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Do You want EU server?

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  1. Dillon

    Dillon New Member

    I've Always been a fan of ArcheAge. I played Official on EU and also played here on ArcheRage NA for some time as well so the reason that made me stop playing was Network Delay just like some other friends of mine. [Around 200+ms] which affects most EU players' PvP [Combos; Driving (in general);Glitching through walls; etc.].
    I think i speak for most of the ArcheRage EU/North African community when I say Opening a EU server is a Great Idea seeing that both those Regions share a similar Internet Delay.
    Let me know your opinion peeps.

    Your's Truly,

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  2. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator


    We have one more server already, that is located in EU - France. For it go to find out the details and download the game client.
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  3. Enigmatic

    Enigmatic Active Member

    considering the majority of the EU players have probably better ping than southern or west coast americans idk what you mean, i've yet to meet an EU player with over 130 ping including myself and i get 60 on a good day 90 or so on a bad. the ping isn't that bad
  4. Snatz

    Snatz New Member

    Opening a brand new european server would attract a shit ton of players, so you should really consider it. Trust me, the majority of european ArcheRage players haven't even tried the russian server for an insane amount of reasons. The russian server was never attractive for non-russian players who had the opportunity to play in the american one.
    Needless to say that it would be a great success, there are a lot of gaming communities scattered all around the old continent that would gladly join the server.
  5. Sjinderson

    Sjinderson Active Member Staff Member Technical Assistant

    There is not going to be another server opened in any region
  6. Kahmlee

    Kahmlee Member

    Opening and maintaining a new server would be a lot of effort, and will require lot of resource, so I understand why there are no plan to do it.

    However, just one thing I ask: please stop to call the other server "EU server", because is not. Is RU server, and the fact that is physically located in France does not make it more European.
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  7. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    They have an English speaking community as well as EU guilds. Yes, ru players is a majority but that server still has quite a decent amount of English speakers. It's a EU server not because it's located in France.
  8. Kahmlee

    Kahmlee Member

    This is what I wrote this morning on an Italian forum, in a discussion regarding the private servers:

    Interaction with other players is essential part of the game, even with enemies.
    For this reason I don't consider a server which has a primary language different than English as an "EU server".
    Here is a sort of Babel, in every game you can find people chatting in many different languages, that's why is so important to have a common language to use for the important things. Not so easy to do when the primary language of the server is not even one of the 24 official languages of EU.

    Said that, I must clarify that I'm not complaining because the other server is in Russian, or because the lack of a real EU server. I simply disagree with the definition of "EU server". That's all.

    Thank you for your effort on this NA server, it looks much better than the official one, so I'll continue to play here. least until there will be a real EU server ;)
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  9. Aviendha

    Aviendha Active Member

    Interesting, I always call it Russian server too xD I never felt inclined to try out that server because of hearing from others there's a lot of Russian stuff there, and I don't speak that language x)
  10. Aviendha

    Aviendha Active Member

    I wouldn't move to a new EU server even if it opened, because I don't wanna start a third time xD I got myself a nice home etc on the NA server and made many friends, don't wanna toss that away just like that. My ping is around 100 most of the time, I can deal with that.
  11. xkf2

    xkf2 Active Member

    First you say it is not EU (EUROPE) server because it is majority Russian community. So you say it is RU server.
    Even though from standpoint of rest of the world Russia is part of Europe as much as you may or may not wish it so. :p Specifically trying to delineate Russia as separate from "Europe"
    What constitutes as more or less "european"? Simply a matter of perspective and definition...

    Server locations are named after the general geographic area they are supposed to serve for the purposes of identifying what kind of ping you would tolerate... Which would make the EU server the EU server.

    But THEN you insinuate that EU means "European Union" when you talk about the official languages of the EU (European Union). So now you make clear that what you REALLY meant by EU earlier was European Union...
    So it's obvious you're just being exclusionary of Russia as a member of Europe (geography)...

    Just as NA means North America referring to a general geographic area, EU here MUST mean Europe.
    Server labelling in this way is generally done simply in the basis of letting you choose what kind of ping you'd like to stomach, as I said earlier.... :D

    Hence though you keep calling it "RU" server and saying it is a "fake"... well it is the EU server... Even if the websites and links say "" and so on... the fact is they admins have tried to make it very accessible; even has English version where someone writes updates and information in English which seems to be your preferred lingua franca for a "proper EU server", rather than Russian.
    But as is said, there is an English community on the EU server
    Maybe you could help it GROW if everyone who actually wanted to play EU in Eng actually organised a mass move or sign ups... You can make of the server what you want it to be... And then perhaps even the lingua franca can change to English...
    Nothing is stopping that dynamic from flipping it's head except players themselves.
    Sure it's an obstacle at first, but, having seen the zerg capability of players in AA, I'm sure it's entirely possible to do the same with regards to simply moving/joining over there. :D:p:D:p xD

    However, I don't disagree with the sentiment to be had that there is vicious cycle of not there being a sizeable enough English community to make it worth playing in EU server so everyone comes play NA, and then that keeps repeating...

    Among other downsides about EU/RU (whatever you want to call it) server is that it doesn't have some of the nice changes that we have here; like how Seeds that were going to be Vocation Badge Shop exclusive are avaliable to purchase with Silver in NA server.


    But wanting a different "proper EU" server is the same as asking for a NEW (FRESH START???!!! :eek::eek:) server to be opened, for which a discussion has already be held on at great length elsewhere on this forum. And has emphatically been declined.
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  12. Kahmlee

    Kahmlee Member

    Then if I open a server located in Boston, I can call it "NA server" even if I decide to make it entirely in Italian, right?

    Why should I restart from scratch (for the third time) in the hope that maybe one day that server, made by Russians for Russians, will change its main language to English?
  13. xkf2

    xkf2 Active Member

    Yes. And? NA server with a pre-dominantly Italian Community... Same situation as EU server in current state just changing some description parameters. :D And as I said can be changed by players if they so wish it, which brings me to my next response.

    Truthfully: there is no reason WHY you should restart again with such hopes. The only minute finnicky reason to come up with: save maybe 30ms of ping... :D You probably would have made good friends with several members of the NA server by now, no reason to throw it all away again...
    But I wasn't making a point about WHY to restart on the EU sever, more, what the community could do about what initially seems as an unwelcome (in terms of accessibility) playing environment on the EU server.

    What I'm pointing out is that the EU server can become what players make of it; I didn't say for anyone wanting to play on EU-ping to just restart from scratch NOW on the EU server in the HOPES that the lingua franca changes to English, I said:
    Keypoint: you have to do it en masse at one time - hence ZERGing. My mistake for not making this part clear. :oops::oops:

    I even conceeded about this sentiment that you too hold, calling it a viscious cycle,
    So, I don't think I'm being dismissive of the issue that exists, or saying that you should just hop over to the EU server because "it's as easy as that and it will happen".
    I'm more pointing out that you really need a lot of community momentum to get the gears going.

    Really the proof is in the pudding. If there were as many EU players as people are clambering about wanting to play AA with the AR servers, they could... you know do that en masse zerg of the EU server... Even organise community action on the NA forums/chats or in other ways to get it going....
    No mobilised community. No momentum. No incentive. For everyone. Players and Devs alike.

    Devs while they have their own reasons for not opening another server, yet they can also point to how the actual demand does not actually correlate with the anecdotal demand that few users are providing. So far there are just a posts here and there making outlandish claims about "thousands of players" waiting in the wings...
    Yet this is probably not quantified by account registrations, deluges of posts, zerg-ing the EU server, over-population in the NA server by accounts with EU IPs... That would indicate good demand. :D
    So where are they? They can start now and maybe actually show their proper interest? (in before the forum gets a deluge of posts demanding an EU server maybe?)


    And for all that, we still arrive at the same conclusion anyways:


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