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  1. Sparkle

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    New disaster befell our land. ArcheRagers are doing their best to cope with it. Many obstacles and challenges are waiting for them on their way. For 3 days they will need to perform multiple tasks and finally face the main enemy - Titan.

    You are the ArcheRage correspondent and always in the thick of things.
    Go through all 3 stages of the Titan's Attack with other brave ArcheRagers and make the best footage on the scene.
    1. All 3 event stages should be present on your video.
    2. Video should be 10-20 minutes long.
    3. Graphic and video redactors, music background and any other effects are allowed.
    4. Video should include either voice comments on the events or subtitles.

    1st place - 4000 credits + title "Daredevil Correspondent"
    2nd place - 2500 credits + title "Daredevil Correspondent"
    3rd place - 2000 credits + title "Daredevil Correspondent"

    * Title grants: Detect stealth range +1%; Move speed +1%; Increase Artistry +3000.

    If our correspondents with their videos will include a screenshot (no more than 1 screenshot per player) from the battle with Titan, they will have a chance to win a bonus reward. 3 best screenshots will be rewarded with 500 credits + Balloon Bundle.

    Last day of the event - December, 10th.
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  3. Melen

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  5. Sparkle

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    Closing it now. Results will be available tomorrow.
  6. Sparkle

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    We didn't get many participants this time but players who participated did a great job. Really liked all submitted videos, even though neither of you completed all the event requirements.

    So, the results are the following:
    1st place - @ravenrzr - ING: Wontonsoup
    2nd place - @Melen - ING: Melen
    3rd place - @AizenSenpai - ING: Aizensenpaii

    Rewards will be sent to you within next hour + bonus reward promised will be included;)
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