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    Nui’s Chosen
    (May, 22nd, 2018 - July, 19th, 2018)
    (November, 13th, 2018 - January, 7th, 2019)
    That was a regular sunny day. You woke up and started your daily tasks. Though it was the same daily routine but bad feeling kept following you. "Something terrible should happen soon" - you had these annoying thoughts going round in your mind.
    Dust rose on the horizon. Rider is in a hurry. He brings bad news. New boss arrived to our world.
    "We need to protect our lands" - you shout.
    You are full of determination:
    "I know many brave warriors that are ready to take the challenge and rush into a battle. I'll have the raid ready! Our enemy will fall on the battlefield!"

    To prepare to the main part of the event, you need to complete 2 quests:
    • Lusca Awakening or New Horizons quest (the Violent Maelstrom arena quest)
    • Golden Plains Battle or Kill demons! (Hasla rifts)

    Complete these quests and receive Nui’s Charm’s Shards
    (each quest grants you 1 piece; you need 2 pieces).
    6.jpg 7.jpg
    For players that can't participate in Golden Plains Battle quest, quest Kill demons! is added. Accept and complete it to receive Nui’s Charm’s Shard.

    Quest Kill demons! can be received from Hasla Auctioneer near the river. Complete quest to obtain Nui’s Charm’s Shard.
    To complete quest, after it's received from the Auctioneer, visit one of Hasla rifts at 1 pm or 8 pm and kill at least 1 Zombie Army Commander.

    When you obtain these Shards, unite them into the Nui’s Charm.

    Nui’s Charm’s Shards will expire in 4 days and Nui’s Charm - in 2 days, so make sure to use it prior expiration. Use Nui’s Charm to obtain a buff – Nui’s Chosen.
    Note: Buff expires in 2h 35 mins so make sure to activate it right prior the battle with boss.


    After you activate the buff Nui’s Chosen you need to visit the Auctioneer.​


    Auctioneer will provide you with a quest Ghost revenge and ask to kill boss – Batta Spirit.


    Quest Ghost Revenge can be completed only once a week. Countdown starts from the moment player completes the quest and receives the reward.​

    You’ll find a boss in Sungold Fields every day at 2 pm and 10 pm. Boss will disappear in 2 h 30 mins if not killed by that time.

    Make sure to unite into a party or raid. Killing a boss in a party or raid you will get the following reward:
    • Fine Wave Lunarite x15
    • Fine Fire Lunarite x15
    • Champion of Auroria Token Shard

    You need to collect 5 Champion of Auroria Token Shards to obtain Champion of Auroria Token that grants Champion of Auroria title.


    Champion of Auroria title gives the following buff:​

    updated title.jpg

    Time to protect Auroria, brave warriors!
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  2. Kathrann

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    No heal buffs. I the health and mana are a little something, but nothing good for heals. :(. The Lunarite is great though, that's really good.
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  3. Epic

    Epic Well-Known Member

    Really, make the event so pirates can't do it :p Feelsbadman
  4. Peep

    Peep Active Member

    There is not a stat bonus for healers/healing? Or will the spell damage count towards healing?
  5. Murdock

    Murdock New Member

    Remove this title.

    The event itself is flawed as Pirates can't even achieve it because they can't participate in Halcyona war.

    The title yet again only benefits damage dealers and completely ignores healers, putting a single class of players at a significant disadvantage.

    Beyond that the title is so strong that it is game changing; It renders all other titles inferior and thus obsolete.

    The investment in time / effort to achieve the title is far far less than the other current best titles such as the honor title "General" which requires you to accumulate a grand total of 825,000 honor. The swim title Abyssal Archeologist requires you to farm around 25-30 rare items from the ocean. Desert Fox / Great White require you to go Pirate and farm debloons for several weeks. The titles from completing Mistsong dungeon several times on hardmode such as *Stardreamer* and Robotic Revenge also require skill, dedication, and a decent bit of gear as it is the hardest dungeon in the game. Then comes the other vast amount of high tier proficiency titles that give an array of good stats and proficiency boosts.

    All of these titles I've listed and many more I haven't require much more effort and time to obtain while still not even coming close to being as good as that title you've decided to award with your custom event.

    There is a reason why you see players with all manner of individual titles - because none are so far superior to the others that it is a huge disadvantage not to wear them. This title will be the end of that and instead you will see every player in the server wearing "Champion of Auroria". (Assuming everybody can even get it)

    All of the reasons I've listed above should be more than enough for you to see that this title is too overpowered and game changing and should be removed.
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  6. Enigmatic

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    Well the boss only spawns every thursday and you need to kill it 5x so Assuming your raid gets the tag and is able to kill it all 5 x then everyone else who isn't in your raid is cucked, this is going based of the information that was given so again this event its pretty flawed
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  7. This title is way, way, way too strong. It needs to be nerfed significantly, I think.
  8. Izanamihime

    Izanamihime Member

    Even though im all for adding healing stats to the title.. i think pirates should stop complaining.. You became pirate knowing full well that you wouldn't be able to do alot of things that is faction based.. if anything just come back to your faction to do it.. -shrugs-
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  9. Ashu

    Ashu New Member

    So while I love collecting titles. Ill admit the stats are quite over the top. Its also silly to hold an event that the pirates cant partake in. Please bring the stats into reasonable levels and ideally let the pirates in. If the pirates cant do the event I wholly support them contesting the event to the ends of the earth.
  10. Nauti

    Nauti New Member

    ^remove title; thank you
  11. Remix

    Remix New Member

    While the title is cool in all, I think it takes three denials of whoever killed the boss first to stop anyone from getting the title if I'm reading it right.
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  12. Zecen

    Zecen Member

    I have seen MANY MANY events that pirates were able to participate in, stop with the whole bs that 'you chose to go pirate so u should suffer' crap, no matter what faction you are, it should not prevent u from being able to do a GAME event.
    ffss people...
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  13. Stchieven

    Stchieven Member

    Hmm I don't see how the + 30 damage is op. Let's say for example you Crit a precision strike for 15,000. With the title wouldnt the damage only increase to 15,030?
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  14. jrch2k10

    jrch2k10 Active Member

    I think what they mean is +30 base stat hence is affected by any bonus and multiplier you use, so it can reach lot more than simply adding +30 at the end, specially because Archeage base stat calculations are weird AF but no one can be sure until is tested in-game of course.

    Also there is no reason whatsoever for any healer to do this event tho, that tile is utterly useless for us sadly.
  15. Stchieven

    Stchieven Member

    Yeah it's useless for us healers ahaha. Would be nice if it wasn't just +30 damage tho
  16. GRANTO

    GRANTO New Member

    All I see is a bunch of complaining. Pirates this and pirates that, you pirates have had plenty of time to convert back to faction to do said event, it's your choice not to.
  17. Epic

    Epic Well-Known Member

    That significant bonus on a title should be available to anyone even pirates
  18. Stchieven

    Stchieven Member

    It never says magic attack/melee attack/ ranged attack. It says ranged damage/magic damage/melees damage. There's a difference. Kinda like the brick wall spell book that decreases damage by a certain amount, but in this case it increases it by a set amount, not a percentage
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  19. Epic

    Epic Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I guess that was a shitty perspective to use as to reference of how strong it is as a permanent title. Probably should have used Assorted Ribs or something as a comparison instead :p
  20. duckie

    duckie New Member

    I mean if pirates cannot participate in the event all we have to do is contest it to the point where do one can kill the boss right? Hopefully it's not one of those world bosses that just get zerged down so we can actually contest it though.
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