ArcheRage Poems - Thanksgiving Style!

Discussion in 'In-game & Forum Events' started by Sparkle, Nov 9, 2018.

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  1. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Thanksgiving poems1.png
    In less than a few weeks we'll celebrate Thanksgiving. Our ArcheRage family is a very international one and not all the players have this holiday in their countries. Even though, it's never out of place to say "Thank You" to your family, friends, co-workers, co-players and any other people you feel can deserve it.
    Do we have poets in our ArcheRage family? Let's check it.

    THANKSGIVING is a perfect moment to say THANK YOU!
    So let's give some thanks and praises to our Community!

    The only rule - you need to do it in the poetry form.
    P.S. It should be your own original work, don't copy already existing poems (verses) ;)
    1st place - 3000 credits
    2nd place - 2000 credits
    3rd place - 1000 credits
    4th-5th place - 500 credits

    Last day of the event - November, 23rd.
  2. Lusk

    Lusk Member

    Only one rule? So I can write on my lang?
  3. wolfieon

    wolfieon New Member

  4. Ametrys

    Ametrys New Member

  5. Persia

    Persia Member

    Thank you ArcheRage for making Archeage rage
    The first time i played, i failed a regrade :(
    So tried to do better things but it didn't get my feelings
    I quit for a year, but I missed those flesh and skin tear
    I came back and my account was a lack
    I found my old friends and they help me defend
    Now that I'm back and getting on track
    I just killed someone with a one-hand whack
    That's why if you mess with the best, you'll die like the rest.

    IGN: Persia
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  6. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Yes. But English is preferred of course for other players to fully understand it as well.
    Or you can add a translation bellow, after the poem in your language.
  7. AkariuTamokiy

    AkariuTamokiy New Member

    If there are any missprellings, my apologize english is not my native language and I've never made a rhyme in english befor xD
    I played ArcheAge for a long time and it was fun, but trion was just to much pay to win and so I was with it done,
    so let me tell the story were I quit the game for good, until I found a new neighborhood,
    everyone was very kind and never unfair, that is something that you just found very rare,
    I'm not here for long but let me tell you what, I want to thank you all from my very heart.
    I've finaly found a place and it's not anymore hard, to become a legendary bard.​
  8. Roxiee

    Roxiee Member

    The weather is chill
    The leaves hit the ground
    Turkey is in the oven
    Giving thanks all around

    Time for family
    Time for friends
    Even though the stuffing is gone
    The bonding never ends

    Happy Thanksgiving
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  9. ImNimble

    ImNimble New Member

    A bond so tight that keep smiles instead of fright
    Loving embraces that hold us so tight
    cheer that's dear, and ever so bright
    Food so warm and delicious even to sight
    Happy Thanks Giving to all and just have a great night.
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  10. ksharp25

    ksharp25 Member

    As the air grows crisp and the days grow shorter,
    I set off in my Farm Wagon to get my list in order.
    As I pluck the pumpkins from my garden,
    a plump turkey is needed, the most fattest from White Arden.

    A feast fit for Kings and Queens is on my agenda,
    Sweet Gweonid apple pies from the best baker Brenda,
    Sacred candles from Cinderstone, then to Hellswamp for tasty Pot Pies,
    What a huge table spread it will be, a pure delight to the eyes.

    Casks of mead and liquor from the Dwarves finest reserves,
    But I'll need to sail to Ynystere to get the Preserves.
    Down the coast for Elephant Cookies,
    Browsing Mahadevi markets for other choice goodies.

    Finally, all is in order and gathered, to begin my task,
    And what great occasion are we celebrating you ask?
    Why the grandest of them all, to reflect and to be thankful for living,
    Come to my table all, as I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.
  11. Aumdaydar

    Aumdaydar Active Member

    IGN: Guest

    We have all been burned,
    We have all been blamed,
    We have all been mocked,
    And souls set a flame.

    The light of a game held to the highest esteem,
    The flicker of an ember and flash of a dream.
    Friends will come and alliances will be made,
    A top the pyre of bodies and ash, Trion remained.

    In the distance,
    through the looking glass i could see,
    A glimmer of hope, but what could it be?
    The distance grew smaller,
    The fear grew larger,
    The closer i got, the flames did falter.

    A gentle hand outstretched to mine.
    Could this be?
    What i've searched for this whole time?
    A smile on my face, because i already knew.
    This would be the home,
    For the proud and the few.

    to be continued...(if you want me to)

    Thank you ArcheRage Team and to the Community that help us build a place we can be accepted and treated like real people just wanting to have a good time.

    Thank you again, and happy thanksgiving!
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  12. IGN: Dahmer

    I'm not artistic or creative so I'm doing a haiku, which is technically poetry

    thank you for running
    all of those trade packs for me
    big l m o a

    oh and i just wrote a limerick because i'm hella fly and sensitive and stuff

    There once was a guild called Hittin'
    whose members were hella pimpin'
    stealing your packs
    and making big stacks
    big thanks to the players we're gimpin'
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  13. vapedatyogirl

    vapedatyogirl New Member


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  14. sociopathix

    sociopathix Active Member

  15. Lhama Bomb

    Lhama Bomb New Member

    Turkey chick
    Turkey chick
    10s each

    Turkey chick
    Turkey chick
    eats ground wheat

    Turkey chick
    Turkey chick
    I bought from the shop

    Turkey chick
    Turkey chick
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  16. AkariuTamokiy

    AkariuTamokiy New Member

    I don't want to ruin your haiku but a haiku is 5 - 7 - 5 and not 4 - 7 - 5.
    Also it has to be syllables instead of single letters.
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  17. TrueAegis

    TrueAegis New Member

    Blood marks the land like flowers;
    A scene painted by the stroke of a blade
    Leaving a sweet scent as the body sours
    dying - more paint waiting to be displayed

    Crisp autumn air slows a pounding heart,
    The fever gone as war drums stilled
    But drumming still for the souls depart
    Last summer’s warmth becoming chilled

    Thankful for flesh as donation
    the table calls to carrion beast
    praising this harvest in celebration
    They begin their thanksgiving feast
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  18. Chase Gray

    Chase Gray New Member

    A special flavor you've always tasted, with every turkey heavily basted.
    At any store it cant be bought, for simply they have it not.
    Family love is what you feel, the warmth it gives what makes it real.
  19. vapedatyogirl

    vapedatyogirl New Member

  20. Deavana

    Deavana New Member

    So um here's a I give thanks to cat poem. I cannot poem good sorry. But I love cat and cat loves turkey, seasoned roasted turkey.

    The winds icy caress visible upon this kitty's face, airplane ears with dark subtle glares, paws rest on warm fluffy tail.
    Fiercely staring towards the doors slight opening, on drifts scents of spices and charring animals flesh.
    Alas as the clambering simmered down a cat in kitchen did appear, mrawwwring thanks for the warmth, noms and cuddles.
    All hail cat ruler of this universe we did cry to the sky. All hail cat whose warmth we hold near. All hail cat whose fur adorns my food. All give thanks for this magnificent furry beast who did choose to share such a feat, a massive food filled fest.
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