[Forum Event] Be My Valentine

Discussion in 'In-game & Forum Events' started by Sparkle, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. jayzdj1

    jayzdj1 New Member

    Made by : Artirus
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  2. Drunkenhero

    Drunkenhero Active Member

    IGN: Drunkenhero

    Pro Paint and Picasa usage.

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  3. Roxiee

    Roxiee Member

    To: the AR community and staff
    IGN: Roxiee
    Reward to me (FooFoo doesn't have his own box :oops:)
  4. Arkenervs

    Arkenervs Member

    IGN: Arkenervs
    But recipient of the #1 #2 #3 rewards is a secret, if I win :)

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  5. Sayingsyd

    Sayingsyd New Member

    IGN : Sydney
    Reward to (IGN) : Sasamiya

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  6. Koriara

    Koriara New Member

    IGN: Koriara
    Rewards sent to: Koriara
    P.S. Server is geared enough for levi

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  7. Aviendha

    Aviendha Active Member

    IGN: Aviendha
    Rewards to myself xD my other half doesnt play ;-;

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  8. Chuu

    Chuu New Member

    IGN: Chuusei
    Rewards to: Kybo
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  9. Persia

    Persia New Member

    IGN: Dkmtz
    Reward sent to myself since im a loner T_T
    Happy Valentines ArcheRagers !
  10. Banshee1g

    Banshee1g New Member

    Made by (IGN): Banshhee
    Rewards sent to: Me. She stops playing, but still hoping to for her to come back.

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  11. Aurosse

    Aurosse New Member

    IGN: Mayth
    The reward is mine :3
    Valentine Card.png
  12. raliryx

    raliryx New Member

    IGN: Rali
    For someone who doesn't play anymore, so... rewards to me :')

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  13. Yivvia

    Yivvia New Member

    IGN: Ahiru
    Rewards go to me.
  14. ryutsuki

    ryutsuki New Member


    IGN: ryutsuki
    reward to: Lunne
  15. Camillia

    Camillia New Member


    I would like the prize for Mr. Hoppington ( myself lol ) :D
    IGN ( Camillia )
  16. Keatra

    Keatra New Member

    IGN: Keatra
    Rewards: Costumes sent to me. Credits to Choi
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  17. Tetra

    Tetra New Member

    Made by (IGN):Tetra
    Rewards sent to (IGN): Tessera Shitpost.png
  18. Nell

    Nell New Member

    IGN: Nele
    Reward to: Hansel

    Valentine's Day Card Final.png
  19. Lareesha

    Lareesha New Member

    Gift: Me

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  20. Sasamiya

    Sasamiya New Member

    IGN : Sasamiya
    Reward sent to IGN : Sydney

    Happy Valentines, my pocket healer, my partner in crime <3


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