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    Mr & Ms(Mrs) AR Summer
    Summer is in full swing and it's time to determine who will become our Mr. and Ms. (Mrs) Summer.

    This event will require a team work from you. Each submission should include 2 names.
    2 players – one with male character and another one with female character need to unite and provide the following:
    • 3 joint screenshots with “Summer” as a main topic:
      • 1 of the screenshots should show your characters names.
      • 2 of 3 screenshots at your choice should be hidden under the spoiler.
    • a little bit about each character (hobbies, daily routine character performs, favorite places character likes to spend free time at in AR world).
    • a story of their meeting (that can be friends, real couples, players who decided to unite only for this event).
    Only 1 player from the couple needs to post an event submission, but he (she) needs to provide both participants names and information required for the participation.

    Reward for a couple*:
    1st place - 6000 credits + titles "Mister Summer" (for male character) and "Miss Summer"* (for female character) + Nimbus 2000 + Racing Zebra
    2nd place - 5000 credits + titles "Mister Summer" (for male character) and "Miss Summer"* (for female character) + Inoch's Battle Robes + Crimson Perinoor Silks
    3rd place - 4000 credits + titles "Mister Summer" (for male character) and "Miss Summer"* (for female character) + Any-Post Yellow Larva + Monkey Chair

    * Title grants Intelligence +5, Movement speed +4%

    2 more prizes will be sent to 2 random participating couples:
    - Gryffindor student's uniform (x2)
    - Aria's Phonograph (x2)

    * After the announcement of the winners, winning couples will need to decide how to divide received reward and inform staff. We'll send the reward in parts confirmed by the winners.

    Last day of the event - July, 28th
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    Event winners (1st; 2nd and 3rd place) will also receive an additional reward not announced at the event start - unique titles "Mister Summer" and "Miss Summer" (grant Intelligence +5, Movement speed +4%).

    Join the event and compete for the title of Mr and Ms Summer of this year as well as other rewards!
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    Ahoy and a nice summer! (open)

    A beautiful summer evening (open)

    We are Ala and Martius! We spend our days working at our farm, caring for our animals and plants, breeding yatas and deliver our cargos around the world. It's hard work, but we love it. We always stand by each other sides and do everything together.
    Ala is the one, who mainly takes care of harvesting and making sure all animals are fed and healthy. She also loves yatas and is always happy when she can help yata-ladies deliver cute calfs.
    Martius is the organizer and crafter. Without him the farm would not work. He makes sure we have enough land, we plant what we need and we sell what we can to be able to survive. He also makes all the furniture for us and is very good at listening to Ala's commands, where he needs to put them. We feel like we are the perfect team!
    We don't like to get into trouble. So fighting and being big heroes is nothing for us. We spend our free time making music, visiting beautiful places around the world and sometimes even have some underwater adventures! But we always love to return home to Marianople. Our whole work and passion goes here to our little farm.
    How we met? That's easy. We met in an online game. We imidiately felt a deep connection and played together everyday and had little chat conversations. Without knowing about age, gender or nationality. Turns out: We a are perfect match. We love to spend our time together and yes, we still love to play games together. It helps especially in this time, when we are still living in different countries, but only weeks away from finally moving in together. After 3 years of a happy relationship. AR really helps us to feel close because it allows us to work on projects together and simulate a normal everyday life, we don't have yet. But even when we got that, we won't stop playing. We are a Gamer-Couple! What do you expect? ;)
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    [ING] Chaerin & [ING] Chwihan


    "So, our first meeting. That was kind of a funny story.

    So, I went as usual to the beach at Blueglass with my friends. I sat down and drank a good cold beer. It was afternoon and a lot of people started getting there to go swimming, to build some sandcastles or just to take a sunbath at the beach.

    After I had drunken my beer, I walked towards my friends, everything was fun. We talked a lot, laughed a lot. Then I saw a group of friends walking to the beach, and there was that one girl who caught my attention. I saw her and she was breathtaking. She went with her friends up to eat something, I guess. My friends noticed that something was up and started nagging me, after some time I felt really annoyed. I tried not to get lost so much in my thoughts but it was really hard. I gazed over sometimes, but I didn't want to seem to creepy so I stopped. So yeah back at it, I drank a bit and ate something so I wouldn't get drunk.

    We talked about nearly everything, it was great. Everyone was talking about their life’s, their new won families or their jobs and it was really interesting not gonna lie. Then we talked about my concert which was today on a big ship, I was hyped somehow but not too much. Then my friends had the funny idea to get into the water as they were half drunk. After some laughing and that nearly one of my friends drowned it was pretty much fun.

    After that we were sitting together at the beach and I had to glace back to that girl. And then I went sad- I saw how her group stared leaving. I didn't even have the chance to talk to her I thought..." - Chwihan

    "It was evening now and I went again with my friends at the Beach to relax and party with them. It was really funny here with all of them but somehow I couldn't really focus on what they were saying, the reason was this boy that stood a few meters away from us, he seemed interesting for me and I kind of wanted to get to know him, but didn't know how to start a conversation.

    While my thoughts were somewhere else my friends started to go to the other group where the boy also was, my friend grabbed my hand and dragged me along with them to the group.

    Turns out some of them knew each other and we were a big group, I didn't mind it, it was going to be fun and I could try to get to know this interesting guy.

    We all talked about our favorite hobbies and he said something about playing instruments which got my full attention. So being the music lover here I told about my Songs I wrote and that I loved composing them, he seemed fascinated and so a long conversation began about our passion for music.

    After a few hours of us talking he asked me to come to his concert he would hold on a big boat later, I of course said yes.

    It was really beautiful the way he played and the passion he had, I enjoyed it a lot and so did the others. Later after the concert finished, I stayed a bit longer, seeing how the others were leaving. I just wanted to talk a bit more with him which we did, we talked about our passion and later I asked him if he could play a Song I composed and he did. So we sat there, me in silence on the piano and him playing the song, with the planets shining in the background you could say that it was a very romantic moment, and for me it really was..." - Chearin

    About Chaerin (open)

    I'm Chaerin and I'm from Sunbite Wilds as far as I can remember but now I live in Rookborn Basin in a small but comfy house.

    My hobbies are composing songs, I really love this the most, then I also like to meet with my friends at the beach and have fun.

    I do this almost every day so it became one of the many things in my daily routine.

    Like I start my day with getting up and harvesting my plants that I need to do few things for me and my friends, then I go home and start writing some lyrics that came up in my mind while exploring the world or to express my feelings at the moment, it's not really much I do every day but composing songs for sure is hard.

    About My songs, they may not be the best but I want to share my stories and hardships with people all around the world and hope that it can help them when they don't feel so good.

    Most of the time when I'm composing songs, I'm at home or going to Sanddeep near the sea, it's really relaxing and helps me to clear my mind when I feel down but with my friends it's also a really good place to have a good time and to Party.

    So you could say my life is just about sharing my story with the world and being with my friends.

    About Chwihan (open)

    My name is Chwihan! I come from Arcum Iris, at least that's the first Location I can remember after that accident which happened and at the moment, I live in Rookborn Basin at the western housing province.

    One of my favorite hobbies is to play different kinds of instruments. Like the first one I learned playing was the piano when I was really young, after that I started learning Guitar, then Bass and now it's the Violin. I could say music is my live, I love giving small concerts at the Yorland Theater in Austera. I'm aware that I'm not the best, but I'm improving to become one of the bests.

    One hobby which I just discovered is printing, I love to gather different stories or manuscripts to make a whole book out of them, then search for a nice relaxing place to read them.

    I would say about myself I'm more the relaxed guy, nothing can get me raged nor aggressive. Furthermore, I try my best to think with my brain, then think with my emotions. Even though it is hard sometimes.

    I really like to drink beer in a warm summer evening with friends while chilling on the Beach at Blueglass in Sanddeep. Nothing is better than that.

    Not to forget, fishing. Fishing is one of the most chilling things to do in ArcheRage. Just get on the next ship, sail through the Arcadian Sea and angle some fish.

    My daily routine is different every day. I get up and the first thing I do is emptying my miner at my house. Then I feed the hens and collect the lemons from the trees. Mostly after that I bring all the necessary materials to the Community Center to contribute. After I've done all of that, I'm free to go. I don't really have to do anything, so I pick that what I want to do.

    Photos (open)
    ScreenShot0028.jpg "That was my first time seeing her at the beach." - chwihan

    "A very romantic evening I will never forget." - Chaerin

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