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    Violent Maelstrom
    Dear ArcheRagers!
    We are glad to announce the opening of the updated Violent Maelstrom arena.

    A few words about the arena itself.
    It’s a custom ArcheRage arena, specially designed for the naval battles. Arena is separated from the rest of the sea by the net and makes a square with the teams bases in 2 corners.

    Two teams will meet in the honorable battle but only 1 will become a winner.
    When you enter the arena you get a chance to become a part of a Red team or a Blue team.

    Reds' base:
    Blues' base:
    Both teams receive the same types of ships, so they are totally under the same conditions.

    In general arena received a big number of changes that will also affect arena battle style.
    How it was before, you can find in our old Violent Maelstrom arena guide [Link]

    Now more about new updated Violent Maelstrom arena!

    From now on each team member becomes a captain of his/her own boat. Big ships, that required at least 3-5 team members to navigate it, were changed to small unique color Speedboats.
    5_1.png 5_2.png

    Speedboat has a number of skills + an empty skill slot, where you can add a new skill each time you use one of the swords placed all over the arena. Sword can be used not more often than once in 30 seconds. Sword provides you with one of the additional skills for 3 minutes. In 30 seconds after you received one of the sword skills you can change it to another, by reaching the active on arena sword.
    As soon as sword is used it disappears and will spawn again in some time. To use a sword and receive an additional skill you need to swim on your boat close to it. Skill will be applied automatically.
    There are also a 2 Special Skill present on arena and can be picked up on the battle field.
    7.png 7_1.png
    Players can no longer kill each other on this arena. Player can now die only if his boat is destroyed. When you die you are teleported to your team base.
    Player respawn time after the death – 10 sec. Your boat will respawn shortly after you.
    Warning! Don’t try to sit into your enemy team boat. As soon as you get in it, you’ll die.​

    A few screenshots for you from the updated arena:
    arena1.jpg arena2.jpg arena3.jpg
    arena4.jpg arena5.jpg arena6.jpg

    Arena features (updated):
    • Number of teams - 2.​
    • Quantity of team members - 6. Total quantity of participants - 12.​
    • Max time of the battle - 15 minutes.​
    • Each team gets 6 unique color Speedboats on their base (1 boat for each team member). Only that ships will be used in the battle. Ships will respawn at the base after destroyed. Players can't summon their own ships, gliders or mounts for battle.​
    • Arena is open 24-hours a day. Player can participate only 5 times a day.​
    To win, your team needs to obtains 200 points or get the highest score when time runs out.
    Team can get points only for sinking the enemy ships.

    According to the battle results, all participants receive Honor Points (approx 300-560) and the winners also receive a Maelstrom Coin. Maelstrom Coin can be exchanged to the additional rewards.
    You can find Maelstrom Coins Exchanger on the factions bases in Diamond Shores and Freedich Island.

    Previously used coin Sea Wolf's Coin was changed to a new coin type - Maelstrom Coin.
    Players who want to exchange their old Sea Wolf's Coin to a Maelstrom Coin need to right click on the coin.
    1 Sea Wolf's Coin = 2 Maelstrom Coins.

    Maelstrom Coins Exchanger offers the following items:

    Items "Transform to Dahuta" and "Transform to Calamitous Vyrava" will temporary transform you to Dahuta or Calamitous Vyrava.
    Dahuta.png Calamitous Vyrava.png

    You can also receive such unique decor as "Kraken on the Tower" and "Sea Shark".
    Participate in naval arena battles, collect the rewards and create a new image for your character with the following costumes (include set of image items):

    Youngster Sailor's Costume
    Youngster Sailor (man).png Youngster Sailor (woman).png

    Five Seas Captain's Costume
    Five Seas Captain (man).png Five Seas Captain (woman).png

    Naval Genie's Costume
    Naval Genie (man).png Naval Genie (woman).png

    Actively participate in the battles on Violent Maelstrom arena, complete naval arena quests, complete the achievements and receive additional rewards as well as unique naval arena title - Sea Overlord.​

    Arena Quests
    details (open)

    In the Midst of Battle
    - Collect 3 Winning Proves from the Violent Maelstrom
    Rewards: Maelstrom Coin (5), Warrior's Medal (5)
    New Horizons
    - Win 3 Violent Maelstrom battles in a row without losing.
    Rewards: Maelstrom Coin (5), Warrior's Medal (5)
    Sea Breeze
    - Collect 5 Participation Proves from the Violent Maelstrom.
    Rewards: Maelstrom Coin (5), Warrior's Medal (5)

    Arena Achievements
    details (open)

    • Cannonade (Use Maelstrom Arena skills 2000 times).
      Rewards: Maelstrom Coin (10), Warrior's Medal (2)​
    • The Greatest Captain (Win 50 Maelstrom battles).
      Rewards: Maelstrom Coin (15), Warrior's Medal (5), Sea Lord Token.
      Sea Lord Token grants the 'Sea Lord' title: Max Health +700, Armor +300, Magic resist +300, Movement Speed +0.3%, Melee Critical Damage +2%, Ranged Critical Damage +2%.
    • Fish Feed (Die 20 times in Maelstrom battle).
      Rewards: Maelstrom Coin (5)​
    • Defeats Streak (Lose 10 Maelstrom battles).
      Rewards: Maelstrom Coin (5)​
    • Poseidon Fury (Complete "In the Midst of Battle" 10 times).
      Rewards:Maelstrom Coin (10)​
    • Aboard! (Complete "New Horizons" 10 times).
      Rewards: Maelstrom Coin (10)​
    • Sea Child (Use each Maelstrom Arena skill 500 times).
      Reward: Sea Overlord Token
      Sea Overlord Token grants the 'Sea Overlord' title: Max Health +300, Max Mana Points +150, Healing Power +1%, Magic Spells Power +1%, Physical Spells Power +1%.
    • Plasma Tamer (Use a skill Plasma Bomb 500 times).
      Rewards: Maelstrom Coin (5)​
    • Infinity Fire (Use a skill Fire Sea Dragon 500 times).
      Rewards: Maelstrom Coin (5)​
    • Railguner (Use a skill Rail Gun 500 times).
      Rewards: Maelstrom Coin (5)​
    • Sniper (Use a skill Direct Shot 500 times).
      Rewards: Maelstrom Coin (5)​
    • Energy Overlord (Use a skill Energy Blast 500 times).
      Rewards: Maelstrom Coin (5)​
    • Miner (Use a skill Drop Mine 500 times).
      Rewards: Maelstrom Coin (5)​

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  2. Hyperblast

    Hyperblast New Member

    This event was a nice change yes...however there is a lot of problems currently in the arena. For example there is a random sound bug that will just disable all sound until you randomly run into someone or something. Weapon balancing and weapon spawning is a huge issue...why would i take the torpedo, a skill shot weapon, that does 2.5k dmg over the rail-gun, which is just a point and click, and does 5.5k dmg or the flamethrower which does 800 dps so long as ur smashed into ur target...either make the torpedo have a MUCH longer range and follow the target, to an extent, or crank up the dmg! Weapon swapping CD is a joke, 25sec CD?! Needs to be more like 10-12secs. Weapon spawns needs to be buffed! I'v played some games where the spawns simply stopped working and whichever team had weapons won the match simply because the other team couldn't find anything to use to fight back with. The coins we had prior was fine! there was NO NEED to change the coins at all!!! Changing how the exchanger looks is fine so players can differentiate exchanger's, but the coins used should have been left alone, there was simply no valid reason as to why the old coins became obsolete! One last thing and it has to do with arena attempts, currently your not allowed to use bruiser badges to gain additional entry's to the arena, which is what it literally says in the description and last time i checked, violent maelstrom arena...is an arena!!!
  3. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    You mentioned the following things as bugs and problems: sound, skills, weapon, changed coins, absence of Bruiser’s Badge for extra arena entries.
    From all that mentioned the only thing that can really be called a bug is sound, however, we didn’t notice such issues with sound you described. Does anybody else have them?

    Skills were balanced by us in the way we think will be appropriate for this arena. Players get a set of identical skills + 1 extra skill that can be changed by them every 30 seconds.

    Regarding the weapon that you need to pick up to get extra skill, we have only 12 players in total but 20 spawns on arena available for the extra skills, that is almost twice more than a number of participants. Weapon spawns approx once a minute and CD on the skills was made 30 sec long for it not to be the case like in other games you described and you can use a skill you picked up for 3 minutes long. Weapon is enough for everybody on this arena and there is no need to add more. If you don't find it, you need to check better as it's all over the arena, even in some corners of it.

    Your words about arena coins are totally confusing. Arena was completely reworked and it makes sense for updated arena to get a new coin as a reward due to it. Even more, we added the option for players to exchange their old coin to new coin and not even one new but 2 new coins, so you are getting twice more in exchange.

    No possibility for extra arena entries was the intentional change and as you see there is no place where it’s mentioned that you can use Bruiser’s Badge to get extra entries to this arena.
  4. Sephrix

    Sephrix New Member

    So idk about the sound bug ive played 10 game and EVERYTHING WORKED FINE and so did the rest of Disorderly Conduct member bases games so idk what that issue is cant comment on it. For the weapon changes i believe there just fine, CD on weapon swapping is fine as well, but the only thing i have a complaint about it the fact that Maelstrom is honestly the only enjoyable arena. So why limit it to 5, allow us to use Bruiser Badges (maybe 5 extra, for a total of 10 a day) or remove the Additional Entry. Please consider letting us use up to 5 badges for an additional 5 runs, its the only arena where gear isnt a factor and is ABSOLUTELY enjoyable!!!
  5. Hyperblast

    Hyperblast New Member

    Another bug i have found today. If you do not have the quest to collect participation tokens and you participate in the arena, you will not get the tokens...but of course im sure sparkle will just tell me this is intended...
  6. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Participation token is a quest item. Of course, you need a quest to receive it.
  7. Sephrix

    Sephrix New Member

    any input on anything i said @Sparkle about the tokens?
  8. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    We'll think on it.
  9. Tepe

    Tepe New Member

    I found a bug, I got the quest ''New Horizons'' to win 3 times in a row and it isn't counting when i won.

    Edit: I forgot to say that I tried to abandon the quest and get again, but stills the same bug, it isn't counting when i won
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  10. Hyperblast

    Hyperblast New Member

    This quest is broken, it doesn't register you winning games but it sure does fail when you loss. I have tried for the past couple of days now for this quest to record credit, even yesterday i had 3 wins in a row and it didn't register any of it so its broken. Me and a few other players who have played in VMA have spawned underneath the map with no way to get out except for drowning so this needs to get fixed unless i'm told, again, all of this is intended as i'm usually told and nothing gets fixed.
  11. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Quest "New Horizons" works in the way that if you loose at least once, quest fails. Then you need to abandon it and retake again.
    If you don't abandon the quest after it fails, next wins will not count.
    Also, if this quest is active and you win, quest win point is not applied right away but is applied only in one minute.

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