[Game Event] Golden Ruins Defense

Discussion in 'In-game & Forum Events' started by Sparkle, Apr 2, 2018.

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  1. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator


    Golden Ruins Defense

    We are glad to announce a new In-Game weekly Event.
    It will take place at Golden Ruins every Friday from 6 pm server time till 7 pm server time.​
    In Golden Ruins, evil and powerful King Gigas previously used to reside. He’s still remembered as a Predator, but after his death, time has taken its toll and the only thing left from the indestructible fortresses of the castle, were terrible ruins. Region suffered from influx of predators and dangerous monsters searching of prey, eating carrion. This place is full of hidden dangers, so do not lose your vigilance and... speaking frankly... this is not the best place for peaceful life.

    Recently, strange creatures began to appear in Golden Ruins. It’s a threat not only for the castle but for the entire original mainland! The responsible mission is entrusted to you – every week to reduce the number of these monsters and thereby to protect the original mainland and all its inhabitants.

    Every Friday at 6 pm server time monsters Darkness Creatures will appear.
    That are the monsters you need to kill.

    Golden_Ruins-new location-1.jpg

    Every monster will drop a Darkness Stone

    Gather them and exchange at Duru Workshop that is located at Crimson Watch Camp
    • Lucky points
    • Armor Regrade Scrolls
    • Weapon Regrade Scrolls
    • Accessory Regrade Scrolls
    • Metallic Auroran Crate
    * In future list of rewards can be extended or changed.

    There are some questions you may have, so bellow is the list of questions and answers:

    Q: Will the Darkness Stones disappear if I don't exchange them till the end of event?
    A: No, they will not disappear. You can gather and accumulate them within months and exchange any time.

    Q: Will Duru Workshop disappear after the end of Event?
    A: No, it will always be located at the sdame place and you can use it to exchange your Darkness Stones any time.

    Q: Can we attack each mob in party?
    A: Yes, you can do it, but no matter how many ppl attack it, 1 mob will give only 1 Stone.

    Q: Why did you choose such Event format?
    A: There are a few reasons that are the following:
    - Such format will help to accumulate needed Darkness Stones to exchange for the rewards. That will help new players to obtain required top items.
    - Such format excludes the possibility for 1 top raid only to farm all mobs spots.
    - Such format removes the need in mobs counter as now you need the Darkness Stones for rewards, not the specific mobs quantity.

    Q: What about the healers? They can't fight the mobs.
    A: There are 2 options possible for them:
    - Healer needs to take a companion.
    - Healer needs to choose at list one sorcery skillset or another attacking skillset. Mobs are not strong and 1 attacking skillset will be enough.
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  2. Epic

    Epic Well-Known Member

    Looks dope, thanks :D
  3. Terial

    Terial New Member

    How can healers not fight the mobs? Holy Bolt and battle pets are a thing.
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  4. Elim

    Elim Member

    Is everythong bound or just the armor regrade scrolls?
  5. Prudente

    Prudente Member

    Lets show our power. Healers unite! Lets Holy Bolt them to death
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  6. Trasher

    Trasher New Member

    can u change a bit the time of the event? again, for european players is too late, just moving it one hour early are a big change for us 5pm to 8pm ( just think that many players are from europe and for a gmt+2 users, 6-9 pm means 12-3am on our zone). Or expand the time for the event, 4pm-9/10pm are a good time too
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  7. sociopathix

    sociopathix Active Member

    Looks good.


    It is called ArcheRage NA. There is a server in Europe.
  8. Trasher

    Trasher New Member

    ya a europe server on russian when they launched this server and all europeans that dont wanna go to trion servers come here. We are donators too, so i have the right to ask, if they cant, no problem.
    If u dont wanna help, or have some kind of opinion about that comment, just let me in peace (if u have a complain about my message, dont just a " Called ArcheRage NA", i havent any problem, just explain why this are not good for na players and i accept that reason as any other xD
  9. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    That was just a tip. Pretty sure healers will be fine :)
  10. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Fixed info in rewards list.
  11. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    It's Friday. EU can go to bed a bit later and NA can have a chance to get home from work.
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  12. Trasher

    Trasher New Member

    yeah, but works cant wait till i wake up on saturday because im doing a event , as this will not change, at least, thx for the quick answer from the staff, is very appreciated.
  13. Ariess

    Ariess Well-Known Member Staff Member Elder

    Sharpen your blades this event should bring the server some more PVP.
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  14. Prudente

    Prudente Member

    If this event goes well (i really hope it does) and we see that there's no bot activity / exploits thru players could we expect an fix to hasla event? :)
  15. Temeraire

    Temeraire New Member

    This event sounds great, as long as the mobs spawn fast enough. It will bring back memories of when people competed in Hasla on official for exclusive farming spots.... Fun and terrible times...
  16. Hao

    Hao New Member

    This event sounds amazing, but some ppl work at nights so i wanna ask if this can be considered and put it on fridays mornings and nights since some ppl working at nights other ppl are from EU or NA. Thanks.
  17. Kaladina

    Kaladina Active Member

    Oh man the pvp will be nuts!!
  18. perenold

    perenold New Member

    Its a great event but reading this comments i have to ask, have you considered making it two times a day event with one time being a na time and other being eu time. Since there would be no lifers that would farm on both u could maybe increase prices of prizes. Before anyone starts barking at me, I'm just saying it as a suggestion :p
  19. sugarrush

    sugarrush Active Member

    Actually one guild could control the whole thing. Have a small group of the best geared players run around ganging up on low level people trying to kill the mobs too. A lot of lower geared people will not get anything and the best geared people will get stronger.
  20. Oldtimeydude

    Oldtimeydude New Member

    You can't expect devs to asshole proof every event a little courtesy goes a long way. just saying.
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