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  1. Sparkle

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    ArcheRage Soul.png
    ArcheRage Soul
    When I say ArcheRage you imagine…
    Draw 1 picture (hand-drawn or digital art programs drawn) describing how you imagine the Soul of ArcheRage.

    You need to include the following:
    • Your IGN (character name).​
    • Picture - hand drawn or digital art. Include words "ArcheRage" and your signature on it. No screenshots or already existing works from internet will be accepted.​
    • A little explanation on why you imagine ArcheRage Soul the way you drew it.​

    No more than 2 arts per player will be accepted. Only one of them (the best one) can win "top 3", even if both deserve a reward.

    Depending on the quantity of works we may divide works and rewards for them in 2 categories - hand-drawn and digital arts.

    1st place - 3000 credits + Prisoner's Pride costume + Artist of the Ages Victory Cup
    2nd plce - 2500 credits + Artist of the Ages Victory Cup
    3rd place - 2000 credits + Artist of the Ages Victory Cup

    Last date of the event - 4/27
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  2. Andres1917

    Andres1917 New Member

    IGN: Hyang
    I imagined the soul of Archerage this way because it is a computer program. I made a work of art with binary and what i imagine would be in game's programming. I don't know a lot about programming, so any real programmer will probably just laugh at this.

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  3. izeek95

    izeek95 New Member

    Wow ur so On point!
  4. izeek95

    izeek95 New Member

    New Project.png
    *A little explanation on why you imagine ArcheRage Soul the way you drew it.
    I feelt like this was Archerage in its core XD The Credit Card is our Fastest road to Power! But in the end will be our Fall!
    IGN: Zov
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  5. Rikzo

    Rikzo New Member

    This is the recent cycle I went through, and I'm sure many have trying to get a legendary weapon.
    Some may say we hate regrading, but the gamble is far too fun (unless you lose everything going for a 2nd legendary) and someones gotta do it!
    Also, the RAGE in Archerage always reminded me of the rage emoji.

    This is fine art, I say, the message means more than the quality.

    IGN: Rikzo
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  6. Caniisu

    Caniisu New Member

    IGN: Bystander Archerage soul.jpg
    Since I like fantasy I imagined a real soul govering over Archerage. Out of boredom playes tricks on the habitants by rewriting the rules of the world. Doesn't take sides but is weak to shiny things, so sometimes takes them as offering, in return offering a blessing of success.
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  7. Katixie

    Katixie New Member

    IGN: Katixie
    I think this pretty accurately depicts the soul of AR <:^) (pls don't attac me eboys)
    Archeraage comp entry.jpg
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  8. Neemo

    Neemo New Member

    IGN : Neemo

    When I say ArcheRage, I imagine my ArcheRage Soul this way :

    As dark as the world may be, there still be a glimmer of light,
    and eventhough i am a newbie, I'm sure one day i'll take all the spotlight.
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  9. rokkuhon

    rokkuhon New Member

    Ack, is there any chance of an extension on this event? Really want to enter, but my tablet broke and I don't think I'll get my replacement in time x.x
  10. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Since we don't have many entries by now, we'll have it exptended till 4/27.
  11. Tale

    Tale New Member

    When I say ArcheRage you imagine…
    IGN: Tale

    This is Tale
    Making new friends, living full of adventures, doin dank pvp.
    when I think about Archerage I think about my buddy Tale doin his things 'peng

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  12. BellaBear

    BellaBear New Member

    IGN: Luxuriia
    To me, if I had to picture what the soul of ArcheRage would look like, I picture a loving Goddess, nurturing a lotus which represents the rebirth of ArcheAge.
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  13. StarPanda190

    StarPanda190 New Member

    Entry (1/2)
    IGN: Starguardania
    Archerage (for me) is a place where I can just grow a farm and live in peace (after loads of fishing ; x; )

    20190420_032133.jpg 20190420_032121.jpg 20190420_032108.jpg
    Entry (2/2)
    IGN: Starpanda
    Archerage is where I met my fun guild (Deadly Penguin Squad) and lots .... and lots ... of apples
    (The first 2 hours of exploring maps there were just apples everywhere i went e---e;; )
    archerage things.jpg
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