Ezi buff and figureheads swapping

Discussion in 'Game Debates' started by Sparkle, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. Sparkle

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    There is a question we'd like to discuss with our community, especially with those, who are active in naval pvp.
    As many of you may know, in pvp battle players can receive an ezi buff. This buff gives you a chance to customize ship and swap items on it for 45 seconds.

    Recently we received the complaints on the abuse of the game mechanics by constant swapping of figureheads that is possible under that buff.

    We want to know what players think about it:
    • That's fine and that's not a problem or abuse.
    • No, something needs to be done with it.

    If something needs to be done, what do you suggest?
    • Remove the possibility to change ship equipment under ezi buff.
    • Reduce buff duration from 45 sec to 15 sec.
    • Buff gets removed as soon as ship receives any damage.
    • You have another idea (don't suggest adding cooldown as it will not be technically possible).
  2. Enigmatic

    Enigmatic Active Member

    dmg removes it or reduce it to 15 seconds.
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  3. Aviendha

    Aviendha Active Member

    Suggesting a cd when the last part said:
    I'd say either the reduce buff or the removed when receiving damage. In the latter scenario, you'd have to move to a safe location to do whatever you wanted to do with the buff, and then go back into the melee, or risk losing the buff. In the first scenario, gotta think/act faster.
  4. Shay

    Shay Member

    • Buff gets removed as soon as ship receives any damage.
    Keeps full functionality of ezi buff to swap things out of combat while adding a counter-play to hotswapping
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  5. Stchieven

    Stchieven Member

    Its fine, the pirates already use macros to jump up 200 meters so we gotta level the playing field
  6. mattamango

    mattamango Member

    Its fine and a mechanic anyone can use..
  7. Shay

    Shay Member

  8. Stchieven

    Stchieven Member

    do we need to get videos of ayaaka doing it?
  9. RipcordZ

    RipcordZ New Member

    Ezi light works just fine and has been for a long time.

    Pirates constantly cheat and macro then complain when they lose.
  10. Stchieven

    Stchieven Member

    and running with kraken 200m in the air so nodoby can do anything
  11. Stchieven

    Stchieven Member

    plus anyone can figure head swap, so idk why anyone would complain
  12. Makii

    Makii New Member

    Feelsbadman, when pirates cry about Figurehead swapping because they can't do it. But when it comes to dry docking they won't complain because they can do it and block boats LOL
  13. plamp

    plamp Active Member

    This is just a clever use of game mechanics to spice up PVP, I see nothing wrong with this.
  14. HardNox

    HardNox New Member

    It's fine nothing needs to be changed
  15. Shay

    Shay Member

    It wasn't allowed on live but it should be allowed here? Why? All these PN names defending it when it shouldn't be a thing whatsoever.
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  16. Stchieven

    Stchieven Member

    as ppl stated above, its just a basic game mechanic. u have the ability to do it too, so dont complain
  17. FastestTkInTheEast

    FastestTkInTheEast New Member

    Ezi light is fine the way it is.
  18. Sjaaktrekhaak

    Sjaaktrekhaak New Member

    • Buff gets removed as soon as ship receives any damage.
  19. Enigmatic

    Enigmatic Active Member

    PN Tried to drydock too and it wasn't very effective so they stopped LOL
  20. FastestTkInTheEast

    FastestTkInTheEast New Member

    Donkey macro and dry docking weren’t allowed on live.

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