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Discussion in 'News' started by Sparkle, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. sugarrush

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    ty for the information I am trying to work with coinbase now so we will have to see what happens with them.


    this is the issuse I and many others are having with coinbase/gdax

    Gemini -
    they want you to link to your bank account online. The big problem with that is if you get a virus or keylogger on your computer the criminals now have direct access to your bank account.


    Coinmama will let you buy with a credit card. I got one of those credit cards from my bank that is refillable. The only amount on the card is what you directly put on it. So if thieves get the numbers there is only so much money on the card they can take. Coinmama does require a picture ID and the fees are not to bad. I bought $100 worth of eth and they charged me a $5 fee. Once approved, the coins transfer into your wallet.
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  2. Boozed

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    I agree with crypto security is a problem, myself I have separate computer just for that. There should be an option to just list the cents deposit amount that Gemini will deposit to your account. You can check your account on a smartphone or “clean” pc then just enter the amounts on Gemini to verify the bank account. You need acc #/ routing numbers.

    Coinbase is crappy but you will eventually able to get verified if you make a support ticket. You can also try using mobile app to take photo of ID. Or different internet browser. Be sure to use GDAX tho because it has NO FEES at all for limit orders!
  3. Aizenmyou

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    For the truely paranoid like myself.

    You can also put up a clean Virtual Machine (With file encryption) and use something like charmap(Windows) or xkbd (Linux) to enter your password into a file on the VM, then copy paste it from the file to where ever in the VM. (Encrypt the file too with a different pass).

    After you setup everything on the VM 100%, take a snapshot and then just revert back to the snap shot daily/weekly/monthly or whatever. (And revert snapshot before each system update, then snapshot after the update)
  4. Damon

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    They came up with a solution on Russian server where you can buy Pixel game cards (which accept all kind of payment methods) and trade them for shadow cards on a website (1:1 no extra fees), but it still has to be approved by admins @Sparkle
    There's a topic about it somewhere on the forum.

    ps: I used it myself and had no issue.
  5. Epic

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  6. Dissonance

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  7. Sjinderson

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    They mean Crypto is not the only donation method and that you can also buy a Pixel Game Card and have in converted into a shadowcard via a Russian service so that you can also donate through using regular currency too
  8. Lewiswaff

    Lewiswaff New Member

    Could a admin just sell on G2A . Some thing that is one click
  9. sugarrush

    sugarrush Active Member

    When I looked up on how nasty they are in google, I saw pixel game card generator, pixel game card free come up in the search results, lol. But anyway ty for the warning I was thinking about using my CC with them. Last time I used Pixel, it was with a subway gift card. Maybe for others that would be the safer option.
  10. neoyoshi

    neoyoshi New Member

    Whats the current status on the ability to donate? I'm thinking of coming back to playing on ArcheRage, and i want to be able to donate to you folks.
  11. Magdalena001

    Magdalena001 New Member

    Hello, I confirm for Skrill, I had problems with this site on another game.
  12. sugarrush

    sugarrush Active Member

    I tried this service and it does work. As for pixel card I used a subway gift card as payment.
  13. Cetra

    Cetra Member

    I'm really surprised to see a few people complaining about the current donation system. Crypto-Currency is so mainstream now it's easier than ever and quite honestly if you really want to play the game it's not 1/10000th the hassle of what you have to deal with playing at the other place, not to mention 1000x cheaper and more fun.

    Of course for those that can't for some reason figure it out, I'm sure the Devs will. But really, buying Crypto is extremely simple. I've been into Bitcoin/Mining/Trading for years. There's so may youtube videos you can watch. This server has been the answer so many have looked for to play this game and we're all very lucky to have it.

    When you're feeling frustrated about it, just remember where you came from and how much more frustrating and devastating to your bank account the previous option was.

    For me, I prefer the Crypto method but I also understand I don't speak for everyone. I'm extremely greatfull I can pay with Crypto tbh and I'm not trying to sit here and White Knight, it really is a dream come true for me to be able to play this game & donate through Cryptocurrencies. Crypto and the Blockchain will play a huge role in our worlds economic future, I highly recomend everyone learns about it regardless.
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  14. Boozed

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    I have to agree, and even if someone doesn’t want to give the info required for a trading exchange account, they can still buy on localbitcoins with various methods. Just check the persons feedback before you buy from. It’s an escrow site.
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  15. Ariess

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  16. lightsenshi

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    I've tried to buy via shadowcard on two separate occasions and I simply don't understand how it works. I've never even attempted to purchase cryptocurrency and I find the entire process confusing. Perhaps in the future it could be looked into being able to donate via credit card or bank transaction.
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  17. Sjinderson

    Sjinderson Active Member Staff Member Technical Assistant

    Another non crypto solution is being worked on while not a priority to be running. With the player made method it actually helps the Devs focus more on providing content over a new donation methos
  18. lightsenshi

    lightsenshi Member

    Then I'll just have to wait until they do.
  19. Kathrann

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    When you go to the Russian guys site, make sure you click on the accept terms box when you are uploading your card code. It looks like it's already checked but kinda grey, you have to click it to make it black. That's what messed me up before. Once I figured that out, all smooth sailing.
  20. Trixiy

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    I have an idea....Make up a GoFundMe and say you are trying to invent something eg...hepatitus tea or some stupid shit and then we can all donate there with CCs or whatever , when we donate we can leave a thank you signed by our in game name and then you can give us the credits there , have it set for donations of 5, 10, 20, 30 dollars or so....
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