[Game Event] Tavern of the Year (Summer season)

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    tavern pic.jpg

    Tavern of the Year (Summer season)
    After one very long and exhausting Raid our group decided to find a place to taste some delicious food and drink a glass of beer. Can you imagine our surprise, when we couldn’t find the suitable place?! :(
    Hm, maybe you know such place? :rolleyes:

    One of the favorite players' Forum-Game Events is now returning! It's a summer time so surprise us with your Summer Tavern's menu and design ;)

    Decorate your house to look like a Tavern (Cafe or Restaurant) both inside and outside. Think on a menu and invite some friends and other players. You’ll need to post a screenshot of your Tavern location on the map and announce a date and time (server time) for your friends and other players to visit your place for the Party.

    At the time of the Party, take a 3-5 minutes video that will include exterior and interior of your Tavern.

    Evaluation criteria:
    - Exterior and Interior
    - Atmosphere
    - Hospitality
    - Creativity

    And don’t forget to provide you Tavern name and it’s slogan + explain why your Tavern is the best.

    Winners will get the following rewards:

    1st place4000 credits + title Tavern owner
    2nd place 3000 credits + title Tavern owner
    3rd place2000 credits + title Tavern owner

    But that’s not the end! Other players, that are active, don’t have a Tavern but would still like to participate, will have their own task. Visit at least 2 taverns at the date and time of the Party and take 3-5 screenshots + add short reports with them. The best screenshots with the reports will be rewarded.

    1st place3000 credits + title Pressman
    2nd place 2000 credits + title Pressman
    3rd place1000 credits + title Pressman

    title Tavern Owner.png title Pressman.png

    Even ends on August, 22nd, so make sure to have a Party + upload video (for Tavern owners) and screenshots with reports (for Pressmen) by that date.

    Edit: event is extended till August, 26th.

    Let's have a party started!
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  2. Amtheia

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    No hope of winning for new players. Sad!! 'pepe
  3. Sparkle

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    Why not? If you don't have a Tavern you can always be a journalist and win a Pressman reward.
  4. Kohina

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    Welcome to Banana Café, master!

    I'm Kohina, founder and past owner of the Banana Café. I've passed it down to my little sister, Tira, who is currently in charge of running the business there. She is busy with her mercenary life, so I'll be introducing it to everyone on her behalf!

    Banana Café is a maid café located in the road just west of Rockmar Barrow, in Lilyut Hills:


    It is always open for guests, no matter the time! It's set to public and the neighbourhood is pretty peaceful. So feel free to save the portal and hang around anytime you wish.

    As our name says, we have a common thing in all our snacks, drinks, sweets and beverages: bananas. Yes, everything we serve are made from bananas as its core ingredient, as you can see in our menu below.


    Of course, we have one precious rule that should be followed by all the masters in order to keep our café running smoothly: be friendly to everyone, be them the waitresses, customers, or any other guest, including people from opposing factions! You are supposed to talk, eat and interact in a café, it's not an arena. Violence is strictly forbidden! Behave yourselves, my dear ape master, pretty please! There is banana for everyone here, so there is no need for quarrels!

    If you are (or were, originally) from Haranya and don't have access to Lilyut Hills, ask in faction chat and someone may have a portal for it. If they don't, ask in the official Discord and me or someone else will be glad to help!

    Enjoy your stay and come back again anytime!

    (My little sister Tira isn't too good with pictures, but she tried her best to make a suitable pose.)


    Date: August 26.

    Time: 22h server time.

    Note: We don't have a slogan, we don't need one!

    Edit: Party ended around 23:10 server time. Lots of people showed up, thanks to everyone! It's past midnight here, I'll take a break and edit the video and hopefully go to sleep before 3 am (probably not happening).

    Edit 2: Took me a bit more than expected and it's 6 am now, but it is finished!

    Once again, thanks everyone!
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  5. Ganguskahn

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    The grand opening of the Belching Beaver will be help on Tuesday the 21st at 12pm server time!
    The Belching Beaver is all about having a "Dam Good Time!" Whether it be a relaxed beer at the bar inside getting to know some new fellow Ragers, having a private conversation on the couches by the fire, or winding down with a raid party at one of our tables indoors or out!



    Feeling hungry? thirsty? We will take care of you! take a look at our menu items for some tasty Beaver treats! Its all on the house!
    ScreenShot0004.jpg ScreenShot0005.jpg
    We will have portals open at Austera and Marianople a little before opening and a little after because our tavern in on luckbeards island :D

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  6. adan

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  7. Kittydoom

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    I am slowly starting to decorate my tavern and get it together. So hopefully soon I can announce a time a date for a party!
  8. Ganguskahn

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    where will we post our 3-5minute video? :)
  9. Sparkle

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    Right here. You can also announce a date you are going to have your Tavern party, so more players could attend, right in this thread as well.
  10. zoldekgr

    zoldekgr Member

    No money to get big house
  11. Sparkle

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    Then be a Pressman, go other Taverns and win credits to get a house ;)
  12. zoldekgr

    zoldekgr Member

    Can they refuse? , And how i will know the place of the Taverns ?
  13. Sparkle

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    Tavern owners will need to post a screenshot of your Tavern location on the map and announce a date and time (server time) for friends and other players to visit their place for the Party. That is in the Event task.
  14. zoldekgr

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    Thank you very much for information i will be journalist
  15. bribooth

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    M&N Tavern should be ready soon ^_^
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  16. zoldekgr

    zoldekgr Member

    Can't wait
  17. Amtheia

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    What if they only want someone in their family and their guild to win the Pressman, and they don't announce the date and time publicly?
  18. Sjinderson

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    The event is for public players to all get involved and announcing publicly a time for visitors is in the task requirements.
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  19. Amtheia

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    Also, is it possible for me to make a new costume design and send to you guys??? 'glas'glas'glas
  20. Sjinderson

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