Direct X 9 or Direct X 11

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Tale, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. Tale

    Tale New Member

    Hey ! What do you guys recommend to use Dirext X 9 or 11 ? Is there even a real difference between them on the game ?

    Thanks !
    IGN: Tale :D
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  2. Zenjirr

    Zenjirr Active Member

    for me DX9 always was more stable, but I'm using Windows 7, cause some people swear by DX11 on Windows 10, so dunno :)
    Just see the fps, the visuals, whats acceptable for you.
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  3. zoldekgr

    zoldekgr Member

    DX9 more good for archerage engine so just use it it's really good bro if it's not good for you try 11 and see if it's better in the end it's up to you.
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  4. Tale

    Tale New Member

    Thanks guys ! I appreciate it !
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  5. zoldekgr

    zoldekgr Member

    You are welcome.
  6. kaikkake

    kaikkake New Member

    I'm not saying this to knock your or anything, but Win7 is no longer supported by Microsoft. You really want those security updates.
  7. zoldekgr

    zoldekgr Member

    Maybe he's pc can't run windows 10 that's why he using windows 7
  8. xkf2

    xkf2 Active Member

    Off topic but,

    When I was making my PC, I made the mistake of getting Win10 for cheap rather than forking out the extra $$$ for Win7 at the time :D

    The whole is a flaming pile of tires.

    MS can't decide what the hell it wants to do in terms of what is user facing. Everything is super fragmented in terms of visual design. They are halfway between something bad and something good and overall it's just crappo as a result :D
    If anything, at least on Win7 simple stuff for everyday users loaded quickly... Calculator for example takes 5s to open, meanwhile on Win7 it was instant even on the old crusty PC compared to the new shiny one... What say MS to that.

    And you're saying we want those security updates... lol... That would be fine but now there is no way to install solely security updates. You install those, you get the whole shebang of the rest that is a hot mess...
    I want updates that don't eff up my computer or make it slower and slower with each one that is released.

    Look at the "October Update", hot mess and little to no communication by MS.
    Only made worse by the fact that the updates are forced on you so even if you know there might be a problem with it from reading the news.... I guess you just have to keep your PC on all the time or shut in down by pulling out the plug/battery to avoid install them.
    I already did that, before but it was always funny seeing ppl have all their assignments wiped cause of that stuff

    More often than not as well, your PC didn't get broken into via some security flaw in the OS... no it was more like you clicked some dodgy ass ad and downloaded the bad thing to your PC, or some OTHER software that you installed onto the PC that MADE the hole in the security.

    And those things can be easily avoided... use adblocker, avoid dodgy websites, don't use random ass freemium software that comes from a dodgy site... ez pz
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  9. Zenjirr

    Zenjirr Active Member

    Yes, my PC can't support windows 10, blue screens after few mins of usage. And I hate the whole idea of windows 10, it creates so many problems. The whole autoupdate policy is bullshit aswell. Does not follow group policy settings(sometimes decides to reset), once in a while a botched update makes OS unusable(microsoft had a few this year). So just no, u're not gonna convince me to use windows 10 over windows 7. The whole DirectX 12 argument is so mute aswell. I could go on and on about how shit win10 is, can easily search countless videos on youtube about it aswell. People cry wolf about security updates too much these days. Unless it's something big as SPECTRE or MELTDOWN, dun really care about updates. And to be honest Windows 7 entered extended period of support til 2020 Jan I believe, so it still gets updates each month, so dunno what u're talking about. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Thats the biggest problem with Windows 10 after Windows 7... And if I hear people having any problems with Windows its gonna be Windows 10 after ur praised "security updates", and never Windows 7. The biggest weakness in the system is not the system itself, but the user.

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