ArcheRage 3.0 Global Update. Important!

Discussion in 'News' started by Sparkle, Mar 25, 2018.

  1. Kittydoom

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    I have to say the amount of now open is land is astronomical. Also, they limited how many un-built structures you could have. My partner was moving his two 16's and an 8 and he could not place his 8 down until one of his 16's was built. Almost all of Sunbite is empty, Rokhala had a ton of space and I saw a lot of space open in many areas.
  2. vulgrr

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    Someone snuck in the customization update last night :p I went to go into the salon and noticed hairstyles were now available. Thank youuuu <3
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  3. prego_kamata

    prego_kamata Member

    thats what i ended up doing after wasting a few hours trying to update it :D
  4. Epic

    Epic Well-Known Member

    Hope it worked out okay this time :D
  5. prego_kamata

    prego_kamata Member

    Yeah man ping in EU is crap lately , but u should of been expecting it
    As the american president already said "MMERICA FIRST"
  6. prego_kamata

    prego_kamata Member

    Its laggy but working i hope they do something in the next Server Maintenance about the ping we are experiencing in EU
  7. Zealotius

    Zealotius New Member

    Aumdaydar , dont tell me in the official that's the same, in the official you have to pay every month or buy APEX to be able to claim lands so there's already less and less people able to claim and then a looot of space, what i say is here, there's tons of lands if people dont take 20 plots like i saw yesterday....think about new players, is that hard to understand ??? You tell me what ? People are lazy ? Well dude explain me why some guys were taking 20 plots with full demo kits ready ?? So yeah i say that should be punished, take the lands you need , land isn't here to make money, thats here to give people a chance to up , to make economy, if you didn't understood yet people can't get geared if they dont make money , how to make money ? That starts with 2 lands you can claim without buying them to a random claimer , there's a lot of guys who are making gold just by claiming tons of lands and selling them to newbies...But how newbies can buy lands (at 1500 /2500 golds for a 16X 16 depends when and where it is) ? That's pretty simple, they go see gold sellers....and the game is messed up. So i vote for a land restriction, 6 to 8 lands / character max (no restriction for castles areas), that's more than enough , that will push players to regroup , augment the server economy, avoid guys making money on lands and on the newbies and goldsellers back , and more, and more.....Lands should be a chance for everyone to get a house ,a farm or else, but now, that's just a ressource for some guys , you speak about being lazy ? How guys can do to claim lands if it's something like 4 AM in their country ? Maybe you dont have a job, GF / wife or childrens , maybe you prefer 3D characters i dont know, but some guys have jobs , wifes and childrens, some are maybe teens and have school and obligations and can't be in the game all the time , so what are you saying now ? What i say ,me, thats just, THINK ABOUT THE OTHERS and claim ONLY what you NEED like we do.
    I feel sorry because i dont have extras lands to Give free to newbies, but i'm not this kind of low guys who takes a full zone to make gold and i'm proud of it, at least i have honor! You know ? This thing that a lot of players dont have at all, and its not because its a game or because you want to "play" the bad guy , that's because you are like this, it's proved that the true personnality of someone is revealed in games ...and thats really lame for some guys here...
  8. Shyakatika

    Shyakatika New Member

    My family and I go into AA (official) when it was still in closed beta, bought the special packs and everything. We finally left after the disaster of the release they had in Auroria (gosh, its been a while, please forgive me) -- so we would Love to return and support something like this, a private venue. However, we did have between about 6 of us (at that time) the entire upper peninsula where the lighthouse sits on the eastern lands when one accounted for our farms and houses. Is there a level requirement to obtain lands now? Would it be possible to do something along those lines again (without paying a fortune to do so)? We very much miss having a truly family oriented, sharing community style mmo that we can all relax and enjoy together and just -- play.

    As a side note, also - I realize 3.0 was released in Dec 2016. Do you have plans to catch up closer to the official servers in the near future, or will the private servers tend to remain well behind the official gaming venue?
    Thank you.
  9. Pandrux

    Pandrux New Member

    yea thats true im owning 3x 24x24 and 4x 16x16 all together in the new map but i got the 1x 24x24 and 1x 16x16 12 hours after because i had to level up another character to 52 to place my two farms so u guys had enough time to place down land and there are still enough free spots left
  10. KathyGaele

    KathyGaele New Member

    I'd be super interested to know what people do with that much land :O No commentary on the debate there, as I'm new and have still seen plenty of spaces open for now, though I don't think I'll actually be able to claim any for a house for a while because it's going to take a while for me to get things sorted and figure out what I need to do for that, but I've seen some really impressive estates and would love to know what people actually do with them C:
  11. Pandrux

    Pandrux New Member

    you can plant trees easy and get easy thunderstruck i planted 2 times my farms + guild farms ~200 trees one run so in 2 runs i got 1 thunderstruck tree :D easy money baby
    We had land in rockborne we destroyed our houses there so theres a lot of free land now last day i also saw land in ynystere called it in chat but nobody was interested in 2 16x16 spots
    There is enough land all you need is to care about it most people dont care about it and want land
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  12. Kenseii

    Kenseii New Member

    The auroria stuff here was WORSE than it was on the official game, js.
  13. KathyGaele

    KathyGaele New Member

    I don't know about that area in specific, but I set up in the sunbite wilds and there's still quite a lot of land left in the housing zones there!
  14. Shanks

    Shanks Member

    No, just no.
  15. silverblade

    silverblade New Member

    @Zealotius play the game first before you complain im one of those people that had work when they release 3.0 but still got 4 24x24 and 3 16x16 down on the new regions (sunbite to be exact) and honestly through out the game you'll always find a farm or a house expiring or someone just leaves em up for grabs i know when i first started i got 2 16x16 for free just gotta look. we all struggle to gear at first but look at me now 2 months later 5k GS 7 land owned. so yeah you just gotta work for it and i dont even play all the time i have work every weekdays from 3-11 which is pretty much the entire day
  16. silverblade

    silverblade New Member

    @Zealotius and not much people can do that grab 20 land either they have a shit ton of tax cause im telling you its fcking expensive just placing em and thats coming from me that has 7 land owned and i even stocked up on tax (around 1.5k).
  17. evilboy199

    evilboy199 Active Member

    it cost around 600 tax to place 1x 28x28 3x P2W Gazebos 3x Gazebos 2x 16x16 scarecrows

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