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Discussion in 'In-game & Forum Events' started by Sparkle, May 14, 2018.

  1. Updown

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    You can place it on a farm, and you get a 8x8 for free at like level 10, and it's easy to find place for that 8x8 nearly anywhere.
  2. Sjinderson

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    No. You can place a lamp on any kind of lamp including basic 8x8 farms
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  3. ganjarhea

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    A few people's lamps have disappeared and they've lost progress so I figured I'd write down what I know. *some numbers/timers may be wrong, feel free to correct me and I will edit. just going by memory cuz server is down atm.

    So here's the basic steps.
    Log in. Wait an hour, click the box. You receive an item that will turn into 3 lamps on timers when opened. If you leave these lamps unopened till you need them, they will have a longer timer unopened.
    Go to the masked daru in austera or marianople or w/e. in Austera he's next to the gladiator arena guy. Accept quest from daru. You will immediately turn in quest to daru again and select a reward, the 'reward' is one of 3 clicky box quests that you will receive in your inventory.. Each quest will have the same reward which is a 50/50 chance at a divine dungeon wep or a celestial sleeves from honor workbench.

    the speedy quest is completed by doing halcy or mistmerrow. (the 10 kill quest is what completes it in halcy, not sure about mm)
    the greedy quest requires you to kill 5 greater dungeon bosses. for example, running through gha will get you 5 boss kills.
    the madly maxed quest requires you to kill 8(?) serpentisss bossses.

    Make sure to click the quest item [!] in your inventory to activate teh quest!!! you don't wanna go run gha only to realize you forgot to right click the item in your inventory and have to run gha again! Don't ask me how I know this.

    The moment you kill the 5th boss for the greedy quest you will receive an item in your inventory that can be 'fed' to the corresponding lamp. These items can be saved up in your inventory to place and feed the lamp all at once(I heard they stack). The madly maxed and speedy lamps will have a 4(?)day timer once placed, the greedy lamp has a 7hr11min timer not once placed, but once it gets it's second feeding(2/10). So this is why it might be a good idea to wait to place your (greedy) lamp until you have 10 saved up to feed it all at once. Otherwise you will basically have to grind all the dungeon bosses(50) in one go so that greedy lamp doesn't disappear. I think the greedy lamp has a 4day timer like the others when placed...but cuts down to 7hr11min once it gets that 2nd feeding.

    once the lamp is fed you can go back to the masked daru and re-take the quest again, choosing one of the 3 quests. There IS a 5 minute debuff you have to wait out before getting the quest again. You get this debuff upon killing that 5th boss(if yer doin the greedy). Also if you get the wrong quest or change your mind on what lamp to feed, you can just drag n drop to destroy the [!] questbox in your inventory, and the daru will let you re-pick the quest again. (simply abandoning the quest won't let you get a new one from the daru cuz you still have the cliky box in yer inventory)

    So yeh...super cool event(thanks devs!)...lots of value, but kinda confusing. I hope this post helps ppl because I had a hell of a time piecing all the info together from forums and guildmates and just doing the quest and making mistakes.

    *also those divine dungeons weps can be made into the aria's autograph on a dungeon workbench thing and made into a mistsong weapon that can be leveled up to (I think) ayanad level strength eventually. So yeh, 'free' divines that can be upgraded to that level via running mistsong/jars....very good value from this event. look into it.
    **also also, dungeon timer reset is only like an hour or so from last entry, once 5 are completed or created...it's the grinding scrolls that reset every 24hr or w/e. so you can run like 5 gha/5gbc/5gha etc...
  4. lightsenshi

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    I'm still looking for a spot to place a house (in West) but I'll at least try turning in the quest as ganjarhea outlined above and see what happens.
  5. Sjinderson

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    @ganjarhea you are limited to 2 runs of each dungeon per day and the reset timer is the same as login daily at 12pm midnight server time. Anymore require the use of a grinding scroll to aquire entry.
    You receive the lamp buff for 5 minutes upon completion of the quest item.
  6. lightsenshi

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    Nope, still got to have land. Which excludes me, and probably a lot of other people too.
  7. ganjarhea

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    @Sjinderson I was referring to the 'you have entered this dungeon too frequently' message lock out..that resets in like an hour or so, not per reset or 24hrs.
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    FML, only read posts on the first page, 5 greedy tributes gone to waste.
  10. Kathrann

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    So this is like the other event but instead of having to do greater dungeon bosses, it's arena?
  11. jarzab

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    yesterday (more than 24 hours ago) I abandoned the maxing madness mission. now i cant take it mission again.
  12. Sparkle

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    It means you still have the quest item you received from Masked Daru in your bag. You need to through it away for new quest to pop up.
  13. jarzab

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    It works, thx
  14. rhol

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    Is there any way to do this without land? Like on guild land or something?
  15. Sjinderson

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    No. Lamps need to be placed on your land
  16. Forty

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    Is it possible to get the Grim Reaver pet from the Madness Lamp?
  17. Sjinderson

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  18. Sparkle

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    You can get it only if you use Composition Workbench in Mirage Isle.
  19. Kahmlee

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    What I find a bit disturbing, is that due to the number of bosses to kill (5) and the number of bosses in dungeons (3 or 4), is required frequently to leave the dungeon to run in Mirage and get a new quest from the Daru.
    This means at least 4 loading screen (very laggy on this version) and waiting about 3 minutes in front of the Daru for the buff timeout.

    Not a big issue for me personally, but too many people are impatient and don't like to wait for others (like if they don't have the need to do the same).

    Having the Daru near the entrance of the dungeons would be appreciated.

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