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Discussion in 'Сlient side issues' started by Volomon, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Volomon

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    I've been trying to reach someone about a starter pack. Not sure if that's actually a thing or not but I've been messing around trying to use this launcher for days for some reason some things seem to be blocked. For instance if I go to Get Credits in the store it shows me a page that has tiny print like size 4 print. I have to copy it and paste it to read it but it says:


    DNS Name Not Resolved

    So I haven't been able to contact anyone about the starter pack and I can't seem to purchase any credits. (Can we purchase credits?) Anyway if someone can tell me how I get this starter pack and how I can get things from the store that would be great.
  2. Sparkle

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    Can you please attach a screenshot of the issue?
  3. Aumdaydar

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    To get credits and put in a ticket for the "Starter Pack" which btw, has ended as of Nov 30th 2018. You need to go to this website https://na.archerage.to/ - upon which you need to log in and go to the Account Pannel and there you can submit tickets and buy credits. Clicking the "Get Credits" button in game isn't going to take you anywhere.

    I would recommend spending some time here on the forums and getting to know some materials here. The forums has everything you need to know about donating and submitting tickets for the Starter packs (which has already ended). Hope this helps you some, good luck and enjoy the game! =D

    This is a very good place to start it's called "FAQ" (Frequently Asked Questions):
  4. Volomon

    Volomon New Member

    Well that's interesting why didn't they just have the client redirect to a blank page that says buy credits at X. Like are you saying this is "normal". I know the starter pack ended that's why I'm kinda pissed I had issues with loading up this game, but whatever at least I found this game. Ironically due to just having tried Legends of Aria, and it just reminded me of all the things I'm missing out on in Archeage mechanics. Happen to find some random post on the internet that lead me to here and was told about the Starter Pack and all this stuff they had going on here.

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  5. Aumdaydar

    Aumdaydar Active Member

    umm, yeah it's always been that way. If you would've checked the forums sooner you could've saved yourself the being pissed part. Everything is written here, has been since day 1 of the server.

    I really wish people would utilize the forums more, it would save a world of headache and mishaps, instead of relying on trolls in game and / or common mistakes. It's like reading the instruction manual, people should read it so they understand but very few do then complain or get upset that function A doesn't work when in fact it has never worked since the private server was first started. I'm old school though, i've never been one to just jump into a game w/out reading up and doing research first.

    Another good reason to keep tabs on the forum stuff is the events here on the forums. I can't even begin to tell you how much credit's i have won since the server has started. Just because i do these little events on the forums. You can win sometimes 1 - 3k credits which doesn't sound like a whole lot but if you get super lucky and get 3k credits that 30 RNG boxes and if you get 1 or 2 anchors that's over 5k gold not to mention what else you get from the boxes (might be something worth even more) haha. Keep up on the forum stuff, it's worth your wild if you like free stuff =D

    I am super glad you decided to give the server a shot, it's really worth it if you enjoy these types of MMORPGs. Welcome to the server and if ya need anything feel free to look me up on East as Patron. Take care bud =D
  6. Volomon

    Volomon New Member

    There seems to be a miscommunication. The date stated on the forums is the 1st I had issues with your installer and patching, had issues with your account registration. So I wasn't able to get on till the 2nd so missed it by a day. Though I did download it on the 30th I had to redownload it due corruption or something not sure what happen. All in all probably missed it by a few hours I was up till 6am after I got it all working.

    I guess it's to be expected with a private server not sure, never used one, but it's all working now. Kinda weary of investing into credits due to the issues but I'll definitely keep an eye on the server and hope it all gets better as time goes on.

    Also why have a block instead of a redirect to your own page? Even if I read the FAQ that would still be confusing. Can I suggest having it redirect to your own website?
  7. Sparkle

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    Website has a separate Donation игеещт, so if you visit a website you should see it right away.

    We are very sorry that you missed a Support Pack event. The last day of it was November, 30th. It was additionally confirmed on December, 1st that event is over.
    Other similar events will be added in future, so even if you missed a chance now, you may get it next time. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
  8. Volomon

    Volomon New Member

    Ok, thank you.

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