[Game Event] Hasla Zombie Apocalypse

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    Hasla Zombie Apocalypse
    (start on 1/30/18 after the server re-start)
    Long ago, at the time of the new gods birth, everyone was eager to gain power, somebody needed it for protection, and somebody for other affairs...

    Almost nobody knew it, but some new gods had the disciples. One of such gods was Kyrios, Destruction God. According to the ancient manuscripts, Anthalon was not only Kyrios' right hand, but also his first disciple. We all know that in result, Kyrios was defeated, and Anthalon made his way to the world of the Dead. There, until now, he is still trying to realize his plans and resurrect his mentor. Recently, ancient manuscripts were found on Hasla's excavations. According to them, to their great surprise, scientists found out that the Destruction God had one more disciple, unknown to anybody. His name was Worldvader, apparently because of his desire to invade the world, not to destroy it...

    Kyrios was very proud of his clever and cunning disciple. He taught Worldvader various magic dark secrets, necromancy, consciousness enslavement, magical manipulation and so on. One day Anthalon found out that Worldvader had a strange hobby: he wandered through the battlefields and enslaved the consciousness of half-dead warriors, turning them into zombies, ready to follow his will and carry out his orders. From day to day, he gathered more and more of them, creating an immortal invincible army for himself. Worldvader passionately desired the power and the only obstacle on his way was his mentor...

    Of course, the faithful Anthalon immediately informed Kyrios about the betrayal. But could this be a surprise for Destruction God? The power of the gods is immeasurable. How could a mortal dare to attack the God? How could his best disciple even think of this? Kyrios became extremely mad and created a rift in the universe, leading to the limbo. Limbo is nothing, a place with no time, no space. Only silence and emptiness. Forever.

    Kyrios imprisoned Worldvader with his multi-million army in limbo, sealing it forever. He applied the Sacred Script (seal) to an indestructible magic cube and gave it to Anthalon with the order to guard it.

    Magic is not eternal, and Anthalon forgot about the order and stopped supporting the magic seal long ago. The cube was damaged during the excavations and seal cracked. Throughout Hasla, the Rifts began to open...

    Rifts open in the random places in Hasla
    at 1.00 pm (1 Veterans Rifts)
    at 7.00 pm (1 Strangers Rift)
    at 8.00 pm (2 Veterans Rifts)

    Location (open)

    (Time of War/Peace has been changed in Hasla:
    1 hour of Peace --> 5min War preparations --> 5 hours of War)

    Don’t think that the Worldvader’s zombie army and the Antalon’s corpses are equal in their power... Worldvader increased his magic greatly and it’s quite hard to call it "weak" now.. His warriors are at least several times stronger and quicker, it will not be an easy task to cope with them. The brave Heroes should start preparations, gather their comrades and get ready to the battle as that will be a fight to the death.

    Since the Rifts in the universe are quite small, Worldvader can use them to send small troops only.
    4 waves of zombie warriors will appear from each Rift. With each new wave, more and more powerful troops will join the battle.
    In 30 minutes after the opening, the Rift will shut and drag back all zombie warriors, that are not destroyed by that time.

    Heroes will receive Kyrios Magic Seal Shards by killing zombie warriors:
    Hasla1.jpg Evil Sealstone
    Hasla2.jpg Bloody Sealstone
    Hasla3.jpg Venom Sealstone
    Hasla4.jpg Dark Sealstone
    316.jpg Stranger's Sealstone

    Rift that starts at 7 pm includes weaker mobs and monsters fom it drop only Stranger's Sealstones that will help in Hasla weapon craft.
    Rifts that appear at 1 pm and 8 pm include stronger mobs and monsters drop Evil, Bloody, Venom and Dark Sealstones that can help to craft unique weapon, Regrade Scrolls, Corals, etc.

    These Sealstones can be exchanged to the valuable rewards from this land governor. You'll need to use the Hasla Kingdom Manufactory on the top floor of Veroe.​
    There you will find:
    • Sealstone Transfiguration​
    • Valiant Weapon (Grand, Shining, Blessed, Sacred)​
    • Other useful stuff (Tax Certificates, buffs, Resplendent Regrade Scrolls, Obsidian stones, Regrade Scrolls, Corals)​

    With a help of Sealstone you can create Bound Resplendent Regrade Scrolls. To unbound them you'll need
    Hasla6.jpg Elixir-stone
    You can get it by killing Cursed Giant Stone Golem.

    Hasla Governor hired the best farriers. How the weapon looks like?

    hasla11.jpg hasla 7.jpg

    Warriors, we need to save this world and avoid it be captured by Worldvader!
    Get ready and go to Hasla for the great battle!
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  2. Mayhem

    Mayhem New Member

    hype hype hype \(^-^)/ best of luck to everyone
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  3. Skoal

    Skoal New Member

    W O R L D V A D E R
  4. Naxuj

    Naxuj New Member

    3 PM server time will be 9PM on my Country, so I won't be able to enjoy it more than 1 hour :( (going to work early tomorrow)

    However, nice event for newbies to get some gear to start farming gold and could have been a good chance for me to get regrade scrolls.

    ¿Is there a chance that the event last 24 hours? (So I can play tomorrow at 12 pm Server Time)

    P.S. My first post here. Been playing for 2 weeks and I'm really enjoying this server and community :)
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  5. echoes_of_eternity

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    Why is there nothing between 1am and 9am?
  6. Sparkle

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    We can't make it 24/7 as it will become a completely War zone however it still needs some time in Peace for the other players to complete their quests and move their packs.
    Though most Rifts appear 2nd half of the day, we have a few at night and morning time, so the players in different time zones could find at list few suited for them :)
  7. fused

    fused Member

    Thanks for you listening your community. ;)
  8. Sabanana

    Sabanana Active Member

    I love the event idea!
    Is there any information on when the server restart is taking place, though? I might have missed it, but I couldn't find anything about it.
    Also, is the marketplace going to be updated for this week as well?
  9. plamp

    plamp Active Member

    This is awesome, I'm really excited to check this out in game. I like the new lore piece as well :)
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  10. Gugu

    Gugu Active Member

    Great news!

    Can we get to know the very last details ?
    Mostly, the price of things! How many tokens will weapons cost for example ;)

    Thanks for the event, it's looking great, I'm hyped!
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  11. Sparkle

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    @Sabanana, no, you didn't miss the re-start. Will be later today. Marketplace will be updates as well. We'll have the updates and server re-start time posted shortly. Just some last preparations prior it.

    @Gugu, you'll have a chance to find prices out today with the event start.
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  12. Sparkle

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    Though we had multiple tests on our side, in case you notice any glitches or bugs, please inform us. Video recording for such a case will be helpful as well.
  13. Gugu

    Gugu Active Member

    Oh god it's TODAY !! All good then

    I thought it'd be announced at a later date .. God bless!

    I'm hyped
  14. fused

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    X up for Worldvader Rift. :3
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  15. Akasha

    Akasha Active Member

    Sounds good my only possible complaint is that if that giant stone golem is the same as the hasla rift golem well that is once again, only open to top guilds. And if that is the case, after the event, before it becomes permanent maybe you can just make bound and unbound both craftable for different prices. More expensive etc
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  16. fused

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    Yep, 100%.
  17. Zargo

    Zargo New Member

    Again not very good times for US West coast players that work...
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  18. Lithium

    Lithium Member

    Get that meta swipe going. Cell phone with tethering and a gaming laptop. Gogogo
  19. Raistlin

    Raistlin Active Member

    I wanned to post this, you beat me to it !
  20. Raistlin

    Raistlin Active Member

    I think its smart, they gave boss a purpose.

    How else would they connect it :p
    Most of the points are gonna get used anyway by the ppl who farm them, this will bottleneck whales from buying large amounts of them directly, and at the same time force guilds to fight for the boss.
    Think newbies will first farm for the weapons, hell, everyone will xD just to see how they look and work.
    And than later players will work on getting points for themselves, or try at least :)

    Interested if rifts will have tokens separated for each kind of weapon, so people can actually

    x Up for Rift, so even healers can get their gear, or it will be all out war xD

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