ArcheRage 4.0 (development-release info)

Discussion in 'Development' started by Sparkle, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. Sparkle

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    As always we get many questions "When is the next global update?"

    We can now confirm that it's currently in our workshop and we are planning to release it in October (this year of course :)).

    It requires a lot of our time, but we are doing our best to provide it to you not later than the end of October.
    As always it will include global update itself + a list of custom updates.

    You are also welcomed to provide your suggestions on what you want to see and what you don't want to see there. We'll take your suggestions into account but may not be able to confirm what exactly will be included into the update and what's not till late September-early October.​
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  2. havockitty

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    Can we ask for list of changes in patch 4.0 ?
  3. Sparkle

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  4. @Sparkle Will there be a rebalance of skills or will it remain all the same?
    Will our sea arena be changed to the one in version 4.0?
    Will you fix the archer's set in the sparring arena? I mean the same number of hit points.
    When will add this pet?
  5. dashsmash

    dashsmash New Member

    The suggestion I make is for the ravenspin glider to go from 30 second to 60 second befor next use because it's so game breaking since people just stealth in and blow there load of skills and raven spine glider
    Many people think the glider is game breaking especially in 1v1 open world pvp and that's including people that have the glider themself
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  6. Sjinderson

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    Skill rebalance is patch 4.5. Unless you meant the minute amount of skill changes which would be included unless decided otherwise. As for custom skill changes that'll come later with the custom changes discussion.
    Naval arena will not be 4.0s. They'll be 2 different active arenas unless a decision changes.
    Fix the archer's set? Do you mean rework the ranged rogue buff?
    The pet will be added at some point. No date is set so you'll have to wait and see when it arrives
  7. trapwhre02

    trapwhre02 Active Member

    Are we going to get another thread where we get asked what changes we want regarding skills and then have it collect dust over time with not a single reply ? I for my part, don't have any hopes for the devs to actually tweak skills. They never touched skill-tree skills when players asked for it. Ancestrals were a big controversy in the 3.5 patch discussion and it was mostly uncommented and we received them in their untouched vanilla state for our release. Same as ravenspine. Asked players what they don't want and you implemented it anyways. :confused:

    • Adjusted the NPC kill count to push Aegis Island and Whalesong Harbor to war. Aegis Island now requires 700 kills (up from 400) and Whalesong Harbor requires 900 kills (up from 600.)
    4.0 seems to require a ton of honor points compared to now, as many new items are introduced / or moved there. Can we not get this change ?
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  8. I mean the standard of living of the archer set. Now DR is almost impossible to kill if he even has a little bit of experience in the game. A lot of crit + a large number of HP.
    What about rebalance, I'm talking about changes ancestral skills
    And please, at least twice reduce the respawn time of the mobs, otherwise they appear too long, and the distance between the spots is large. It became inconvenient and unprofitable to engage in farming.
  9. Sjinderson

    Sjinderson Active Member Staff Member Technical Assistant

    The skill adjustments in 4.0 are more than just ancestral skills.
    This is the full list

    • Invincibility and No Push Back states have priority over other skill effects. The push effect of the Berserk Red Dragon Eyesplitter has been maintained.
    • Adjusted the cooldown of ship basic skills: Forewind, Gale, and Quick Turn. Each cooldown is reduced to 1 minute.
    • Improved the UI effects when gaining or consuming Abyssal Charges.
    • Ranged Attack's damage based on distance is now calculated based on the UI distance, not distance to a target.
    • Fixed an issue where Crimson Envoy's set effect would not reset Redoubt and Spell Shield.
    • Fixed an issue where Distorted Chanter's set effect would not reset Healing Hymn.
    • Fixed an issue where Auroria Promise Jerkin's combo effect would not be triggered.
    • Fixed an issue where Healing Power based skills (EX: Antithesis) couldn't penetrate Magic Defense shields (EX: Mystic Ward.)
    • Fixed an issue where casted skills and channeled skills could be maintained after Petrification.
    • Fixed an issue where Petrification could be canceled by Bubble Trap or Fear.
    • Fixed an issue where Lasso would not apply Taunt.
    • Fixed an issue where players could Evade/Shield Block/Parry Concussive Arrow in specific situations.
    • Fixed an issue where Flame Concussive Arrow's AOE damage wouldn't be dealt after Drop Back.
    • Adjusted the height and acceleration calculation for the following skills: Charge, Behind Enemy Lines, Tiger Strike, Lasso, Overwhelm, Drop Back, Mist Concussive Arrow, Dahuta's Breath, Cruel Binding, Seizing Shove, Vicious Implosion, Abyssal Wave, Crushing Grasp, Meteor Strike

    • Improved the effects on Soulbound Blades.

    • Inspire: Attack Speed Boost reduced from 53 to 42.

    • Improved the effects on Crippling Mire.

    • Bloodthirst stacking with Shadowsmite: Applies to stealth combo effect, added to bonus attack when attacking from behind.

    Ancestral Skills

    • Lightning Triple Slash: Reduced attack damage from 130%/130%/160% of melee attack to 110%/110%/140% of melee attack. Third attack's global cooldown duration has been increased from 0.4 seconds to 0.6 seconds.
    • Lightning Tiger Strike: Now measures the distance between caster and target per attack. Global cooldown duration has been increased from 1 second to 1.2 seconds.

    • Flame Protective Wings: Skill has been overhauled. Now grants Flame Protective Wings to all targets within 15m for the duration. This effect reflects 20% of incoming Magic Damage, but target also receives 20% of incoming Magic Damage.

    • Wave Hell Spears: Effect range reduced from 15m to 12m

    • Wave Meteor Strike: Damage formula changed from 264 + 500% of Magic Attack to 1440 + 250% of Magic Attack.

    • Stone Healing Hymn: Effect range reduced from 30m to 20m.
    • Stone Alarm Call: Skill duration reduced from 9 seconds to 8 seconds, range reduced from 9m to 8m, and added a chance to wake up from Sleep every 3 seconds.
    If nothing is changed or decided then these changes will go through as the way updates are done is in this manor.
    We have the full versions base with everything about it.
    Previous custom changes are applied to the patch.
    Custom changes decided on for the patch are added.
    Update goes live

    As for Dr's having the same amount of Hp that is because DR players take the ranged rogue buff. Has nothing to do with the class of a DR. Only that ranged rogue is the preferred/best choice for that class to pick. Which would mean reworking the buff to not have Dr's want to pick it.
    However, 4.0 changes the way arena sets are given. Instead you chose your weapon type and armour type so it is not something that I can confirm what will happen as it is something to be discussed closer to release.
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  10. Draeoni

    Draeoni New Member

    These changes come from the live 4.0
    1. "Working for the Territories" reward has been changed from a Territoken to a Damaged Territory Market Box. Spend 5 Gilda Stars to open the box and retrieve a Territoken.
    2. Watering now costs labor -- 1 labor for basic water, 10 labor for hauler water.
    Can we not have this done? I know the changes in 4.0 allows for technical more Gilda Stars to be earned per day, but it's a change that bothered a lot of people on live.
    Nobody wants to use labor to water things. Period. Not that we need to water stuff on this server because reduced growth times. It's just annoying.
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  11. I hope to do everything in the best possible way. Since 4.0 is a good update and if you do everything well, online will grow very much.
  12. Zecen

    Zecen Member

    I am not sure how I feel about this.
    There are quite a few things 4.0 just ruins and I am not looking forward to this. I hope you guys do a good job in keep the crap of 4.0 out because this is a good pserver and I have put a lot of time into it for it to be ruined for me.
    I dealt with the 3.5 changes I disliked, I hope you guys do better with 4.0.
  13. Sophie

    Sophie Member

    I have to agree - please do not add a cost to "Working for the Territories". Paying to work at a castle seems to be punitive.

    Also, by the time 4.0 came out on Live, people had amassed huge amounts of gilda stary stars and Trion was trying to give ways to use them.
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  14. Necrote

    Necrote Member

    No tweaks with the ranged rogue buff itself is required.
    As I mentioned in another ranged rogue thread months ago, just implement some kind of system check which checks for Archery skillset in the player's class build before giving the ranged rogue buff in sparring arena.

    This way, ranged rogue buff can be used only by archers (not by DRs, other melee, or mage classes) and needs no tampering with the stats of the buff.
  15. Sjinderson

    Sjinderson Active Member Staff Member Technical Assistant

    And as also replied to in one of those threads. It is impossible to do something like that
  16. trapwhre02

    trapwhre02 Active Member

    Then remove focus entirely and heavily nerf melee dps down to like 100.
    There's plenty of fixes don't be lazy and say x or y can't be done.
  17. Nyk

    Nyk Member

    So 4.0 will come this year . I know from oficial server that this patch will bring some changes to mining some bad changes for many players , when can we have the patch notes with the custom changes ?.
  18. Sjinderson

    Sjinderson Active Member Staff Member Technical Assistant

    Around 1 month before the patch goes live
  19. prego_kamata

    prego_kamata Member

    does the Hiram gear comes in this patch ?.......... quit official loong ago and im not aware :D
    • "Ranged Attack's damage based on distance is now calculated based on the UI distance, not distance to a target."
    dont understand that can u explain pls , does this means that its going to be even more useless to play archer than it is now ?? cuz as an archer i dont do any damage to anyone feel more like a moving target for the mele builds ;DDDD
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  20. Sjinderson

    Sjinderson Active Member Staff Member Technical Assistant

    Hiram is 4.5

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