[Game event] The Traders Day!

Discussion in 'In-game & Forum Events' started by IronLady, Oct 12, 2017.

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  1. IronLady

    IronLady Well-Known Member


    Wanna be a 'RockStar' in Trading?!

    So, what's the problem buddy?
    Create, deliver the packs and get the Reward on ArcheRage world's known Traders Day!

    Make sure to read this:
    A message informing about event beginning will be appearing on specific day. Players are required to create and deliver trade packs. The player gets a reward for delivering specific amount of packs (see below). You may create and deliver trade packs using any of your account characters, the results will be summarized.
    The event begins at midnight and lasts to 24 hours. Rewards will be sent to your mail right after the end of the event.

    Reward: there are 3 levels of the reward for this event. The player receives the reward for achieving the highest level.

    Note: Trade Packs are required to be created in order to get Charcoal Stabilizer.


    1st level (20 packs to be delivered)
    5x Merit Badge
    10х Tax Certificate

    2nd level (40 packs to be delivered)
    10x Merit Badge
    20х Tax Certificate

    3rd level (60 packs to be delivered)
    15x Merit Badge
    30х Tax Certificate

    IMPORTANT! The schedule and rules for participation in events can change, as well as the reward for them. The updates will be posted on the forum.
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  2. Sparkle

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    Hey All!

    We are adding one more day a week to enjoy our favorite Traders Day. That is another day and other rewards but same rules.


    Trade Packs delivery:
    Falcorth Snowlion Yarn and Falcorth Apple Tarts (craft at Falcorth Plains - deliver to Ynystere)
    Cinderstone Tart Mead and Cinderstone Sacred Candles (craft at Cinderstone Moor - deliver to Gweonid Forest).

    1st level (10 packs to be delivered)
    10х Loyalty Tokens

    2nd level (20 packs to be delivered)
    15х Loyalty Tokens

    3rd level (30 packs to be delivered)
    20х Loyalty Tokens
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