Game event Gladiator Jan Tournament Results Sun Jan 6th 2019

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    We held the finals for the Dec Monthly today as well. We had 7 players contact me that they could not show up or could not log in due to lag issues they have been having. So the turn out for the monthly winners from Dec was bad. We could not postpone it any further so held it.

    December Gladiator of the Month winner was : Vinchino Congrats on the Win!

    Now the weekly tournament was a whole different story we had several new players show up and had a good mix of east, west and a few PN and Pirates. Was a very large turn out which is good considering the down time we had on this tourney because of holidays/exams.

    Winners as follows:

    1st place Vinchino
    2nd place Moonkitty

    1st place Kingy
    2nd place Lumanatic

    1st place Handiiman
    2nd place Xurek

    Queeny and Arkem tied for First Place

    2vs2 Winners
    Blackened and Vinchino

    5v5 Winners:

    Congrats to all the winners and we look forward to the continued growth of this tournament and want to see more of you come out and win prizes and credits :) See you all next week :)

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