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    ArcheRage 3.0.png
    ArcheRage 3.0
    Dear Players,

    We are glad to announce that our Team is starting the work on a global update. New era of ArcheRage is just around the corner. We are almost done fixing all known bugs and mistakes to make your game pleasant and comfortable.
    Great changes are almost here. More events, more fun, more content and more pvp.

    When will we have a chance to start playing 3.0?
    You'll have a chance to join ArcheRage 3.0 on March, 27th.

    What are the updates 3.0 will bring us?
    Please check for updates Here. We'll keep adding them in that section.

    On our Private server you'll also find some custom updates and changes that greatly differ us from official server. More details in the coming few weeks.

    We very much welcome your discussions, suggestions and ideas. Some of them may be chosen and implemented. You can discuss 3.0 HERE.
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  2. Cabalist

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  3. Méphisto Phélès

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  4. Reap

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    love u guys
  5. ramz

    ramz Active Member

    finally. i can be a ravager. my dream
  6. pedrosner

    pedrosner Member

    OHHHH shtttt it's happening
  7. Ariess

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    Ok guys now is your chance to tell us some of things you did not like about 3.0 on live trion servers. Like commerce and vocation etc.. Let the admins/Dev's know HERE and I'm sure if its possible IE: not a change that would effect the game globally and make's sense Dev's will listen.
  8. Spring

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    Sooner than expected, nice u.u
  9. Aelios

    Aelios New Member

    nice , need to fix donations too.
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  10. Rhinoserious

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    Please don't kill larceny - 1 purse per mob. THANKS!
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  11. Hyrion

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    Nice ! :D
  12. Ellman

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    I'm so excited :D
  13. Stchieven

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    Don't make larders require royal seeds. Don't make tax certs cost 300 LP. Keep tax rates the same.
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    Hi All!

    As it was announced earlier, we'll have server updated to 3.0 this March.
    We'll have server turned off in the evening on March, 26th and start an update. Server will be turned back on - March 27th. Accurate time will be announced closer to the date.

    3.0 release date - evening of March, 27th.
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  15. Thejoker

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    So it would be morning in 28th March here.. so can we download or update our client to 3.0 before the said date? Like a day before the launch
  16. Sparkle

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    Torrent file will be available 1-2 days prior release. Launcher will be available 1 day prior. We'll have links posted for the players, so they could have time to download.
  17. Kaladina

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    I have a concern about the current Hero's getting their rewards for getting their leadership.
  18. silverblade

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    what is the timezone for the server time?
  19. p0lishplayer

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    Sparkle will be nice if you change date of 3.0 and time

    Weekend is better like 31.03.2017 Time can be 3-4 pm server time, EU players RIP on time 5pm +

    in weekend play more people than on Tuesday.

    Think about it Please :)
  20. Spring

    Spring Member

    For me that's the perfect time, but then again it's gonna be hard to come up with a date/time that will please every continent

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