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  1. RogueChoi

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    Could we get Car Display Stands to be put on somewhere other than mansions? Some of us just simply don't like mansions, and there's PLENTY of room to put a Car Display on the front of a Solarium and some other houses. You already made a custom slot for Golden Adventurer's Chest, so surely allowing that slot on 28 x 28 homes wouldn't be difficult. It would still be subject to space/collision rules :)
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  2. vulgrr

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    Bumping my earlier remarks regarding the Shield of Steel passive in the defense tree. 3.5 mega nerfs it, which is really unfair, considering how poorly balanced defense already is...
  3. Kitaro

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    However, it is going to be a massive buff to plate wearer's including one of the Ancestral redoubt's that doesn't require a shield. Even though it's nerfing the present diversity ingame you can't deny it's giving great advantages to players who spec a plate build.
  4. plamp

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    @Sparkle Why haven't you replied to any of the posts regarding Erenor since page 25? You mention in your last post on page 25 that you're not going to "continue arguing on it" and that you "consider [the] Erenor topic closed" but you haven't really argued on the topic of Erenor in the first place because nothing you've brought into the discussion actually helps your case in nerfing it, and brushing actual players opinions off and just saying that they are wrong isn't really an argument. All that you have shown shows that your nerf makes the weapons worse than or very close to obsidian t7 of the same grade (obsidian t7 btw is significantly easier to get and make than Erenor of equivalent grade and gets extremely strong passives, in fact the transition to using just archeum over mana wisps in 3.5 makes it even cheaper).

    On the topic of armor you haven't acknowledged the fact I brought up that Erenor armor was overall weaker than Obsidian t7 in the first place because of Erenor requiring lunafrosts to regain the set effects Erenor loses in the reduction of 21 to 3 gear sets from Ayanad to Erenor, thus making it so that it cannot use the VERY strong honor lunafrosts that literally every OTHER gear set can use including Obsidian T7 which has strong passives on it. A nerf to Erenor armor was completely pointless to begin with because of this single fact, especially when you take into account the cost of it even with the 30% exp nerf.

    Before you go on and say "Oh we can't reconsider the nerf because we've already reduce the exp cost by 30%!" and completely ignore everything else said: Nobody ever asked for an exp nerf, and nobody ever complained about the exp it takes to make an erenor. To get an Erenor of equivalent grade to an obsidian t7, even with the exp reduction, it is FAR more costly to make the Erenor than the obsidian. But with the 10% nerf the Erenor is only slightly better in terms of raw stats than obsidian and the passives on obsidian make obsidian so much better.

    I really implore you to remove the nerf and exp reduction on armor and to reconsider the weapon nerf. For the weapons a 5% stat nerf 15% reduced exp would be much more appropriate if you are insistent on having some nerf on it, or a 0% stat nerf but make it require like 10% more exp. There is literally no point to Erenor if you keep a 10% stat nerf on it.
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  5. Sjinderson

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    Don't bump posts. Skill is not being changed.

    Erenor is not being changed in anyway again. They're not going to continue responding to a topic that is not considered for changing again.
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    I know this is not directly related to 3.5 but i have a question about the returning player package that will be released with 3.5
    Are there established parameters to received it?
    For example i joined just after the last package was taken out and i wasn't able to receive it does that alone qualify me to receive it?
    Thank you for your time
    PD: cant wait to play the 3.5 AR version
  7. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Support Pack event will return with 3.5 release or 1-2 days after. All the details as well as requirements and parameters will be posted closer to the release date. But if you joined after the end of previous event, you'll be considered a new player.
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  8. vulgrr

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    Uh, why not? The nerf is so wildly unbalanced and it lets darkrunners rule with even more of an iron fist than they currently do. To even approach the level it provides now with the 3.5 version you'd have to reach 15k pdef.

    The developers of this game hate tanks. It's quite obvious from how laughably useless defense can be without literally double the gear investment DPS classes have to make.
  9. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    I think this is something we'll need to discuss in the separate thread after 3.5 release. So all sides could record videos of skills used and effects made and explain their point of view on this or that skill and need in change.
  10. Eyrien

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    And about this? It will be a real nuisance when we want to help carry packs to someone and have to put 1 ticket. And the worst thing is going to be every time you take off the follow because you got stuck in an invisible stone, in any root or bridge ... etc. Could you keep it like this now?
  11. Olart

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    I would like to know if in 3.5 will be added another shortcut bar, to be placed the new skills / keybinds
  12. Sjinderson

    Sjinderson Active Member Staff Member Technical Assistant

    Yes 3.5 does add one extra skill bar.
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  13. COLDF13ND

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    Can we possibly have two more skill bars? I want to hotbutton all those sweet dance moves.
  14. Member

    since our stat custom will get a new level to eternal, and we know when it regrade to next level, there is a chance to reroll one of the stat. what will happen if the custome with mystic 4400/4400 full experience? do we lost the chance to reroll a stat?
  15. Sjinderson

    Sjinderson Active Member Staff Member Technical Assistant

    Probably not. It wasn't something possible with 3.0 but won't know until 3.5s had some time live to know more.
  16. Dear @Sparkle
    Yesterday on Russian pirate server had a fix patch for 3.5, now charcoal from NPC costs only 10 copper, not 95 silver, as it was intended by the developers.
    I remember you conducted a survey on old and new trade. Will we also have the charcoal cost or not? If not, re-vote to add old trade in 3.5, because I’m sure many will disagree. The reason for this is that in 3.5 you need very little charcoal to craft, so there will be a surplus of charcoal on server.
  17. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    We will not re-vote the change. Both trade systems - 3.0 and 3.5 will function together. That was only of the main points in the requests players made, so we'll not have it changed.
  18. Then why in the survey you did not say that charcoal would cost not 95 silver, but 10 copper? Wrong like that. It turns out you gave misinformation from the very beginning. Many would have abandoned old trade, because an overabundance of charcoal will lead to fact that no one needs to new trade system, since no one will carry T3 packs from trading station.
    Because even if trading station is full, a t3 pack for which you get charcoal will cost 12 gold + vocation badges, it will still be unprofitable, reason is that because of an oversupply of charcoal, its price will fall to 0.4-0.5 gold. As a result, for t3 pack you will receive 20 charcoal, which will be equal to 16 gold.
    And if no one carries T3 packs, then all trading stations will also be filled with T2 packs, and then the percentage of ordinary packs will not rise above 70%.
    Why, then, did you need this update if you removed a half of the content from the game in form of trading and Erenor?
  19. Sjinderson

    Sjinderson Active Member Staff Member Technical Assistant

    There was never miss information given. 10 copper is the sell value of charcoal in 3.5. The sell value of charcoal is seperate entirely from the system to acquire said resource. As for charcoal selling at 0.4-0.5g per charcoal. That was a common occurance before 3.5 was announced. People sold at those low values and it was only because of the rush to hoard resource in wait of what 3.5 will bring has the price rose so heigh.

    If charcoal drops in value so be it. The economy will recover and as a result anything which took charcoal will be cheaper in turn partially increasing the raw value of gold itself
  20. Since when in 3.5 on official versions did charcoal cost 10 copper? On the EU/NA servers it cost 95 silver, on RU server it it cost 90 silver. Nowhere, it was not worth 10 copper.

    Price of charcoal on this server has always been above 1 gold, no need to misinform me. I came to play here in November, I also came here in summer, charcoal was worth 1 piece - 1.5 gold on AH. And only from end of tape price fell to 1.4-1.2 gold.

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