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Discussion in 'News' started by Sparkle, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Hello everyone,

    We have some bad news we would like to discuss.

    Trion's legal team has been pressuring ShadowCard and PixelGameCard onto dropping us as clients for over a month now.
    They resisted for as long as they could, but Trion has much bigger resources than they do so they had to let us go.

    As a result, ShadowCard is no longer reselling PixelGameCard. They now only provide cryptocurrencies.

    This means we no longer have a non-cryptocurrency payment provider as of right now, but we are going back to working on one.

    The next solution might be more complex, but we will try to simplify this process as soon as possible.
    Something that Trion and Co can't touch.

    Some things you should know:

    - We are well funded prior to launching this project, so this doesn't mean we cant continue operating at all, despite main donations being partially cut off for the time being.

    - Finding another solution will be complex, but it is definitely not impossible, we cannot provide any estimated time it would take us currently, but we will immediately begin working on it!

    This is a very clear message from Trion showcasing their lack of care for their own playerbase, instead of spending their resources on improving their game, they spent them trying to shut us down.

    The moral of the story for you as a member of ArcheRage is that you dont have anything stress about, we are not going to be taken down and we are most definitely NOT giving up or shutting down!

    We are sorry for this setback, but on the upside as long as we have you as our community, we will be just fine! :)

    - ArcheRage Team
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  2. pedrosner

    pedrosner Member

    Why not just have a regular paypal/paysafe card donation method , like nearly every other game platform ?
    Maybe even BTC for those who want.
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  3. Xifu

    Xifu New Member

    Keep up the good work guys, I like this server so much.
  4. Kaladina

    Kaladina Active Member

    Well, shit.

    What's wrong with using just paypal?
  5. Acoustic

    Acoustic New Member

    Love the confidence, good to hear!
  6. Osmor

    Osmor New Member

    what about a bank account to transfer money directly?
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  7. burter

    burter New Member

    people can chargeback on paypal.
  8. Syhawk

    Syhawk New Member

    Once again economy ingame is gonna be dead... All credit on AH is gone already :D
  9. FatherOsborn

    FatherOsborn Active Member

    Nice... back to 1g per credit...
  10. Kaladina

    Kaladina Active Member

    The economy didn't die the first time and it won't this time either.
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  11. burter

    burter New Member

    the economy was essentially stalled the first time cuz whales didn't wanna spend any gold. if you didn't notice that, then you don't sell enough things.
  12. pedrosner

    pedrosner Member

    Against companies and identities it's not as simple, and paypal accounts can simply get locked over fake disputes.
    Specially since it's payments and not sending money as friends & family .
  13. galaxyw

    galaxyw Member

    If that is the case, would anyone like to make a simple guide on how to get/buy cryptocurrencies?
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  14. Jakuzure

    Jakuzure New Member

    Can we please get an extension on the sloth glider box in that case?
  15. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    We do have BTC/ETH via ShadowCard.

    The problem with methods like PayPal and PaySafeCard is that they are centralized methods that have to comply with international laws, so when a company like Trion goes to them, they shut our accounts down.

    Some useful links in regards to cryptocurrencies:
  16. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    There are many ways of obtaining both BTC and ETH including via Credit/Debit cards, bank wire, bank account links (USA) for example in places like

    We will be working on bringing in a lot of guides on how to buy/use crypto via different US and other vendors.
  17. Kaladina

    Kaladina Active Member

    I sell plenty. The economy was fine.
  18. Rexywilly

    Rexywilly New Member

    Just make a simple youtube video on how to get bitcoin :D
  19. Ryuzaki

    Ryuzaki Well-Known Member

    This is the only part that matters <3

    Basically we will have to just play the game untill your income continues :p i dont find that unfortunate, me and my friends are enjoying it and i believe people will save money they wanted to invest in ArcheRage and invest it ,once you find the solution ;)
  20. pedrosner

    pedrosner Member

    That's weird, as i've played endless private servers of other MMO's and all were supported by paypal/psf and never seen this before.
    Hopefully there's a way arround it, even if you add some sorts of banking for people who use like MBWay virtual cards and such , that would still allow to donate on time without issues .

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