Class for lag, lag for class

Discussion in 'Skills and Classes' started by alperen9792, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. alperen9792

    alperen9792 New Member

    I am playing this game from eu and there is lot of lag/freeze due to latency. What is the suitable class for this kind of connection and why? It doesnt matter if its offensive or defensive type of gameplay but please write your recommandations with suitable gear and build aswell.
  2. Minute

    Minute New Member

    Use melee class for higher ping. If you have to stay a distance from your enemies (range class) higher ping = bad.
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  3. Tinnic

    Tinnic New Member

    Farmer, the potatoes are really slow they'll never get you.
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  4. alperen9792

    alperen9792 New Member

    all i do is farming i need action

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