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  1. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    ArcheRager, you worked hard all day long, hunting creatures, farming, moving packs, gathering, building something... So, day is almost over and it's time to relax a bit... time to return back to your pretty house on the shore or any other picturesque corner of the continent.

    Time to sleep... time to relax... time to have a party with friends there... time to open your tavern on the first floor of your house that you open for the visitors in the evening... That's so much you can do in your house you are proud of so much and decorated with your own hands to fit your style and taste. Would you like to share the results of your hard work with us?

    • Tell us a story of your house (its name, why you chose that type of house, that location, what memories it keeps, etc).​
    • Provide us with 3-5 screenshots showing your house and decorations. You can post additional (bonus) screenshots but make sure to hide all extras under the spoiler.​

    • Make sure to include your character name.​
    • At least 1 screenshot should be from outside. But pay more attention to inside decor.​
    • Your character and its IGN should be available at least on 1 screenshot.​
    • If your screenshots are too big, hide them under the spoiler.​
    • 1 player = 1 house. Multiple works from the same player will not be accepted.

    1st place - 4000 credits + Dreamy Plushie Table
    2nd place - 3000 credits + Jumbo ArcheRage Plushie
    3rd place - 2000 credits + Mini-Red Yata Lantern
    4th-7th place (random choice from all the participants except first 3 places winners) - 1000 credits + Balloon Pack

    Last day of the event - March, 25th
  2. DrunkKitten

    DrunkKitten New Member

    IGN: Astee

    This is a Tenderlight Treehouse, it is located at the Herbalist Camp's housing zone. I was very lucky, this housing area was my ideal home location. One day I was doing land hunting to place my treehouse; a very nice player called Geophyte came over to me and told me his neighbor's 28x28 lot got a demolition. He told me that I can move in (or sell), instead of selling it for money. Geophyte is definitely one of the nice people I met in this game (Thanks Geophyte!). I decorated my housing with a lot of dimmed Christmas lights to give off a soft, gentle feeling to put the visitor and myself comfortable and relax. I included the plushies in the bedroom to add the cuteness and warm feeling. There are some indoor plants everywhere. And a dragon egg.....somewhere ;)




    Extra (open)



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  3. Neemo

    Neemo New Member

    IGN : Neemo
    I'm proudly present my dream house, this is my Lucky Villa located at The Island of South Halcyona Gulf.

    Why i named it lucky villa? because i took this land with bloodbath history and i just feel everytime i do RnG, it has to be here, stand on the bear carpet and all the waifus will give you the luck ! And also it is my archeage dream to have a house in an island. Even someone wanna buy it at high price, im not gonna give it because im in love with my land *right now*. Best spot for chilling, chatting, and stuffs while looking at the open sea and smell of the sea, the real quality time !

    Feel free to come and look !
    ScreenShot0003.jpg ScreenShot0010.jpg ScreenShot0005.jpg ScreenShot0011.jpg ScreenShot0007.jpg

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  4. IGN: Toastedbabybuns
    Hello! This is my house, Toasted's tea garden, located in Windscour (Hoodscour lol).

    I chose this land because, not only was it cheap, but it was very flat and vertically connected. It was the perfect type of connected land for decorating and creating these gardens. I decided to use the treehouse I'm showing for the contest because it's ground floor was perfect for creating the sunroom, near the cooling pools. I originally wanted to create the gardens as a place people could relax with their guildies or friends. Below is just the treehouse portion, I'll attach spoilers of the rest of the gardens below it :D!

    ScreenShot0541.jpg ScreenShot0504.jpg ScreenShot0518.jpg ScreenShot0553.jpg ScreenShot0555.jpg

    <Not for the Contest>
    This part isn't for the contest, just more pictures of the gardens if you wanna see em:
    More photos (open)

    ScreenShot0528.jpg ScreenShot0526.jpg ScreenShot0514.jpg ScreenShot0535.jpg ScreenShot0537.jpg ScreenShot0539.jpg ScreenShot0496.jpg ScreenShot0495.jpg ScreenShot0499.jpg
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  5. Also when you say 1 player= 1 house, I have connected land, can I only take a picture of one part of the land?
  6. DrunkKitten

    DrunkKitten New Member

    what about the treehouse? only the first floor of the treehouse?
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  7. I think it can be any floor of the house, sparkle said outdoor decor but inside decor is wanted as well.
  8. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Connected lands are fine. But you need to present only 1 house and its decorations.

    No, that's up to you. Just make sure you have both outdoor and indoor screenshots.
  9. AizenSenpai

    AizenSenpai New Member

    IGN: Aizensenpaii
    House Location: Halcyona Prison Camp, near Two Crowns Exit.

    This house is a Tradesman Villa Sunroom. Its open to public, people use it to craft fertilizer packs since its close to the Halcyona exit to Two Crowns. The house also has workbenches for crafting materials.

    The house has been there for some time so grab a memory ink and save the location for easy access to Halcyona Prison Camp.

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
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  10. Usagi86

    Usagi86 New Member

    This is the tavern with a guest rooms for those who would like to stay longer! its home to many plushies and a place where ppl gather to craft gear. I chose this house and size so I could create items and decorate a large house at the same time! it also comes with a nice view!

    new tavern.png
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  11. madwolf324

    madwolf324 New Member

    My house on my mountain.
    Bedroom is private for me and guild :)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  12. Andres1917

    Andres1917 New Member

    This is my home. I'm so grateful to have a Harani mansion. It reminds me of an old Chinese building like the Han Dynasty before there was communism. I also like that it is red because old paintings match with red walls. This took so long to build, but i think it is worth it. I especially like that i can fit my mounts in there so i don't have to walk. My Harani Mansion is my favorite out of West Ishvara. It reminds me of Perinoor back before the empire fell apart. 17.jpg 20.jpg 21.jpg 22.jpg 23.jpg 24.jpg
  13. DrunkKitten

    DrunkKitten New Member

    @ToastedBabyBuns what's the name of your tea garden design, I think I have never seen it before :O
  14. @DrunkKitten I'm not sure if it has a design name, but I based the design off of where I got married. It had a garden and sunroom like the one on my treehouse xD
  15. treksc2

    treksc2 New Member

    This is my home away from home. This has a lot of memories from live server as it was a nice hub to drop fish off when fishing was a viable source of income. On this server it went down as a demo and was super excited to grab it, it ended up being a bloodbath fighting over it with some Haranyans but it was fun :) This is my one stop shop that handles all labor dumping needs. It also has great views to Netflix and chill while waiting for AH sales/labor regen ;)

    home0.png home2.png home3.png home4.png home5.PNG
  16. DrunkKitten

    DrunkKitten New Member

    oh so you didn't get it from mirage isle?
  17. Oh no :0 besides the actual treehouse design which you can get from mirage, I built everything else. The sunroom is made out of 40ish crest boxes and some partitions.
  18. DrunkKitten

    DrunkKitten New Member

    OMG It looks so good, I thought it's an actual building xD
  19. Oh thank you :D it took so long to build XD
  20. Lena_Love

    Lena_Love New Member

    IGN: Lena
    Hi! This is my sweet house, 'Chocolate Lujurioso', the name is due to my passion for 'the action' & the sweets.

    Located in the Southern part of Solzreed, placed in a beautiful spot near the beach. I choose this place by accident because at the start of the server my family and I were looking for a good place to put our farms, and we ended up in Solzreed and It was so peaceful & relaxing that we all agreed instantly to start to build our houses here.
    Before this house I had a small harani house, but this kind of house is too small to put all the decorations that I wanted, so I got a lot of decorations but nowhere to be put...
    So when this house came out, my family gave it to me , I was really really really happy, eventually, this was the house of my guild too, where we shared a lot of memories and good times.

    I love my house and I think that a lot of people like it too, I've found frequently people around or playing with my stuff because I put my house in public sometimes and that kind of interaction it's very funny.

    Hope you like it! :p
    Extra Cute (open)

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