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    Turn the Music ON and Rock It

    You always loved music but didn't have a chance to perform on public? Now it's your chance.
    Take out your Lute, Flute, Pipe, Guitar, Drums, etc and organize a big ArcheRage concert.

    This contest is for our bands and single musicians. In this event you can participate with a band or as a single musician. If you'd like to try and participate as single musician and a band participant - then go ahead.

    But if you don't play but prefer to listen to the music as a part of the audience, we have a task and rewards for you too ;)

    To registed for the event you need to provide the following:
    • Your band name (for bands) and band participants (not less than 3 participants) / stage name (for single musicians)
    • Your poster with the concert info (band/single musician name, concert theme, location, date and time of the concert, etc)
    Later, after the concert add to your original post a video of the concert (combine best moments of the concert into 8-15 mins video).

    Top 3 bands and top 3 single musicians will be rewarded. If we receive a big volume of entries 2 more bands and 2 more single musicians (random choice) will receive the 4th and 5th places and will be rewarded as well.


    For bands:
    1st place - 9000 credits per band + title "Music Band God"* per player.
    2nd place - 8000 credits per band + title "Music Band God" per player.
    3rd place - 7000 credits per band + title "Music Band God" per player.
    4th-5th place (random choice if we get 8 bands or more) - 4000 credits per band + title "Music Band God" per player

    For single musicians:
    1st place - 3000 credits + title "Musical Genius"**
    2nd place - 2000 credits + title "Musical Genius"
    3rd place - 1500 credits + title "Musical Genius"
    4th-5th place (random choice if we get 10 single musicians or more) - 1000 credits + title "Musical Genius"

    * title "Music Band God" - Artistry +10000; Stamina +15
    ** title "Musical Genius" - Artistry +15000; Stamina +20

    Visit 3 concerts and get a chance to win a reward as well!
    What needs to be done for it?

    Take 2 screenshots from the concert. Both screenshots need to include your character and a band/single musician you are visiting.
    1st screenshot needs to show a moment of the concert itself (when band or musician is playing music and you are listening to them/him/her);
    2nd screenshot should include you and a band/musician next to each other prior or after the concert.

    With the help of Randomizer we'll choose 3 players from all who fulfill the conditions.
    Each of them will receive 1500 credits.

    Last day of the event - March, 9th
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  2. RogueChoi

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    I attended the Dischord concert in Austera's Yorland Theater. ♥♫ Couldn't attend others due to time/location constraints and there were only like 4 concerts total to visit 3? Yikes.

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  3. Sparkle

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    Sheet music.
  4. Delarme

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    Looks like much better contest rules than last time! I approve!
    I assume if you already have the title you only get the credit reward.

    I will be holding two concerts:


    Band concert:
    Sunday March 3rd 1:00 P.M. Eastern 30-45 minutes.
    Band Name: Dischord
    Members: Delarme, Sire, Radioactivexii, hecatejeff
    Location: Yorland Theater in Austera (Solis)


    In Attendance:


    Single Performance:
    Sunday March 3rd 2:00 P.M. Eastern 1 hour + after concert special.
    Location: Yorland Theater in Austera (Solis)

    Solo Concert Video:

    In Attendance:
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  5. Sparkle

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    Can make another title for such a case. Different wording but same stats.
  6. BluFire

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  7. stronghart

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    Q: The concert need to run on the Music Halls from game or can I use my house to run the concert?

    While that, enjoy:

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  8. Sparkle

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    You are not limited to any place. Use the one you think will be the best for your concert.
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  9. Camillia

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  10. Neemo

    Neemo New Member

    "Aids no Cure" Live Concert
    F R E E E N T E R

    Band Performance Video :
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  11. Sparkle

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    Can't see the image. Please re-attach.
  12. Delarme

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    Another question:

    Can we get a festival period declared in game for Solis? Solis is a really nice theater and it would be really nice if all the factions could attend.
  13. Sparkle

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    Festival periods can be ON for festivals only.
  14. Sparkle

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    Don't forget to participate in the event, organize concerts and visit concerts announced. A bit more than 1 week left.
  15. Necrote

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    Concert location: [​IMG]

    Click on this link for concert timings in your local timezone: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=ArcheRage+Concert:+5MakesAFist&iso=20190302T23&p1=3919

    Band Concert
    • Band Name: 5MakesAFist
    • Band Members: Kuyu, Hiinna, Necrote, Trixey, Mayth
    • Location: Seajoy Banquet Hall, Sanddeep
    • Time: 11pm EST (server time), March 2nd
    • Its a peace zone during the wedding event on the ship, so anyone can attend without worrying about getting attacked
    Band concert video:
    • Volume maybe low for few songs, please turn-up system & YouTube-player volume to hear drum beats and bass clearly
    • Watch it on YouTube for time-stamp links in video description to every song if you wanna skip. Sadly YT discontinued annotations so couldn't add prev/next song buttons
    • Excluding the intro/outro, the core video is about 15m 40s
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  16. izeek95

    izeek95 New Member

    Single: Zov
    Time: Server(ingame) Time 23:00 1 hour before server Reset. (changed time to 18.00 ServerTime) did not want to interfere with other ppls concert. :(
    2nd March participationPoster.png
    Location: Middle of marianople near Fountain

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  17. Delarme

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    Zov that puts your concert at the same time as 5MakesAFist unless I'm misreading it. This intended?
  18. Necrote

    Necrote Member

    I went to sleep without posting scshots but I did attend Neemo's AidsNoCure concert. Here are my scshots: Before, during, and after.

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  19. Necrote

    Necrote Member

    Thank you guys for whoever showed up, it was fun! I'll post a video as soon as its ready :)

    For the people who guessed the songs first correctly, let me know if I missed sending a mail to you guys
  20. Necrote

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    Attended Dischord's band concert:
    1Before, 2During, and 3After

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