ArcheRage Poems - Thanksgiving Style!

Discussion in 'In-game & Forum Events' started by Sparkle, Nov 9, 2018.

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  1. Gen

    Gen New Member

    Thank you to Sparkle for running the forums
    If you didn't answer questions, we'd have more "Um"s

    Thank you to Hellswamp for holding my home
    Though it's probably sinking slowly into the swampy loam

    Thank you to Dahmer who can't count syllables
    Don't worry though, you're still totally drillable ;)

    That was kind of inappropriate... will I still qualify for credits?
    If not, let me know so I can plan for some edits


    IGN: Elenor
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  2. thank (1) you (1) for (1) running (2) = 5
    all (1) of (1) those (1) trade (1) packs (1) for (1) me (1) = 7
    big (1) l (1) m (1) o (1) a (1) = 5

    Not really sure where the breakdown is but you guys should take a second look before you correct someone.
  3. elfghost

    elfghost New Member

    IGN elfghost

    This one goes out to my pal mechupa and all of his guildies in hydra we appreciate all of the packs you give us on a daily basis. Keep it up.

    thanks a lot brazil
    mechupa gives me trade packs
    hue hue hue rat piss
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  4. Izanamihime

    Izanamihime Member

    IGN: Iza

    It was a hungry pussy cat,
    upon Thanksgiving morn,
    And she watched a thankful little elf,
    that ate an ear of corn.
    "If I ate that thankful little elf,
    how thankful he should be,
    When he had made a meal himself,
    to make a meal for me!
    Then with his Thanks for having fed,
    and thanks for feeding me.
    With all his thankfulness inside,
    how thankful I shall be!"
    Thus mused the hungry pussy cat,
    upon Thanksgiving Day.
    But the little elf had overheard
    and declined (with thanks) to stay.

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  5. Gen

    Gen New Member

    Shh don't ruin my rhyme
  6. ZenWarrior

    ZenWarrior New Member

    Family!! Friends!! Gather Feast & Bless!!
    Regrade!! Degrade!! Alas a Great Success!!
    Charm!! Dunn!! Another Mythic to the pile!!
    Whispers!! Offers!! Put'em on block that's my style!!
    Wait what is this?? What is this sound?? What does it mean??
    My alarm clock? Please stop!! Don't LET IT BE!!
    Saddened I wake up... It was all a dream...
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  7. norhi

    norhi New Member

    In Archeage I have been for so many years
    And it has always been strange
    to be in a place
    where your culture is not the base

    In my country, for example, we don't have this day
    but today I'm glad to have a moment to say
    how much I apreciate
    those with whom I'll celebrate

    may my words be endless
    and my heart be brave,
    may my friends be blessed
    and here
    to stay

    Strinkz, Kayjuv and Akashiya,
    fellows from years ago
    who I won't ever let go

    Guojing, the best healer that we have
    who someday will be the best hero too

    Cantodea, Fuya and Ecdmage,
    new friends that this family brought

    Guest and Denali,
    who have done so much
    for our community
    and, of course,
    our mods,
    who care and do
    great things too

    even Alwa,
    who made us decide to come

    I'm so thankfull to all of you!
    but it wouldn't have enough
    if I didn't thank my beloved
    who made me the most grateful
    person of all the worlds,
    Yokai, who so much I love

    Thank you, ArcheRage,
    for bringing such important people together!
    May our base be stable
    and our server,

    Happy Thanksgiving!! Happy day to all you <3

    I made some changes in my poem to mention a few people, I hope that it is ok! :)

    Last edited: Nov 18, 2018
  8. Tpriith

    Tpriith New Member

    I had been playing archeage for years
    That was the time my wallet was in tears
    Then i heard of a special thing
    Where patron was free and u get custom bling

    I tried archerage for the first time
    And i started the level climb
    Have been playing it all day
    And just have one thing to say

    Thank you devs for making this
    If i could i'd give you a kiss
    You've even made custom lore
    I'm looking forward to more
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  9. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Results of the event will be announced tomorrow. Thank you All! ;)
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  10. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

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