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    Vocation points are no longer granted through proficiency-related labor consumption activities. Instead, they are earned through completion of daily (family) tasks and through upcoming events.

    • Quick access to the vocation store remains available on the character management interface.
    • Standard seed and sapling merchants have been adjusted.
    • Sapling merchants now sell basic grade seeds and saplings for gold, silver, and copper.
    • Livestock merchants now sell basic grade livestock for gold, silver, and copper.
    • Seed merchants have been converted to vocation merchants and now sell seeds, saplings, and livestock of grand and rare grades.
    • Apprentice, Artificer, and Artisan Certificates have been removed from the game. Recipes that previously used these items have had their materials adjusted.
    • Livestock Supplement and Organic Fertilizer are now craftable at a Farmer’s Workstation instead of being available on the vocation shop.
    • All daru seed and sapling premium bundles have been appropriated to a related proficiency as a famed recipe. Daru husbandry premium bundles have been removed from the game.
    • Vocation merchants also sell dawnsdrop armor items and several other vocation support items.
    • Various saplings that were previous world-only drops have been added to the vocation store. The price for approx 30 of them was decreased for 30% in comparison with live NA server.
    • Most of seeds, plants, saplings and animals will be optional - could be obtained both ways through vocations and gold.

    Below is the list with the following items that will be added not only for vocation points for gold as well. Prices in vocation points are accurate. Prices in gold are still under consideration and will be provided at a later date.
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  2. Jero122

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    Cant have alts, Cant get vocation through farming. Rip solo players
  3. Ewain

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  4. JXRaiv

    JXRaiv Member


    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  5. Ariess

    Ariess Well-Known Member Staff Member Elder

    Not at all the solo player can obtain his seeds/animals/saplings with gold as well as vocation so unlike trion we have choices here.
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  6. Jero122

    Jero122 New Member

    Thats true to a certain extent, while solo players can just buy things with gold, they still will find it very difficult to actually get vocation, which does have a value of gold attached to it, I just sell my vocation for gold. Which means solo players will now earn less gold.

    Also, does the red cross over axle grease means that it's not coming in 3.0 or it won't be available for vocation points but only for gold?
  7. ruanjos

    ruanjos Member

    crossed stuff will be only avaiable for vocation!
  8. Ariess

    Ariess Well-Known Member Staff Member Elder

    It is even amazing that the team will put the items that are only available via vocation on the gold vendor so if solo players want cake and eat it too then solo players must join a family to max vocation daily even thou in our version WONT be nessary to obtain seeds etc....
  9. jrch2k10

    jrch2k10 Active Member

    Is like they getting gold and still wanna cry about something, is fine as it is lol and 20 times better than Trino release.

    Making it easier for new players will require handing them down and fully gemed celestial T5 gear set and 3 guaranteed treehouses and even then i guess they will complain
  10. ruanjos

    ruanjos Member

    Yes, the vocation changes (enable seeds on vendors) were amazing and necessary, you guys are on point, thanks for the good work and for hearing us out!
  11. Farold

    Farold New Member

    i like that you can stil buy seeds and stuf with gold realy like the change and like mentioned above it was a necessary change

    but i think it sould stil be posible to get vocation true proficiency-related labor consumption. i realy dont like beaing forced in a rendome family while trying to organise a party in my time zone to do the daily quests just so i can max my vocation gain to pay for livestock supplement and shatigon's blessing to make bundles. coming from the live servers this was one of the things that made me leave on top of the trading change that wil come in 3.5 (wel i think it was 3.5 anywhy xD)

    as a true potato i can say i like to single seed farm for my vocation and make even more gold on the Grand items that drop form them. :p
    give me 900+ seeds and nice background music and im sold for a good hour ^^
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  12. Botty

    Botty New Member

    Are the gold prices for seeds and sapling going to stay the same or are they going to get more expensive with 3.0 then? Awesome to know we're gonna be able to buy em with gold :>
  13. Ariess

    Ariess Well-Known Member Staff Member Elder

    Prices will obviously rise seeing how they are only available via vocation on trion servers.
  14. Botty

    Botty New Member

    I had a feeling that was going to be the case, thanks for answering the question :>
  15. zere

    zere New Member

    but so the fuel axle grease is available?? im waiting for it like rain in the dessert, the cars go too slow without it
  16. HeyHeyIndeed

    HeyHeyIndeed New Member

    so in the above picture the vocation hastenscroll will be taken out of arch? if so if i were to buy say 5 would they stay in my inventory until i use them?
  17. Rand

    Rand Member

    That just means the items won't be put in the gold vendor, they will only be in vocation.
  18. HeyHeyIndeed

    HeyHeyIndeed New Member

    oh ok ty ^_^
  19. ruanjos

    ruanjos Member

    Hello @Sparkle , i'd like to know if the farming proeficiency affects the chance to find royal seeds on bundles aswell as it does on single seeds as seen above:
  20. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Game mechanics on royal seeds from bundles is the same as from single planting. Proficiency effects them both.
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