ArcheRage Major Update: 3.0b + custom changes!

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    Major Update you were waiting for is coming soon!
    Server will be updated to 3.0b version on August, 11th. Update will continue for 4 hours starting from 3 am server time. During this time server will be offline. In case of any Technical issues, time can be extended.
    Except 3.0b, several custom changes are going to be implemented.
    You can find coming update details bellow.

    3.0b version Updates

    Thunderwing Titan-2.jpg
    New Reedwind zone and new boss Thunderwing Titan

    Explore new Reedwind zone!
    New Reedwind zone is now available. It’s located North of Diamond Shores in Auroria. It’s the tallest zone in the current ArcheAge world and can be seen throughout Auroria due to its floating islands in the sky. Reedwind is a hostile zone that doesn’t have a conflict cycle similar to the Southern Auroria zones. Don’t miss an opportunity to visit the Crimson Watch camp in Reedwind!

    Reedwind zone is also a home to the legendary creature - Thunderwing Titan.

    The Thunderwing Titan encounter has been added to the game and is the largest scale PvE battle (with PvP elements). Work alongside faction members to construct massive towers in the sky. Once a tower has been built, a faction member can spend the necessary materials to blow the horn and conjure the Thunderwing Titan.

    He only appears for 2 hours after the call has been made and can’t be summoned again for a 48 hour period.
    The faction that summoned the Thunderwing can contest him directly for the available period and other factions will fall down from floating islands and will not be able to interfere with the combat.

    But, be warned! Opponents can gather resources within the zone to forcibly de-rank the progress of your factions tower. 5 towers exist in total: Nuian alliance tower, Haranya alliance tower, Pirate tower, and two towers for Player Nations.
    Once the combat begins, wings become available for glowing prisms at the top of the summoning faction’s tower. These wing types are divided between melee/ranged dps (blue), and healer/mages (red). The wings last for the duration of the encounter have activated abilities to help down the titan. The power of the wing’s abilities scales according to the power of a character’s equipment. A new type of health and mana potion can be crafted in Reedwind to assist with the Thunderwing Titan encounter – these potions can only be used in this zone.

    In case the Thunderwing Titan is killed, the raid of players that established kill credit will receive the corpse loot rewards. All assisting faction members will successfully complete their kill-related quests and all faction members who participated will benefit.

    General changes
    • The gold value of sport fish has been increased to similar pre-3.0 values. This means a general increase of 10-15% more gold per saltwater sport fish across the board.
    • The issue that was causing some Abyssal Skills to de-level from 55 to 54 has been fixed.
    • The drop rate of Synthium shards from Library crates has been increased.
    • Increased and optimized the number of objects that can be simultaneously loaded in the world.
    • The cost to machine certain armor upgradables has been adjusted and balanced.
    • Certain types of Shipwreck Salvaging now require a minimum level of 50.
    • Building Management Titles crafted with the Construction recipe now correctly award Construction proficiency.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that prevented some characters from changing skillsets in a dungeon.
    • Fixed a graphical issue related to odd clipping on some costumes.
    • Adjusted the way Abyssal Charges were gained for offensive use of the Mirror Light (Vitalism) ability.
    • Fixed a bug that caused mobs to leash when the Mirror Warp (Auramancy) ability was used.
    • Adjusted the animation of Gods Whip (Sorcery) to be more consistent across all races.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed unintentional removal of the Corrupted Soul debuff by removal abilities like Purge (Witchcraft) and Mirror Light (Vitalism).
    • Fixed a bug that prevented a female warborn from standing up after sitting down in a chair in the Marianople Theatre.
    • Fixed a bug that forced NPC quest markers to continuously appear even after the corresponding quests have been completed.
    • Fixed several issues that prevented guild leader delegation.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Rising Hatred from working in Skirmish and Sparring Arenas.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed haulers to pass through territory building doors.
    • Fixed a repeat text bug in the guild mission UI.
    • Adjusted the color of the Pufferfish tradepack when worn vs. when placed on the ground.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Tsunami Figurehead to become untargetable.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented some UCCs from being applied to a speedboat.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the Antler-Accord Saddle from correctly fitting a Reindeer mount.
    • Minor text changes to Juggernaut and Ravager transformation tooltips.
    • Resolved some issues that caused a longer-than-normal character/world load time.
    • Increased the use time of the ‘Escape’ skill while carrying a tradepack.
    • Fixed incorrect information that was appearing on the community center notice board in Dewstone Plains.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the "Abyssal Wave" skill from not slowing a target's movement when using Abyssal Charges.
    • Removed the Dragon Master achievement.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Blood Dream Dynasty Robes and Pure Sky Dynasty Robes from showing themselves on the Dwarves and Warborn. Emperor's New Clothes be gone!
    • Fix a bug that caused lunafrosts on shields to be shown incorrectly.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the hood of the Chimera Agent Uniform and Chimera Ceremonial Uniform to flicker on a female Warborn character.
    • Various clothing graphics errors on male Warborn have been fixed.
    • Some items that were unintentionally usable in arenas will now be correctly prevented from use.
    • Fixed a bug that caused a cooldown between the Any-Post Owl and the Anywhere Warehouse.
    • Fixed an error that could cause the dungeon quest board to lock up a player's action.
    • The current Naptime Plushie has been renamed to the Massive Carefree Yata Plushie.

    Underwear Synthesis

    Existing underwear that was crafted at a Proven Warrior’s Workbench can be converted to the new types of underwear through the workbench in Mirage Isle. Please note! If this conversion process is engaged, the existing underwear is consumed and any applied augments (lunafrost) is lost.

    6 new undergarment appearances added:
    - 2 types of Black Pearl,
    - 2 Types of Red/Ruby,
    - 2 types of Golden undergarments.

    Each of them can be unwrapped to reveal a Melee, Ranged, Healer, or Mage basic undergarment. These versions can be acquired through the above mentioned conversion process or: purchased from an Evenbard, infused with 20 Honor Badges; purchased with 200 Gilda Stars.

    When the undergarment is obtained it is cloaked and tradable. Cloaked underwear can opened and the player selects which of the 4 archetypes they’d like to have. Undergarments start with no stats, at basic grade. This is similar process to the uncloaking of T7 Obsidian.

    Undergarments can be synthesized using the exact same method as the Costume System.
    Upgraded underwear earns up to 5 stats, with each stat granted at the following grades: Grand, Arcane, Heroic, Divine, and Legendary.

    Undergarments also support specific types of Lunagems and earn an increasing number of slots based on their grade. Lunagem slots are earned when the undergarment reaches Grand, Heroic, Celestial, and Divine grades for a total of 4 Lunagem slots. Torrent, Pierce, Breakthrough, and Tempest type Lunagems can be socketed in these new types of underwear. These are the same gems that are available for Ranged Weapons and Instruments.

    Underwear stats last for 30 days and expire after that period. They can be refreshed for an additional 30 days by using Synthium Soap to wash them, just like costumes.

    Custom ArcheRage changes

    Castles sieges

    The system of castles dominion, sieges and holding has been drastically changed.
    New basic conditions were added:
    1. Guilds that currently own a castle (even if they are in top 20) can’t participate in Siege Scroll Auction.
    2. Requirements for sieges (applies to both attacking and defending sides): guild needs to be in top 20 (Gear Score ranking) and have not less than 50 members. Following conditions are checked daily, within 7 days prior sieges.
    3. If there is no attacking side present and the guild owning the castle doesn't meet the requirements, then castle disappears and territory of the castle becomes ownerless.
    4. If attacking side doesn't meet the requirements and defending guild meets them, then castle owner doesn't change.
    5. If attacking side meets the requirements and defending guild no, then there will be no sieges and castle will be automatically given to attacking party.
    6. If attacking side and defending side both don't meet the requirements then territory becomes ownerless.
    Guardian costume.jpg
    Guardians Costumes

    Stats will be added to the following Lands Guardians Costumes: World's Edge Guardian, Flameforest Guardian, Twilight Guardian, Twisted Lava Guardian, Terradark Guardian, Sunflower Guardian.

    Health + 2500
    Magic Defense + 600
    Physical Defense + 600
    Cast Time -5%

    Rewards for transferring players, parties, guilds

    To read the details press HERE.

    * A little surprise is also waiting for players that keep staying with our project [Link]​

    all races.png
    Racial skills
    • Racial Skills returned to Passive state:
    - "Warrior Architects" - Reduces construction time for houses and castles -30%.​
    - "Nui’s Blessing" – Favored by the Goddess of the Hereafter, Nuians receive extra benefits from visiting her realm, doubling the time their stats are increased after being resurrected.​
    - "Lithe Flow" - Increases swim speed +5%.​
    - "Endurance Training" - Trained for combat from the day they can walk, Elves possess increased physical ability. This stamina allows them to hold their breath underwater for an extra 20 seconds.​
    - "Dwarven Artifice" - Decreases Machinery production time -30%.​
    - "Jungle Tamers" - reducing the time required for logging trees and gathering herbs -10%.​
    - "Portal Mastery" - The far-flung Harani empire has forced its people to master the use of portals for quick travel, reducing the cast time and cooldown on their Recall ability -30%.​
    - "Strong Claws" - The Firran's long, non-retractable claws allow them to climb trees and ladders 30% faster.​
    - "Catlike Reflexes" - Negates fall damage.​
    - "Brute Strength" - Increases Move Speed +10% while carrying trade packs.​
    • New Racial Passive Skills added:
    - "Nature's Friend" - Nuian is the most famous race around whole world. Their family way started from ancient human. They respect nature around them and keep the memory holy about Nui and her sacrifice. Decreases Gathering time -10%.​
    - "Secret Knowledge" - From ancient time elf race has opportunities to secret magic knowledge, because they're ancestors great Ifune's family. Increases mana regeneration +3%.​
    - "Child Rocks" - Dwarfs are the best engineers and constructors, also they're the best miners. During hundreds years they found ways how mining resources better than everybody. Decreases Mining time +10%.​
    - "Life Wish" - Hariharan is east race what appeared from sands with flaming sun. Their low height with dark hair can make enemy to think they're weak, but their life wish can make surprise. Increases health regeneration +3%.​
    - "Inborn Nomad" - Ferre is nomad from ancient time. They can ride snow lions with their children-hood. Ferre race lives always like tribe, so they got incredible successes with husbandry. Decreases Husbandry time + 10%.​
    - "Strong Hands" - Warborn is giants race with demon blood, which one gives them unimaginable physical strength. Due to their strength, warborn can be logging trees faster than other. Decreases the time required for logging trees -10%.​

    Quest Line
    New quest line “The New beginning!” with multiple green quests was added.
    Start in Golden Ruins.

    Battle for the Golden Plains

    Event was changed. Battle for the Golden Plains (Halcyona War) is a world PvP event that results into the factions battle for high-importance strategic point. This event adds some spice to the conflict between the continents. Factions are invited to fight on the territory of Halcyona, where 2 bases appear – Nuia and Haranya.

    When war starts, just south of the road near Sun's End Flag spawns. Getting the flag into your base is the first objective. It's very important to get this flag back to your base, because the faction that will get it and set on their base, will gain an advantage in the approaching battle – combat support in the form of three cannons, that will be set in their camp. Note, Flag is a pack, so in case of character’s death it will fall on the ground and anybody will be able to pick it up and bring to his factions base.

    Some time later, in the center of each base large crystal Relic will appear. Players’ task is to destroy enemy’s Relic and protect their own.
    • Machining proficiency +20.000 gives the opportunity to calibrate cannons and increase their Physical Defense.
    • Larceny proficiency + 50.000 gives a chance to steal Flag from the enemy’s base, thereby destroying the protective weapon.
    name change pic.jpg
    Name change

    Name change option now becomes available!!!
    • Name can be changed for 500 credits to any available vacant one.
    • If account is not in use for 6 months and more, any character name from it can be taken by another player per player’s request.
    other changes - 1.png
    Other changes
    • Karkasse Ridgelands zone became a “non-prison” zone for Pirates and Player Nation.
    • Fixed a bug that previously allowed simultaneous equipment of Akrites’s Rings and Earrings.
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  2. jrch2k10

    jrch2k10 Active Member

    So far seems freaking awesome and I love the castle changes, no more 1 toon alt guild holding castles
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  3. jrch2k10

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    BTW "- "Nature's Friend" - Nuian is the most famous race around whole world. Their family way started from ancient human. They respect nature around them and keep the memory holy about Nui and her sacrifice. Decreases Gathering time -10%." as an alchemist I do FREAKING LOVE THIS
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  4. Sjinderson

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    That's not blocking. Nation and pirates already fight with factions so they can't win, this would be no different.
    Though the packs should be done so that only east and west faction members can take it
  5. plamp

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    I don't think there should be restrictions for pn or pirates to mess with Halcy, it's a war zone afterall. Heck, they could even implement a way for pirates or nation to win halcy.
  6. Winglord

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    @Sparkle any plans to update FFA Arena honor badges for stat migration? Because with the current server population, it ever seems to queue up!
  7. Sparkle

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    There may come some Arena changes at later dates.
  8. Winglord

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    Thanks. Sucks to be me, because I have been queuing for 4-5 hours daily for weeks and never jumped into a single one!
  9. Ariess

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    The team here has always been open to making changes as the game we have here has several different variations to the Trion version.
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  10. Winglord

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    I agree! That's why I commented about Honor Badges. I was unsure where else to post suggestions, didn't see a forum section for them :p
  11. vulgrr

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    I came here from live a long time ago. I've also donated a LOT of money. Can I get that reward? :p

    I still don't even have an epic weapon :(
  12. Sjinderson

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    Afraid not
  13. Driveby

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    The changes mentioned here are fairly sweeping and overwhelmingly positive. Thank you for making this game different enough from the retail version while at the same time preserving the familiarity of Archeage in general.

    On a side note , would you ever consider providing a another small reward for players who have been here since the day of launch and have been logging in every day/almost every day ? ( other than login badges and loyalty of course)

    Those of us who have been fortunate to be here from server launch appreciate what it takes to keep this running.

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  14. vulgrr

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    Also yes, yall still rock. Billions of times better than trion
  15. Runes911

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    Amazing changes!

    So what patch does the trade changes come in so I can be sure to voice my opinion that they NOT BE ADDED to the game?
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  16. Sjinderson

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    You're talking about some kind of verteran reward pack.
    I kinda like that idea, though I can't see it being anything like the 3.0 launch pack in how good it could be.
  17. Sjinderson

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    There is nothing planned or even decided for 3.5 as of now.
  18. Yankmyplank

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    I for one had not heard of a private server until found it by accident, been here fore for 5 months, any reward for a veteran pack would simply put those here 1st even further ahead. With the financial contributions I have made to the cause, I would take that as a slap in the face

    Unless you give players that joined later, the same awards once they have played the game for same amount of time, as when rewards were 1st issued.

    For instance if Archerage had been running for 6 months when the 3.0 launch pack was given, then give players who joined after the same reward pack once they have been here for 6 months.
  19. Sjinderson

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    No that was a reward pack only for those who were here prior. The same would be the case if a veteran pack existed. The rewards would either be temporary or mostly cosmetic, like a title.
    It's not a reward if everyone can get it, that's an achievement
  20. Sparkle

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    We may have some small pleasantnesses prepared by the time of update for the players that keep staying with us.

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