Archers: Erenor or T7?

Discussion in 'Skills and Classes' started by DrRageQuit, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. DrRageQuit

    DrRageQuit Member

    So now we all know what to expect (for now at least) from 3.5, what are people thinking is the way to go when it comes to Erenor vs Tier 7 obsidian bows?

    With the nerfed state of Erenor right now, Do the equip/combo effects that come with Tier 7 balance out the slight reduction in raw dps?
    As someone who is realistically only likely to hit legendary Erenor, is it a smart move to spend resources on a Legendary or Mythic obsidian instead?
    Everyone seems to be saying that Erenor is better because it Can be upgraded further and wont fail. But seem to be either ignoring forgetting the fact that failure is a constant option, so long as it needs to be fed equal grade weapons. How many delphs do you have to blow up before getting an Erenor to mythic?
  2. Epic

    Epic Well-Known Member

    Either way, archers are better off with a high teir obsidian bow with or without nerf, as the crit you get from the bow and the extra arrow is unbeatable until later patches when they introduce the crit gems making the obsidian bow equip effect not needed at all.

    However, since that doesn't come till 4.0, you're better off getting Obsidian t7 bow imo. but the choice is really yours
  3. DrRageQuit

    DrRageQuit Member

    Pretty much what i was expecting to see. I'll stick with obs for now then :)
  4. Xith

    Xith Member

    Obsidian weapons you should take over erenor even without the nerf: Nodachi, Greatsword, Sword, Bow, Club

    So yea with nerf def bow
  5. havockitty

    havockitty Active Member

    + for obsidian also offhands, t7 shortspear with 15% crit damage healing power and armor pen pasive... who the fuck invented that.
  6. erenor worse t7 obsidian

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