within a 6m radius on impact. Inflicts bonus damage on Launched enemies. Can only be used while Soaring.
    • "Adaptive Plating"
    - Covers the ravager in blade-sharp scales, slowing move speed and reducing evasion, but also reducing received damage by -50%. Duration is doubled if cast while under 50% maximum health.
    - The caster can end this effect early by casting Scale Burst, which launches the scales forward and deals damage to all enemies in a straight line.​
    • "Queen’s Blessing"
    - Makes the ravage temporarily immortal, preventing lethal damage from killing it. But also increases received damage +25%. When Queen’s Blessing ends, you return to your normal form and are incapacitated for a short time.
    - This skill’s maximum duration decreases in proportion to remaining Ravager time.​
    • "Thirst for Carnage" - Rupture restores 6-8% of maximum Health when used.​
    • "Hunter’s Glory" - Grants a stacking buff whenever Dive is used, increasing Attack Speed, Move Speed, Evasion, and Skill Damage. Stacks up to 3 times.​
    • "Razor Scales" - Inflicts Bleed on melee attackers that hit you during Adaptive Plating. Also grants a stack of Razor Scales for each time you are hit, which increase the range of Scale Burst.​
    • "Tireless Predator" - Queen’s Blessing significantly reduces the cooldown of Rupture and Soar.​
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    That dwarf and warborn balance though.

    Are we going to pretend this isn't broken?
  3. Fishybutts

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    We elves get to boost our 10k hp pets to 11k for a whole 5 minutes though. Hype! #needsnerf
  4. Ariess

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    Not everything about 3.0 will everyone like but the team has made some changes to 3.0 so far that we did not see on trion version and I'm sure as we move forward we will see other changes done that are possible and make sense.
  5. Kaladina

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    Can we please keep the current passive skills.... passive.
  6. HeyHeyIndeed

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    i assume that abyssal skills arnt in this patch?
  7. Tsu

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    Honestly I don't see why do the passives of every race become an active of 5 min in a 30 minute CD. They should stay as passives, making them actives takes away the reason of why you would play X race, rather play a race that has a transformation that is actually benefitial than a race that you can only activate a buff that was their passive for just 5 minutes.
    Balance wise, it would be better to keep the passives as passives.
  8. vulgrr

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    @Sparkle this is one of the things I was referencing. This should be revisited after the 3.0 release

    Most players want the old race skills (Elves, Ferre, Nuia, Hariharan) to stay as they are in 2.9. Where they're always "on" and don't only last for 5 minutes.

    But for now, lets focus on getting 3.0 live and working.
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    Something we can ask for later maybe but right now it was already stated that it wont be looked at for now.
  10. Harlot

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    +1 for keeping passives making it a skill , is a nerf to the weaker races
  11. Sparkle

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    They are in this patch.
  12. HeyHeyIndeed

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    oh yay ^_^ I Just never found a thread about them that or i over looked them my bad thank you
  13. Vampiris

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    Please make that passive skills, why more buttons to press?

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