ArcheRage 3.0 Global Update. Important!

Discussion in 'News' started by Sparkle, Mar 25, 2018.

  1. Sparkle

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    Global Update 3.0
    Dear ArcheRagers!

    On March, 26th at 12 noon (server time) server will be turned off to be updated to 3.0 version.
    Server will be turned back on for players to start playing 3.0 on March, 27th at 12 noon (server time).
    With the 3.0 release we'll have server time moved to Daylight Saving Time (1 h forward on the clock). Server time will be moving to -4 UTC. Server time can be checked Here.

    Client can be downloaded by 2 different ways:

    1. Update through launcher current 2.9 client to 3.0 version (4GB).
    2. Download the full client 3.0 through Torrent (11GB). [Link]

    - Updated launcher will be available for download after we turn off server on 3/26. Edit: Client update through launcher is now available.
    - Torrent file is already available. After you download it, please make sure not to install prior server is off on 3/26 as in another case you'll not be able to open the current 2.9 version on your PC any longer!​

    Appreciation Gift Chest

    With 3.0 release we are adding a few Appreciation Gift Chests for our great family of AR followers:
    - ArcheRage Follower Regular Chest (for veterans)
    - Homecoming ArcheRage Follower Regular Chest (for returned players)
    - ArcheRage Follower Patron Chest (for donated veterans)
    - Homecoming ArcheRage Follower Patron Chest (for donated returned players)

    You'll need to request the Gift Chest at your Account Panel after the 3.0 release.
    * Appreciation Gift Chest can be requested within 2 weeks after 3.0 release only.

    New players will receive Beginner's Box at Level 50 as before.

    What can I do while wait for 3.0 release?
    • You can participate in our Forum Event - Let's get acquainted! Participate till 11 am on 3/27 and try your luck to get 1000 credits.​
    • You can write your own Guide on 3.0 changes and updates and add it to Game Guides here. Every good quality Guide will be rewarded with 500 credits (post a link to the Guide in Contact Moderators section when it's ready). Of course, your guide should be the only one on the same topic. Post your guide till 4/2.​
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  2. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Edit: Land will be possible to claim after 6 pm only on 3/27 (in 6 hours after release). That is valid not only for new territories but for old housing zones as well.
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  3. Fishybutts

    Fishybutts Member

    What on earth? Staying up at 22:00 isn't late enough but now I have to stay awake until 04:00? Good call
  4. silverblade

    silverblade New Member

  5. NuMoNiC

    NuMoNiC New Member

    This is a super poor choice as an admin and a kick in the balls to your community of players that have spent months planing, preparing, and testing.... whats next?
  6. vluhd

    vluhd New Member

    Thank you to the admins and the devs for delaying land placement to allow NA players to be online at the correct time to place land on the NA server.
  7. Aumdaydar

    Aumdaydar Active Member

    don't worry about it man. Sparkle already said that she didn't even tell us on the 3rd of march there would be no land lock - they obviously don't care. I've brought this up to her attention on two different occasions and her response was pretty much "I didn't say that" even after i quoted her saying and giving a link to her saying it. rofl - they don't care, it's obvious and it shows.

    I'm glad i spent the last month preparing so i get to compete with all the lazy people who want a free ride and don't care about working for their gains when it's just given to them freely. gg

    Just for arguments sake.. i'll leave this down here so everyone who reads can see what they're dealing with.
  8. Fishybutts

    Fishybutts Member

    I also lol'd
  9. Aumdaydar

    Aumdaydar Active Member

    messed up part is, i dont even care if it was an intentional lie or a "whops, i forgot i posted that" lie. The fact that even after being faced with the truth she still persists on not responding or continuing the lie. blows my mind
  10. Trippin

    Trippin Member


    theyve been ignoring a lot of players suggestions since the start, hasla rift is still dead doubt it will be changed soon
  11. Fishybutts

    Fishybutts Member

    My guess is that someone paid them enough to deliberately forget everything they said in the past and be like "yeah sure we got this fam".
  12. Aumdaydar

    Aumdaydar Active Member

    oh whops, i said she quite a lot.. haha profile pic messes me up =D haha

    A simple "yeah i said that, and no we're not changing our minds for a 3rd time" would suffice for me. Still pisses me off they lead us by the nose for 22 day's straight only to say 1 day before server goes down everything on startup will change. The fact that i've sat here in this game and supported it even after having zero land for 2 weeks as part of the preparation for 3.0, now the shaft comes and i'm prob going to get screwed hehe
  13. Aumdaydar

    Aumdaydar Active Member

    wouldn't be surprised by this at all...
  14. Shampoo

    Shampoo New Member

    Whatever they do they're going to make some players in this world upset because we're not all synced with server time. Hopefully more land will be available with changes to taxes and I believe 2500 plots are becoming available so even post 3.0, more land should become available in time due to those two factors.
  15. Drunkenhero

    Drunkenhero Active Member

    Many ways to play the game. Try playing it and having some fun instead of complaining. Might help the blood pressure! Great game, great server and super great time!
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  16. ruanjos

    ruanjos Member

    It's just that some of us have been preparing for this update for a long time, and crucial information keep being hidden by the moderators until the last minute, If i knew there would be this land lockdown for 6 hours, I wouldn't have prepared to land rush for more than 50 days, just cause of bots and professional land grabbers, now i just feel like going back to trino fresh starts.....
  17. Drunkenhero

    Drunkenhero Active Member

    There is a reason for everything. Also a reason to keep some things quiet till it's time to be told. Relax homies, going to still be plenty of space.
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  18. internaut

    internaut New Member

    Phark! I fkn took off for nothing then. All the goods spots will be camped and the faster pings (NA) will win. For me its 8PM server open, not bad but phark! 2AM fkn land claim.
    Same old, same old.
  19. Aumdaydar

    Aumdaydar Active Member

    rofl, they didn't keep it "quiet" they said on the 3rd of march there wouldn't be a land lock - it's kewl though - sparkle doesn't even acknowledge writing it even after posting it 3 different times with links to follow - just scroll up =)
  20. yasopa

    yasopa New Member

    Yeah I kinda feel the same way. Which is why I made that post to get a clear picture. But I planned for both Land lock and No land lock. I'm guessing it happened since they changed the times that the server was going to go live on the 27th. If it would gone live in the evening on the 27th the land lock would have sucked. As of now that it will be live at noon the land grab seems a better course of action. I just hope that now I get the land I was wanting since I'm sure people will be around wanting it too. All that work of making a f2p account on retail to scout out the best route to the land and all that really means nothing. hahaha o well.

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