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Discussion in 'Skills and Classes' started by freaky101, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. freaky101

    freaky101 New Member

    Would you guys be so kind to give me a defiler guide that works in this server please ? I'm a returning player and made like 7k gold so far but no idea what to buy as comes to weapons/armour/pet to work best for defiler.
    Thank you for understanding and giving the time :)
  2. ruanjos

    ruanjos Member

    Hello, it might be too late but let's get started

    Defiler is mainly a small scale PVP class, focusing on disruption, crowd control and damage absortion

    Defiler is pretty bad for PvE, but you can easily build your defiler for PVP and switch witchcraft for sorcery when farming, mainly for AoE farm

    For a Small scale PVP i would suggest you to go crafted Plate gear, epherium is fine to start, dont bother getting past celestial or divine if you plan to upgrade it to delphinad or even ayanad.

    You can choose to go lake for more damage and accuracy or Earth for full life=more tankyness.

    For weapons, you might want to go for the obsidian katana, it has a faster atack speed than the scepter meaning faster global cooldown, it also has full stamina, meaning more HP

    The scepter is pretty good too, it will ofter some intelligence meaning a better accuracy, things like hell spear and crows can miss and intelligence helps you connect those.

    Here ill leave you some optimal combinations:

    Lake plate+Obsidian katana+Magic resist Obsidian shield

    Earth plate+obsidian/crafted scepter+ Magic resist shield

    Earth/lake/obsidian cloth+obsidian scepter+crafted/obsidian shield (cloth is better for large scale pvp, as it ofters magic resist against mageballs and reduced crowd control)
  3. rodtheram

    rodtheram New Member

    Not copy pasted help here :D Defiler is favorite class, I just like CC a lot and its very fun to lock down people for long amounts of time. Go katana, shield and cloth, there are a few options on which cloth armor depending on your defiler playstile, but normally the one they give you in the support pack is pretty good for us defilers. (plate defiler gtfo, also accuracy is provided by spirit, not intelligence, thats why some people play stone defiler)
  4. Kaotic

    Kaotic Member

    Scepter is better than Katana. Plate is good but only if you have a high gear score. Accuracy is provided by INT and spirit both. The fact that you haven’t even read the stat tooltip means you probably shouldn’t be telling people what is best.
  5. Updown

    Updown Member

    For small scale pvp, it is really good, considering that you will face 80% of the time some battlerage combo. And if you can put gold in it, a lot, it will work in large scale too. Cloth is better on small budget for sure.
    And even tho I am a heavy fan of the Katana, if it doesn't matter for you, don't really plan on doing melee, choose scepter instead.

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