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Discussion in 'In-game & Forum Events' started by Ryuzaki, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. Ryuzaki

    Ryuzaki Well-Known Member

    @Laika @Node @sugarrush @Naka

    Please provide or confirm your IGN's when able, so that we know where to send rewards.

    Thank you :)
  2. Hana

    Hana New Member

    I think 9th may have used the screenshot as reference for main contour lines. But I think that's it. It seems legit to me.

    On the other hand, as everyone is saying, 10th looks like an edited screenshot.

    PS: Thanks for thinking I am an experienced artist (I am not), I'm flattered <3
  3. Ryuzaki

    Ryuzaki Well-Known Member

    Will see, as mentioned he is required to provide proof. If there weren't that many similarities it would not be in question.
    I used <- -> to compare it by proof i got myself earlier but was not sure even than, but later noticed contours of erased mountain in the distance behind stars.

    The checks were done yesterday and the sole reason two suspicious participants were rated at 9/10th place.
    So node/sugarrush were added. With only Larevv who did not provide correct format, and Hochimittens who used logo only being outside of the top 10 players placed.
  4. Node

    Node New Member

  5. Jessica Baker

    Jessica Baker Member

    Good job everyone
  6. Laika

    Laika New Member

    IGN is Laika :)

    Thank you for the critique Eelvie, still working on clouds and stuff! Haha, it's still hard for my mind to wrap around clouds, but I'm gonna work on drawing from photos more to study how light hits them and their colors. (Might try that for one of my final projects in my art class!)

    Originally my drawing was going to have more people, and my character was to be stretching. However I didn't think that I'd have time, so I left it as that. (Was going to make my character bring her arms up and stretch, but I didn't have enough knowledge of how the back muscles and shoulder blade would look, so I made her do whatever it was she was doing in the final drawing.) Thus this pose came up... My hand doesn't always translate what's in my head onto paper lol

    Wanted to make it a bit more colorful, but I think I went a bit too overboard. I rushed a bit more towards the end of the drawing. But again, thank you for the critique :) Always looking to do better ^^ This drawing was a challenge since I wanted to push into... realism (though it doesn't really look like it haha). I usually draw semi realistic or anime. Wanted to shake things up :D

    Sugarrush's papercraft submission seems fine to me in regards to if it follows the rules or not.

    The part in Node's digital art that looks a bit off (in terms of being credible or not) is the Territory Building/Castle, since in relation to other parts of the drawing, the lines on the building look slightly traced in my opinion. That's just what I think though.

    As a suggestion for a next drawing contest, you can include in the rules "Referring to places, objects or characters in the game is okay, but tracing it is not."

    Good job everyone!

    //Now I want to make another drawing... maybe this time I will include my studies on lighting!
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  7. Jessica Baker

    Jessica Baker Member

    @Laika I understand completely with the mind to hand troubles xD
  8. Laika

    Laika New Member

    I started to sketch foreground foliage and a bonfire with trout being roasted. On the water, there was going to be a clipper with its sails rolled up with one of the small islands near Freedich in the distance. And I wanted to draw the sky being a bit starry, but... When I started actually coloring it... I was like "nope"
  9. sugarrush

    sugarrush Active Member

    IGN: Kimjongmeow
  10. theleyline

    theleyline Member

    I'm glad to see the screenshot editing thing getting sorted out :) I didn't want to say anything because I wasn't entirely sure that they were edits, but they sure looked like they were lol.

    And thanks Eelvie for the suggestions, that's actually pretty helpful :) I normally draw anime so landscapes are pretty different for me, and I do think I have a lot of improvement to make with them hehe
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  11. Jessica Baker

    Jessica Baker Member

    @Ryuzaki When will prizes be mailed out?
  12. ghinart

    ghinart New Member

    hey, if possible and its not late, can the rewards be sent out to IGN: ''Ole' plz ?
  13. Ryuzaki

    Ryuzaki Well-Known Member

    Was not late, since we are lacking 1 more reply.

    Im guessing it could be sent today in majority and to Naka, later on.
    Will check.
  14. Ryuzaki

    Ryuzaki Well-Known Member

    Provide us with your IGN for reward.
  15. sugarrush

    sugarrush Active Member

    I knew I saw that piece somewhere before. That was an old loading screen. It was something like the second or third update when it appeared. I did the same thing by making a screen capture of it too when I first saw it. I just can't remember which version it came from. If you notice that the land is really close to the bottom. Below that was where the loading information and tool tip got cut out.

    Maybe for the next art contest make people show the canvas or conceptual drawing to prove they did create the artwork.
  16. Num_Num_My_Tum_

    Num_Num_My_Tum_ New Member

    I've provided my Photoshop file that I used. I don't have like a 'sketch' per say because 95% of the time I use brushes to draw. If you were wondering how I made my trees I took inspiration from these two sources:
    The rocks were done with the help of pictures of real rocks.
    When I draw I usually edit on one layer only so unfortunately I only have a fraction of my changes of what I used to plan out my drawing in the beginning.

    Yeah I admit I nearly traced the dragon from a different angle, should have made it look a bit different from being so similar to the reference.

    Sorry that I'm not a 'good' or 'experienced' artist but I draw for my own enjoyment. In my opinion, I like the contrast between the light and dark silhouette of the trees.

    Take a look at the deviantart links I sent, they have a very similar process to how I make my foliage.

    Please look over my files!

    Anyway it was a fun contest to do and next time (hopefully) I'll make sure to do something completely original to avoid all of this confusion lol.

    Here's the Photoshop file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tuNjwxhlKI9ul2O7xFwFE029xZLwRtvC/view?usp=sharing
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2018
  17. Ryuzaki

    Ryuzaki Well-Known Member

    I am sorry, but as mentioned, if you can provide us with the sketch, half-finished artwork, or non-filtered piece, than that is considered.
    Samples that anyone could had found in a matter of few minutes not enough.
  18. Num_Num_My_Tum_

    Num_Num_My_Tum_ New Member

  19. Anon87

    Anon87 New Member

    I spent tons of days on mine , i used the screenshot for selections and i painted over it myself using the screenshot only as a guide. Where was all this concern weeks ago when i initially posted it and have been constantly editing and uploading revisions to it the entire last month. i wasn't aware the use of photoshop's filters over painted layers was against the rules. The bottom left was easy to paint because of its high contrast and limited colors. Whatever, it was fun none the less but it would of been great not to have the witchhunt and so much salt at the end. @Ryuzaki
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  20. Anon87

    Anon87 New Member

    your screenshot doesn't even come close to the same perspective as my picture. And i'm sorry i wasn't aware the picture being similar to the guide screenshot was against the rules. My job is in actual game development so a hand drawn reproduction of a screenshot while using it as a guide is child's play. GG... i expected to not get much out of this but what i didn't expect was so much bile being spewed directly at my artwork. You would think humanity would have evolved mentally from the age of when the salem witch trials took place. Shame @Gloopey @Jessica Baker @Hana @Eelvie . However, i applaud all the effort everyone put in and i hope you all continue your journey in creating more art for the masses.
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