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  1. Aviendha

    Aviendha Active Member

    IGN: Aviendha
    My home in Northern Mahadevi, first a cottage and later a manor as seen in the first picture, all land found in moments of luck. First I thought I would just grab what I could, but later decided I didn't want to move at all, because the view on the ocean is amazing. I chose the manor design back in the day, so that when I upgraded it I would have a cosy second floor to decorate.

    I like to call my place a "messy but comfy artist's hideout", as I collect paintings from labor sleep and create/collect crests on canvas (pics two and three). On top of that, I got in-game paintings from various sources, and my artistry also includes movies so I got my favourite piano (pic 4).

    As I'm an avid explorer, I also created a little nook for my exploration, with a map and books to explore, and treasure all around (pic five).

    So many memories here from the first home I built to being camped inside my house by Haranya, to also sometimes grabbing some of their packs when they try to load their ships. Or gliding over from here to the trader in Villanelle to help my fellow Nuians defend their packs. Exploring the entire of Haranya from my home base; walking, climbing, gliding to places to find hidden farms. I love it.

    Oh, and in my first month on the server, crafting packs myself sneakily and moving them over to Nuia for some charcoal, all the while hoping no Haranya spotted me, a low gs healer with easy packs...

    home event 4.JPG

    home event 3.JPG

    home event 5.JPG

    home event.JPG

    home event 2.JPG
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  2. vel

    vel Member

    what about players who cant get a house either because no land is available or no one is selling a good/large spot? can 8x8 do?
  3. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    This event is for houses only. If you don't have a house you can't participate. Many events are targeted - for musicians, for artists, for houses owners, for those players who like discovering new things.
    Due to it players choose the events that can fit them, their possibilities and tastes.
    If you can't participate in this one, you'll be able to join one of our next forum events or even another forum event that is running right now.
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  4. JXRaiv

    JXRaiv Member

    Do you want to show your house in an unique way? I can create 360° panoramas & Virtual Tours of in-game houses for anybody interested - either for this event or in general.

    Check this topic for more details https://na.archerage.to/forums/index.php?threads/archerage-in-360.2117/ or this Virtual Tour if you just want to see how does one look like: https://roundme.com/tour/162248/view/411053/ (Virtual Tour created almost 2 years ago for the same event at ArcheRage RU)

    Contact me via Discord JXRaiv#2261 if you are interested.
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  5. Makii

    Makii New Member

    IGN: Queeny (I just name change swapped with my friend...So now Im Congo)
    My house is just called Meep, its used for just hanging out with my friends and relaxing/lazing around. The house is located in hasla, because of the amazing river side view it gets :D
    [River Side View]
    [Front Deck Decorations]
    [Living Room]
    [Bedroom past hallway]

    [Hanging out with friends]
    Show Spoiler
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  6. Tsukichan

    Tsukichan New Member

    Home, Sweet Home (Literally :D)
    IGN: Tsukichan
    Hello there, this is Tsukichan and my "Home, sweet home" in hasla galegarden... After all hunting, raiding what could be better than relaxing and eating sweets, listening some music or cooling down in a pool with friends :D Having fun and filling our eyes with tasteful cookies, macarons and chocolates ... Having such a sweet time with loved ones...
    When i was first come in hasla i was still such a newbie with no good gear or such nice land, and this place was pretty much empty too, when i see that hill, the view, the green; i tought this is a nice place to make a nice and warm house... As time goes farm to house, house to dessert house... And slowly and patiently crafting chocolate furnitures and decorating my sweet home with them and having such a cozy feeling... Ofcourse my journey to make sweet home even sweeter isnt finish yet and i still having fun continuing this journey and i welcome to everyone to my sweet home to join and relax with me :) To having more and more lovely memories...
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  7. Eyrien

    Eyrien New Member

    IGN: Eyrien
    With the collaboration of: Rekyon

    This house, Siarta, is quite recent, although the land I own since I started playing. At that time, when Rekyon and I were looking for land for us, new to the server and this patch, we went to Ahnimar a little misplaced, we did not know if that place was really useful. But soon, I saw three gazebos that were going to fall in the next few days, three together!

    At that moment I fell in love with the site; a quiet place, without lag, with a beautiful lake and waterfalls in the background, and decided that they should be mine, whatever it cost. Then I asked for help to my clan, Ultima Legion, and that day many came to help us. Luckily, and thanks to them, we got the three lands! And what happiness, I had never had so much land together.

    Soon I put two gazebos and a farm house, but after many months playing I could not put more decoration in that nice house... So finally I convinced Rekyon to build that house, just two weeks ago. In fact, I spent three days decorating it conscientiously, it was so long, that Rekyon got a little angry with me, until he saw how beautiful it was. And at the end look at him, posing in the photos with me!

    First floor, living room
    Second floor, music room
    Second floor, balcony
    Third floor

    Extra ^-^ (open)

    First floor, hall
    First floor, living room
    First floor, bathroom
    Second floor, bedroom
    Third floor
    Views from my house

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  8. Zhuri

    Zhuri New Member

    Greetings from Ahnimar!
    Hello everyone! I started playing Archerage only about a month ago. After a traumatic event in my life I needed a game that I could sink into; a game that would allow me to progress at a slow but meaningful pace and something where I could be alone but at the same time with friends and other people. I immediately thought of the old Trion Archeage which I'd only played very briefly due it's awful structure but in looking it up, I discovered this amazing private server, Archerage! I devoured some forum posts to make sure the community was thriving and then dove in. I convinced two of my friends to join in with me and here we are.. in beautiful Ahnimar <3.

    I was able to scoop up a Rancher's farmhouse and 2 connected spots for a nice planting yard. People passing by like to tell me that I'm not utilizing the space for maximum profit but right now I don't care. I'm enjoying the slow pace of gardening, potion mixing and cooking up healthy cuisine. Ahnimar is gorgeous no matter the time of day and lush gardens thrive! I've kept it simple with a cow, a couple of goats and of course those cute little ducks that waddle all over the place! The interior I tried to make cozy. I have my tutor and am determined to spend however long it takes learning Haranyan. It's gonna be a lot of "headache's" I'm sure.

    As a veteran arena player I hope to be in Archerage a very long time and will soon begin gearing up. While running cheese packs out of Ahnimar and through Hellswamp with a a 3k gear score is exhilarating as all hell... a bolder life awaits :)
    Thank you to everyone who makes this community possible; I'm so happy and grateful to have found you all. <3
    IGN: Itzy

  9. yamibunny

    yamibunny New Member

    1.jpg 3.jpg 2.jpg
    IGN: Yami
    One chilly night, i search far and wide within the vast bounderies in the land of Halcyona hoping to find a piece of land, but dejectedly after checking every corner..luck seems to have forsaken me. Then suddenly, a shout was heard echoing through the continent by a stranger named projudge. I hurriedly sent a whisper and confer if i could purchase the land by means of demolition and to my delight he agreed and even gave me a discount. The moment of giving your hard earned gold to a stranger and make the demolition process is really nerve racking, literally,my heart skipped a beat nevertheless everything went well.
    I chose Halcyona for the reason that its location is very strategic and the peace period is always guaranteed daily :). I have always purchased built treehouses but this particular treehouse has very special place to my heart since it's the very first treehouse I built from scratch, hammering every single lumber and pounding every single stone. And everything in it, from chairs to bed were hand crafted by me. This place is my retreat from the enjoyable yet hectic daily grind. I've placed everything I needed for crafting stuff in here and also established my own little aged pack factory~ growing my own honey, picking up fresh lemons daily and milking my beloved organic cows.

    To some people, they might just call it a plain treehouse, but for me, I call it COZY YAMI TREEHOUSE(thanks to yasani and hellios for the name) where i spend almost all of my relaxing moments in game while chatting with friends and guildmates.
    To some people, they might think of it as a plain treehouse but for me i consider it my humble home.

    ScreenShot0049.jpg ScreenShot0086.jpg ScreenShot0087.jpg ScreenShot0089.jpg ScreenShot0094.jpg
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  10. Ultima

    Ultima New Member

    Hi im Ultima(IGN)

    This is my Swept-Roof Cottage that i name Skyways it is located at south east of falcorth plains.
    The reason i'm using this house it was the first house i got since live server 2014 i had a lot of great memories with it and great challenge with decorating it with the limit of 45 decor items. I like to keep it simple and clean that you can almost live at if was irl.
    The location of the house is one of them private spots i love this spot but never got it in live server yet some how when i move in Archerage the spot was both empty talk about lucky and the reason why i called it skyways i love the open sky of falcorth especially at night time love to look at the sky and just stargaze and relax this place is so peaceful.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  11. Minun

    Minun New Member

    IGN: Always

    I named my house Birdbox because my family's name is <Owlphas>.
    We all own the owl costume and run around as little owls sometimes. ^^
    This place in Ahnimar holds significance to me because it's my first won demo! I've run a lot of packs by winning this land here and now that I am a little more geared, I don't need it for as many larders. I chose this cute little villa (sunroom) because honestly, I just like the layout. It's just enough room for me to decorate it very cutesy. I've always wanted a house just like this since my days on retail. I made this house for my family and me to chill and hang out! We even have our very own family chest here and everything. :3

    The memories it keeps are very special because right next door is my other plot with a green screen wall! There we take certain screenshots to make nice edits. Along with the memories is just family time. Lots of my fam members have used this land to grow from Lil' critters to geared contenders~

    We essentially just meet up here whenever we start to do anything in-game. It's always lots of fun.
    I've come really far and you can even see my progress with my Ayanad earring! Only F3 painting to go!





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  12. Minun

    Minun New Member

    @Ultima Your house is actually so cute. I love it. c:
  13. Vilyana

    Vilyana New Member

    IGN: Vilyana
    House name: Aserinth
    Location: Marianople


    All of it started with my longing to one part of the original ArcheAge... my lovely house, that I spent so much time and effort on. That was my only regret after coming here...

    As such one of the first fings I focused here was finding a new place to love in here. Choosing a location was hard, as it had to fit my preferences (greenery is a must!) and be in a place where I could often come while taking part in other activities. And of course... a new player... no gold to buy nice spot... so I camped with my husband all nice locations to place the house of my dreams. And finally, we were able to get this perfect part of land! And I could start to plan and try things out again... that is the most fun part of the game (sorry PvP guys! XD ).

    I choose Farmhouse due to its nature feel and thought for a long time how to make even smallest magic garden, enclosed from the outside, with magic flowing within.

    And here it is... my new home... Aserinth!

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  14. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Closing this event. Results will be posted within 24-48 hours.
  15. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    It's time to announce our winners ;)
    It was a difficult choice, as all there houses are very pretty and houses stories was amazing to read. Thank you for sharing them with us!

    Now coming to the first 3 winners... well, actually, 6 winners as first 3 places were shared by 6 beautiful houses:
    1st place - @Eyrien (IGN: Eyrien)
    2nd place - @yamibunny (IGN: Yami) & @Lena_Love (IGN: Lena)
    3rd place - @ToastedBabyBuns (IGN: Toastedbabybuns) & @Aviendha (IGN: Aviendha) & @DrunkKitten (IGN: Astee)

    4th - 7th places winners were randomly chosen from other participants:
    4th place - @Minun (IGN: Always)
    5th place - @Tsukichan (IGN: Tsukichan)
    6th place - @Andres1917 (IGN: Hyang)
    7th place - @Ultima (IGN: Ultima)

    All rewards will be sent within next few hours. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the participants!
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