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Discussion in 'Game Debates' started by Sparkle, Feb 27, 2019.

  1. Sparkle

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    Main thread is locked for discussions :eek: so opening this thread for you.
    Use this thread to discuss, debate, argue or question 3.5 release related.

    Main thread with 3.5 patch notes and other 3.5 release information can be found HERE.
  2. RAYZZ

    RAYZZ New Member

    ¿Any news about the "Starter Pack"?
  3. Lillis

    Lillis Member

    Will we not be able to upgrade the Timber Coupe into the Rampage S200?
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  4. Enigmatic

    Enigmatic Active Member

    Will PTS version have commands to spawn in items / mats? and where in Europe will it be located so I can flex with my low ping
  5. Ninety

    Ninety New Member

    Why decrease Erenor base stats by 10%. The cost on them is a lot higher than any legendary T7 would cost from start to finish. While it is nice to see the decreased costs, most people who were planning erenor already factored in the costs needed because of the higher stats you get from higher tier erenors.
  6. Ninety

    Ninety New Member

    I asked a question. In no part did I complain. I stated facts. I said the cost required to make an erenor IS higher than a Leg T7. I don't spend all my day ingame or in forums so I personally did not see anyone actually complaining. The cost alone of making an erenor prevents most of the population from making one. If you left out the costs of the items you need to feed into it you are still in the 200k base range for a basic erenor. That's also not counting that players still have to farm out the Aegis and Whalesong mats or buy for probably 10k a pop if they want to be one of the first people to craft.
    But as I said I am asking the why. An item that less than 1% will have and of that even less will get it to the level of being better than T7 Leg which is at Epic.
  7. Olart

    Olart New Member

    Sparkle, has the gilda trader been removed from the game?
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  8. trapwhre02

    trapwhre02 Active Member

    actually let me delete that post and re-phrase.

    everyone knew there was a high possibility that erenor will have custom tweaks in terms of stats one way or another. nobody should have expected 1:1 live erenor.

    however, i do agree that the 10% base damage reduction is a silly solution. it will just render lower grade erenore even less relevant.

    why did they not go with just capping at a certain grade and increase it as time passes ?
  9. Ninety

    Ninety New Member

    Overall cap would have been a fine change as many players experienced that with Epic Hiram gear. Realistically making a Leg Erenor was way to much in terms of cost due to the amount of Epics you would need to feed to achieve such a goal.
    Personally, 10% is an insane drop on anything, just imagine having your Obsidian Weapon damage decreased by 10% just because 100 people are running around with Leg T7s slaughtering hundreds of people.
    In terms of gear gap, thats more created on Player ends with lack of LC in market places to help drive down the prices of LC which castle owners can control to a large extent.
  10. Sparkle

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    All the details will be available closer to 3.5 release. Can just confirm that event will return with 3.5 release or very shortly after.

    No. But you'll have your character with all currently available items and gear transferred to the test.

    Erenor is still better (stronger) than T7 even after the nerf but it will no longer be OP in comperison to the other gear available in game.

    Currently no.

    All traders available in 3.0b will remain their positions and functions. So players would need to choose: safe and less money making 3.0 method or more complicated and dangerous 3.5 method with higher profits at the end.
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  11. Velorra

    Velorra Active Member

    With you adding FoV mod, can you also add KrFont mod to the client in some way? Because the default font sucks and not allowing us to use it now is painful for the eyes of those that use the mod.

    With you removing Charcoal Stabilizers from Hereafter Stones and Synthium Stone recipes, would you be open to removing the Matryoshka doll effect of polishes, oils, and pigments in the Alchemy profession? In 3.5, Tier 4 polishes/oils/pigments require a Tier 3, which requires a Tier 2, which requires a Tier 1. As a result, the Charcoal Stabilizer cost of making 1 of each type of polish/oil/pigment from Tier 1 to Tier 4 goes from 3/5/9/0 to needing 3/8/17/17, which is a total of 17 to 45.
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  12. Xith

    Xith Member

    10% drop is really high, like the armor you should make it 5%. You should not really compare legendary erenor to legendary t7 because that's not how the general population would do it.

    The comparison should be epic erenor vs legendary erenor. Where as epic erenor still cost way more to make it will have less damage thant legendary t7. Why should a weapon that cost more to make have less damage in stats? This will be changed if you make it 5%, instead, epic with a higher cost to make will have slightly higher damage.

    In the original 3.5 Epic erenor had higher base stats than legendary t7 (much higher) but it did not have the passives (like crit damage for nodachi) so nobody reasonably made epic erenor. I played live, the only people who made erenor were those who got the un-nerfed Legendary versions because the damage increase justified the crit damage loss. Now, with this 10% nerf it is not even viable to take a legendary erenor nodachi over a legendary t7 nodachi. It should really be nerfed to 5%. 10% is a huge slap in the face to anyone who has been saving up.

    As it stands, if anyone (unless you are a super whale who can make a mythic erenor) Erenor tiers basic > legendary is a complete waste of gold because you can get a better weapon for cheaper. 5% would make them more viable and id say about equal to t7 counterparts.

    Also, since ya'll have the patch notes, with your change can you let us know the damage on an epic erenor nodachi with a 15% temper. Same thing with other tier weapons like 1hander and clubs/scepters/bows.
  13. Ninety

    Ninety New Member

    Epic Erenor Live Version
    Leg T7 Current Server Version
    (edit)Leg Erenor MAX TEMPER
    Base DPS for 1H Leg Erenor is 1047.9/1.15=911 DPS. YES thats alot but as of 3.5 Launch saw only one Leg Erenor due to insane costs. Other Leg Erenors followed over the course of 6 months. (Edit)
    Base Stats are 10% higher than a 115% tempered T7 Legendary. So the 10% Nerf bring it Equiv to a max temper T7 Leg. Even if you re Tempered you are now looking at the Bonus effect that T7 gives. That bonus is huge in comparison to raw stats. Take Nodachi with its Crit damage bonus. That % is alot more than what you get from the higher Raw Stats.
    The flat % people are getting for Crit Damage, God's Whip Damage, etc. are why Erenor had higher Base Stats.
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  14. plamp

    plamp Active Member

    Erenor is by no means overpowered because of the amount of work it takes and absolutely NO nerf is justified for it. You've completely invalidated the next step in crafted gear. Capping the grade initially is the best thing you could do if you wanted to nerf it.
  15. Xith

    Xith Member

    Exactly, I would not be happy about any nerf. But id much prefer them nerf erenor by 5% and not 10% lol. 10% is just fucking dumb
  16. Papatuna

    Papatuna New Member

    Trade Outlets have been added. These areas are peaceful places where players cannot attack one another.
    Really there iss already safe areas where noob can trade and make gold where is the risk vs reward?
  17. Anarchy

    Anarchy New Member

    make erenor weapons -5% or dont nerf it
  18. vulgrr

    vulgrr Active Member

    @Sparkle: Question about crafting recipes.

    In live 3.5, for example, to craft a Tier 2 pigment, you were required to craft a Tier 1 pigment first.

    So for example, if I wanted a Small Leaf Pigment, I would first have to craft a Small Root Pigment, then use that to craft the Small Leaf Pigment.

    Has this been changed? Because this raises the cost of crafting a tremendous amount
  19. Eyrien

    Eyrien New Member

    I play here for 4-5 months. I was waiting for the expansion and preparing my team oriented to become erenor (even knowing its high costs and that being f2p would be difficult and long to do) and now out of nowhere the nerf in that absurd way? While people who use hacks and copy objects already have their obsidian in mythic or legendary. Or people who simply pay an amount of $ out of the game, or people who buy gold (not credits). Or any kind of non-legal person, whatever the trick they imagine. Cool.

    This measure only benefits players who only come to play 3 months, are poorly equipped and bored or cheating players. The players that we have planned to play more in the long run ... now we simply have to try to sell all the ayanad team and regrade or what? Losing all these months of farm/game ...

    Please, check that damn nerf at erenor, it does not seem fair to me. It is not reasonable. To do that better to have left it as it originally came.
  20. Velorra

    Velorra Active Member

    I gotchu earlier in the thread, fam

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