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Discussion in 'News' started by Sparkle, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. EatFresh

    EatFresh New Member

    Why do we have to send you guys bitcoin/ethereum donations through Shadowcard? Cant I just donate BTC/ETH straight into your wallets or something?

    Is this just out of concern of volatility for your guys end? Because I'd really just prefer to donate BTC straight up.
  2. Mistress

    Mistress New Member

    Well i think i already solved my problem, needed to activate 3D secure on my Visa card, now i think i will need to wait for a long time to shadowcard accept my payment.
    I must say that shadowcard support is very bad because i've opened an ticker since 2017-12-27 and no response.
  3. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Hi EatFresh!

    Shadowcard is the only possible way to donate BTC/ETH. That is the system we are working with.

    We also keep working on the other options to donate. No dates or any details available as for now. We'll keep playerbase updated and inform as soon as we get some new details.
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  4. Alteravitea

    Alteravitea Member

    They take LTC now to ^_^
  5. Castaneda

    Castaneda New Member

    I went through coinbase bought well over 20 dollars and sent the money to shadowcard for purchase. I get a message telling me that I only sent half the funds and I am not even showing any funds in either place anymore. I'm actually going to dispute the charges with the bank today. Not sure where I went wrong, but I would much rather pay in a currency that is not so confusing.
  6. Trancedock

    Trancedock Active Member

    Trace-able purposes.
    I'll take a hunch and guess that ShadowCard either pays them straight to their MM PP or give them a untraceable coin.

    Shadowcard is a low-pop company. Never heard of it, probs that's why.
  7. mhelleo71

    mhelleo71 New Member

    @Sparkle Hi bought a 20 dollar card. Coin payment transaction is complete already but still no card been waiting more than an hour now but still pending. It would be nice if shadow card would reply on the tickets. Was surprised about the network fee
  8. Mistress

    Mistress New Member

    No worries, the other time it tooks like 9hours for they give my card, its normal, its a crap service...
  9. mhelleo71

    mhelleo71 New Member

    Dang! oh well, not a fan of shadow crap not gonna try them again pixel game was a better process too bad we cant use them.
  10. Ryan234

    Ryan234 New Member

    Yea gonna wait until they get a better donating service. shadowcard seems uninviting :/
  11. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Hi mhelleo71!

    Please give it some more time. May take up to 10 hours. If there are still some issues after this time is passed, please submit a Ticket with the details.
    Unfortunately, that is the only available payment method as for now but we keep searching and working on the better solution.
  12. Skyger

    Skyger New Member

    I have an idea, why not link every account with a phone number?, we are able only to create one account right? no alts anyway.
    If we have a phone linked, then you can use any payment method like for example Paypal, yes, I know there are refunds, but you can rule your conditions againts that, so if someone refund any donation you can just Bann the account (or just make an advice, or return all the credits back, etc). That person probably cant create another account (cause its linked to a phone, unless he/she has more than one), but anyway making a Donation is a voluntary thing, if you do, you cant regret, if you do, your account is banned (with all coins and stuff, so making trades is not posible neither). Im pretty sure I would donate, and like me, many other people if things were simpler.
  13. Wyzpr

    Wyzpr Active Member

    You are still missing the legal stand point. Trion has shown it is very active in attacking the donation sources that they use and Palpal or any similar direct account will all be risky and just a matter of time before shut down.
  14. Skyger

    Skyger New Member

    Mmmmm true, but that can be solved quite fast, if they have a second (and secret) account, where they withdraw the money from the first accound (public), so if Trion even reach to close the account (public) they still have the money (in the second) :p. And I said Paypal as an example, but there must be some better options.
  15. Palinore

    Palinore New Member

    I'm assuming, maybe, that you're unaware of how fraud detection methods work with larger organizations? For example PayPal. You state to send to a secondary or "secrete" account that they withdraw the money from? All that is tracked and monitored my friend and it's really the same with all payment processing companies. They will track down those "secrete" accounts and cut them off too and if it gets too rampant they will create rules that will look to automatically restrict accounts that get created to prevent any more from being creatd. They have software that tracks your IPs, browser cookies, account info variations etc etc. And yes I know this for a fact. I've worked payment fraud for years, it's more trackable then most believe.
  16. Skyger

    Skyger New Member

    Ok... what if they just change the payment methods every x time? I mean, using for example one-two weeks one Paypal account, changing it for another account from other source, and still. They can track every account you create in every server? I doubt it, and if Trion wants to interfere, it will have a hard time speaking (and censuring) with every server i guess. This is the best solution I can find. Trying different servers with different accounts would lead the way for a long time for sure.
  17. Wyzpr

    Wyzpr Active Member

    Your creativity and enthusiasm is appreciated but realistically, it isn't going to be an effective way.

    I must say, with all the time people must have spent thinkings of ways to get easier payments back (and writing up posts for it), you could have figured out how to use crypto currency thru the easy, and only roughly 3% fees (about $1.50 per $50), method as outlined by one of the devs.

    I too wish we had an easier route again. So while I understand the frustrations of dealing with this, I also understand the difficulty the server is having with collecting donations in a way that is safe from Trion's interference.

    I mean think about all the time the devs but in after the 1st time donations went down completely. They came up with a new solution that only worked for about a week or so before that wasn't an option either. I'm happy we at least have the Crypto method for now.
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  18. cubansyrus

    cubansyrus Active Member

    Just put credits on the playerauction website under gold value like every gold seller, both on here and on the official game. They cant close that down, nor is there anything they can do to stop them.

    Sure it would need a dedicated member of staff to accept purchases and trade the credits, but there isnt much choice atm (it works, gold sellers are doing it). Sure they can say they're doing okay, but being in game .... You know 90% of the players are just using RMT.
  19. Ariess

    Ariess Well-Known Member Staff Member Elder

    Need we remind you all that the admins are hard at work at another form of donations, it is taking time because rollout of content has focus and is nearing completion. Admins are looking for a solution that will last for a long time and not be shut down by the enemy Trion!!
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  20. Sixis1

    Sixis1 Member

    u sure its not becasue eth is a lot easier to smuggle to russia xD

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