[Forum Event] ArcheRage fans club

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  1. Daemonar

    Daemonar New Member

    IGN: Daemonar

  2. Usagi86

    Usagi86 New Member

    IGN estrogen

  3. Rellik

    Rellik New Member

    [​IMG] IGN:Rellik
  4. Kittydoom

    Kittydoom Member

    IGN: Babyfriedfajitas
  5. Roob

    Roob New Member

  6. kilia

    kilia New Member

    IGN: Kilia
  7. volition

    volition New Member

    IGN: volition 16-03 forum event.jpg
  8. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

  9. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Provide your guild name and describe it in 5 words.
    Time to complete: 1 day.
  10. Kittydoom

    Kittydoom Member

    Guild Name: Debauchery Tea Party
    Description: Fun, silly, accepting, happy, pirates
  11. Vilyana

    Vilyana New Member

    Guild name: Annihilation
    Description: Kind of active solo players
  12. Usagi86

    Usagi86 New Member

    IGN: Estrogen
    Guild Name: Literally Hacking
    Description: Pirates, fun, Kraken,Dragon, content
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  13. volition

    volition New Member

    IGN: volition
    Guild name: Lolis con Leche
    Description: The Gallaghers of this server
  14. kilia

    kilia New Member

    IGN: Kilia
    Guild Name: Neutropolis
    Description: Away from keyboard Care Bears
  15. Remloss

    Remloss Member

    IGN: Remloss
    Guild Name: Capitalism
    Description: a west side farming guild
  16. Burlin

    Burlin New Member

    IGN: Burlin
    Guild name: macros are BANNABLE
    Description: a warning to all players.
  17. jacobino55

    jacobino55 New Member

    IGN: Qilin
    Guild name: ILUMINATI
    Description: Fuking Prestige Farming Bot guild
  18. Caniisu

    Caniisu New Member

    IGN: Bystander
    Guild name: XXX
    Description: eXtraordinary, noXious, seXy, loyal, free
  19. Zhuri

    Zhuri New Member

    IGN: Itzy
    Guild name: Kinda Relevant
    Description: We are trying really hard.
  20. Necrote

    Necrote Member

    IGN: Necrote
    Guild name: Adorable
    Description: Hopping around the Marianople center

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