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    Gattleship arena.png
    Violent Maelstrom
    Do you like sea adventures? Do you feel the longing for the sea and the sea battles? Have a team but don't have a ship? Then you need to try a new Battleship Arena - Violent Maelstrom!!!

    Two teams will meet in the honorable battle for the title of a Sea Wolf.
    Each team will have its own base.
    Reds' base:
    Reds base1.png
    Blues' base:
    Blues base1.png
    Arena is separated from the rest of the sea by the net and makes a square.​
    Bases are located in two arena corners, but take care of the other two directions, storms and rains are waiting for you there, brave ArcheRagers!​
    Arena features:
    • This is a 1v1 team arena.
    • Quantity of team members - 10. Total quantity of participants - 20.
    • Max time of the battle - 20 minutes.
    • Each team has 5 big ships on their base. Only that ships will be used in the battle. Ships will respawn at the base after destroyed. Players can't summon their own ships, gliders or mounts for battle.
    • Arena is opened 24-hours a day. Player can participate only 5 times a day. Number can be increased with the help of a Bruiser's Badge.
    Wins the team that first obtains 300 points or the team that has the highest score when time runs out.
    Team can get points for killing players of the opposite team and for sinking the enemy ships.

    According to the battle results, all participants receive Honor Points and the winners also receive a Sea Wolf's Coin.
    Sea Wolf's Coin can be exchanged to the additional rewards. You can find Exchangers on the factions bases in Diamond Shores and Freedich Island.

    Sea Wolf's Coins can be exchanged to the following items:
    Poseidon Shroudlight
    Sea Wolf's Token
    Hermit's Touch (Fists piece of the Hermit's costume)
    Bound Ship Component Regrade Scroll
    Bound Dragon Cultist Duster: Combat
    Bound Cherry Treehouse Design
    5-days Scroll: Seaskimmer Speedboat
    5-days Scroll: Hello Kitty Roadster
    5-days Nocturne Griffin
    Red Regrade Charm
    Superior Red Regrade Charm
    Sealed Delphinad Ring
    Sealed Delphinad Earring
    "Poseidon's Totem" (Poseidon's Totem is a ship equipment and one's category is misc. apparatus. Increases Melee and Ranged Attack Speed +5% in aura range 15m, also increases Ship's Movement Speed +15%)

    Visit arena and complete the following Daily quests:
    • In the Midst of Battle
      - Bring 3 Winning Proofs from the Violent Maelstrom
      Rewards: Sea Wolf's Coin (5), Warrior's Medal (1)
    • New Horizons
      - Kill 10 enemies in the Violent Maelstrom
      Rewards: Sea Wolf's Coin (5), Warrior's Medal (1)
      Edit: quest task was changed from 10 enemies kills to 30 enemies team kills. All enemies kills made by team members that are in a close proximity to you (100m) will count towards your quest score.

    You can also get the following Achievements:
    • Cannonade (Kill or assist to kill 60 enemies in Maelstrom battle).
      Rewards: Sea Wolf's Coin (10), Warrior's Medal (2)
    • The Greatest Captain (Win 50 Maelstrom battles).
      Rewards: Sea Wolf's Coin (15), Warrior's Medal (5), Sea Lord Token.
      Sea Lord Token grants the 'Sea Lord' title: Max Health +700, Armor +300, Magic resist +300, Movement Speed +0.3%, Melee Critical Damage +2%, Ranged Critical Damage +2%.
    • Fish Feed (Die 20 times in Maelstrom battle).
      Rewards: Sea Wolf's Coin (5)
    • Fish Feed (Die 20 times in Maelstrom battle).
      Rewards: Sea Wolf's Coin (5)
    • Defeats Streak (Lose 10 Maelstrom battles).
      Rewards: Sea Wolf's Coin (5)
    • Poseidon Fury (Complete "In the Midst of Battle" 10 times).
      Rewards: Sea Wolf's Coin (10)
    • Aboard! (Complete "New Horizons" 10 times).
      Rewards: Sea Wolf's Coin (10)
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  2. Shanks

    Shanks Member

    How much honor? If you don't mind us asking.
  3. Aviendha

    Aviendha Active Member

    Wait.. so as loser you dont get any coins? :c thats sad. wouldve been nice if it was 2/3 coins for winner and 1 for loser :/
  4. CaptainBlackBeard

    CaptainBlackBeard New Member

    Is this arena permanent?
  5. Kathrann

    Kathrann Member

    blah blah blah rewards, but we have a new way to kill each other in the water. I"m soooo happy
  6. Kathrann

    Kathrann Member

    And it looks like it's random whether you are in either group? So I could end up teamed up with my favorite sea captain, who's name starts with Sj, if I got lucky even though he is currently in the wrong faction?
  7. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Try it tomorrow and you'll see.

    Only winner gets a coin.


    That's right.
  8. Kathrann

    Kathrann Member


    Thank you for this!
  9. Aviendha

    Aviendha Active Member

    so 10v10, and only 10 people get a coin. one coin. for a 60 or 80 coin reward. if you lose 5 battles, you get nothing? thats.. idk, not good.
    pls change it so that you get 1 coin for participating aka losing and a bit more for winning, even if its 2 for winning. else the rewards are gonna be for the elite.

    Edit: I see now that its a permanent arena. Are there then achievements for in the arena? so that you can get an extra coin now and then? like, 10 losses, 10 wins, or something?

    also, we were able to move enemy boats away to shoot them. pls fix that, cuz its cheating for points o.o
  10. Yankmyplank

    Yankmyplank Member

    lose 10 times you get 5 tokens so you get half a token each battle once you get to 10 losses
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  11. Aviendha

    Aviendha Active Member

    ye they added that achievement now, which is one of the things i suggested :p pls consider the time when i posted what you quoted XD
  12. Yankmyplank

    Yankmyplank Member

    anyone else get bugged when in the water? half the time character will not swim at all!
  13. Persia

    Persia Member

    R.I.P Violent Maelstrom
  14. Yankmyplank

    Yankmyplank Member

    tbh the arena has been flawed since day 1, even this late on half a raid gets sent back to starting point on ship destruction feeding enemy teams easy kills. Ship driver now has to have map open to see enemy ship marked on radar as no mini map. 1 team has had the advantage of lutesong having its radar on deck while the eznan radar is simply unreachable half the time. Add to that the trolls namely Iron head that used to deliberately grab wheel then turn ship so it couldnt shoot because friends on other team needed the win.

    All the above not being sorted out killed the event, the only way to get it done now is hope that enough of your guild mates will join if you beg them enough.
  15. Velorra

    Velorra Active Member

    100% of all Maelstroms I've seen my guildmates do has had this happen. Wait 15+ minutes for queue to pop, then wait another 15 to get out of a bugged raid. 30 minutes wasted, no coin in sight. Thanks but no thanks.
  16. Zenjirr

    Zenjirr Active Member

    Do you even get queues anymore? It doesnt pop for me at all, queued whole day, nothing at all....
  17. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Quests are still there, some minor bugs will be fixed with 3.5 release, but unfortunately, it's impossible to stop players from ruining event if they decide to do it. If it happens, you can report such player in tickets.
    I previously mentioned and will confirm it again, we are going to keep updating the arena and its rewards but we'l do it only after 3.5 release as global update release is our priority right now.
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  18. Sparkle

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    Violent Maelstrom Arena will be temporary disabled with the server restart on 7/2.
    Its reworked and updated version will be released within 1-2 weeks.

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