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    (November, 26th - December, 20th, 2018)
    Long ago, in ancient times, before the destruction of Auroria, people had believed that there was only one land. Their land – Auroria. They believed that only them existed... with their continent as the only one on the whole earth. And that there is nothing beyond the endless seas. Only emptiness and raging waters. But they were wrong... It is common for people to believe in their little worlds invented and think of themselves as the center of the universe. People are self-confident and vain creatures... They were wrong...

    Beyond the far and wide seas... beyond the heavy storms and beyond the boundless horizon... there were more continents... more worlds to discover. On these continents everything seemed like on ours, people would pass away naturally... there were guards to protect the innocent... and gods. Gods were very powerful... but not omnipotent… not all-seeing. So, Gods created the assistants – Titans. Titans were very powerful creatures with a truly gigantic size. The Gods taught them magic, very ancient magic. The titans were solely controlled by the gods and were entitled to administer justice. There were multiple different titans and each of them had his own element under control: the seas, the forests, the deserts, the fields, the mountains, etc. Noone knew the real names of the titans, as if you know his name you can control him. For centuries the continents were living in peace and quietness and the titans guarded everyone... there were no mistakes.... no thieves. But people are self-confident and vain creatures...

    People of Auroria descended into a huge crater and opened the gates of Hell. The great Gods were forced to fight the ancient evil of Hell. No one else has heard anything about them. The Titans were left without their masters... without a guiding hand… without a goal in life.

    Years had passed, the Titans learned to live independently. Many of them tried to fulfill the duty entrusted to them by Gods. Others wandered aimlessly around the world. But there were the Titans, who cultivated their anger at their masters living them, at the whole world and at their brothers. Over time, the anger swept them and the Titans went wild. They crashed everything in their path. They killed their fellow Titans. They carried death. The powerful ancient magic of the giants could destroy everything. So... the continents got empty. Nothing left... even the trees. Only the scorched deserts and a handful of the Titans killing each other.

    Among the Titans there was one Titan, possessing the original mental magic. He could skillfully enslave the mind of the enemy. He captured the mind of a Titan and forced him to destroy himself. Finally, only two Titans remained. The first one was called Leviathan – the Titan of the seas, and the second was Crow – the Titan of the swamps...

    Meantime, Auroria was already almost destroyed and its remnants were fading away at the blink of an eye. The great Goddess Nui, used all her power and sacrificed her life to open a portal to the Titans continent... People rushed through the portal seeking for salvation.

    On the other side of the portal nothing but the desert lands were waiting for them. New residents had to work hard to return life to the lands. They planted grass, trees, breed birds and other animals.

    Years have passed since then. Lands people occupied expanded, technologies developed, the population grew. And one day, adventurers discovered a strange gigantic tree... Strange, but there shouldn't be anything here... People came closer to study the tree. And suddenly, they heard strange whispering voices. The voices got louder and louder, it was impossible to resist them... The adventurers stood rooted to the spot, they could not even move their fingers. And the tree, meanwhile, moved... a huge branch soared up and crushed them...

    Titan awakened, he realized that life returned to the continent… he had to destroy it. After all, where there is life, there is no peace. Titan went to correct that...
    Dozens of villages and cities, on his way, were ground to dust. Titan was moving further and further... But people are self-confident and vain creatures...

    People gathered armies, dozens, hundreds of thousands of warriors. They geared them up... the best armor… the best weapons and sent them into battle with the Titan. Noone ever returned... Defeat after defeat…
    There were mages among them. Educated and savvy men. They understood the origin of Titan and understood that they would hardly be able to destroy such a powerful creature of God... For months they were concentrated on learning the ancient writings and incoherent scraps of the ancient texts. They were looking for a way to pacify the Titan. And found. The only way to cope with the Titan was to cast an ancient seal spell on him 7 times and it must be done on the ice. Only this spell can disorient and send Titan to the other world.
    But, even this great spell is not able to pacify forever all the Titan’s power. Time will pass and Titan will be able to break the shackles and return to our world.
    There was no choice. The spell was the only way out…

    People have gathered their last strengths. Even peasants, merchants and teenagers joined the battle. There was no choice. This was the last fight. If people lose this time, then Titan will destroy everything and everybody… everybody, whom at the cost of her life saved the Goddess Nui.
    People lured Titan to the Miroir Tundra. Hundreds of thousands of warriors and commoners fought bravely against the Crow. Tens of thousands of them died from only one stroke of Titan's hand. He enslaved the minds of tens of thousands and destroyed them... But the mages were good in what they did. Mages cast an ancient spell. The spell did not seem to work.... on the seventh day of the fight... almost noone was left of this huge army... the spell had already been read six times, but no effect on Crow... People rushed into the last attack, covering the magicians, working on the seventh spell, with their bodies... And now, a giant branched hand soared up again... The soldiers were whispering their last goodbyes... Suddenly, a bright light lit up all around. The light was so bright that it was impossible to see anything. There was no titan, no earth, no mages, no even their companions nearby.... When the light disappeared, the Titan vanished… Th only thing remained was a huge seal on the ground.

    "Finally, VICTORY!" - people thought. After all, people are self-confident and vain creatures...

    Centuries later, the Titan returned more than once and destroyed human settlements again and again. But each time people went into the battle against him and at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives sealed him, earning a little more time for themselves...
    Nobody knows when Titan will return...​

    Dear ArcheRagers,
    In this event you will have to face an ancient Titan, called Crow, and his followers.

    The Great Goddess Nui will offer you a questline. During the quests, you will learn the story of the Titan and his followers. You will also receive all the necessary information to successfully complete the quests.

    --- One of the quests will send you to kill the Titan’s followers who appear from Rifts every 3 hours on Tuesdays and Fridays. The Rift will spawn randomly in one of 3 locations: Sungold Fields, Solzreed Peninsula or Solis Headlands. More accurate spawn locations will be displayed on your map.
    As soon as you destroy the rift wave, the next one will appear.
    If you don’t destroy all the waves, then the rift will disappear in 2 hours.

    PvP near the rift is not welcome, so everyone within 250m from the rift will receive a special buff that will increase Toughness +200k.
    Players are strongly encouraged to form groups and raids to fight the rift, since opponents are extremely strong and can easily kill single players.
    Enemies from the rifts may drop the following items:
    21.jpg Titan's magic Quintessence
    9.jpg Ancient Ice-Shard
    4-1.jpg Ancient Weapon's Shard
    6-1.jpg Ancient Staff's Shard
    5-1.jpg Ancient Armor's Shard
    Those items can be used on the Titan Energy Specialty Workbench to craft unique items. Details below.

    --- The next quest will invite you to participate in the Titan Crow Sealing.
    Titan will appear on Miroir Tundra every Wednesday and Saturday at 2:00 PM server time and 10:00 PM server time.
    If the Titan is not killed within 2 hours, then he will simply disappear and the players will not receive their reward.
    After you kill the Titan, on his place will appear the magical seal and the Titan’s pure energy. If you scoop up some of this energy, you will receive 5 random rewards.​
    Rewards (open)

    Ancient Magic Ice-Shard
    Golem's Soul Shard
    Iola's Soul Shard
    Wrapped Arcan's Soul Shard
    Ancient Weapon's Shard
    Ancient Staff's Shard
    Ancient Armor's Shard
    Ancient Ice-Shard

    Abyssal Crystal
    Abyssal Shard
    Axis Mundi Aegis
    Ayanad Accessory Scroll
    Ayanad Armorsmithing Scroll
    Ayanad Weaponsmithing Scroll
    Beast Lord's Bell
    Book of Auroria
    Bound Prime Weapon Temper
    Bound Radiant Synthium Stone
    Bound Resplendent Accessory Regrade Scroll
    Bound Resplendent Armor Regrade Scroll
    Bound Resplendent Weapon Regrade Scroll
    Bound Superior Red Regrade Charm
    Brimstone Wisp
    Brinebrawn Stone
    Celestial Accessory Anchoring Emblem
    Celestial Armor Anchoring Emblem
    Celestial Weapon Anchoring Emblem
    Clear Synthium Shard
    Eternal Winter Chill
    Fine Fire Lunarite
    Fine Wave Lunarite
    Glider Wingmaker Scroll
    Lucid Ancient Lunagem
    Lucky Moonpoint
    Lucky Moonpoint Shard
    Lucky Starpoint
    Lucky Starpoint Shard
    Lucky Sunpoint
    Lucky Sunpoint Shard
    Moonlight Archeum Crystal
    Moonlight Archeum Essence
    Nightmare Essence
    Oathbreaker Plate
    Prime Armor Temper
    Prime Lunarite
    Revenant Soulstone
    Sealed Delphinad Earring
    Sealed Delphinad Necklace
    Sealed Delphinad Ring
    Sealed Vivid Lunagem
    Shining Lightning Essence
    Starlight Archeum Crystal
    Starlight Archeum Essence
    Sunlight Archeum Crystal
    Sunlight Archeum Essence
    Sunset Portalstone
    Sunstrength Stone
    Superior Earth Lunarite
    Superior Fire Lunarite
    Superior Gale Lunarite
    Superior Lunarite
    Superior Wave Lunarite
    Synthium Soap
    Titan's magic Quintessence
    Trinket Egg
    Titan Energy Specialty Workbench will appear in Marianople, Austera and Diamond Shores. There players will be able to craft unique titles, weapons and decor for their houses.


    Unique Titles

    Players will be offered 9 grades of titles for warriors, mages, healers, tanks and archers.​

    To craft titles, you will need 21.jpg Titan's magic Quintessence, which you can get by destroying the monsters from the rifts and as a reward for killing the Titan.

    At each stage, player will need to choose himself what stats he wants to add to his title.
    An example of one of the warrior titles with maximum grade:​


    As the title can be improved, players will be given the opportunity to drop the lower grade title and advance to the higher stage. In order to do this you will have to craft the next title in Titan Energy Specialty Workbench.

    Unique decor
    Players will also have a chance to craft the unique decor for their houses in the form of the captured Titan and his followers.
    For that you will need:
    9.jpg Ancient Ice-Shards
    10.jpg Ancient Magic Ice-Shards

    Unique outfit

    Players will be able to craft the unique outfit for themselves, collecting its shards from the bodies of killed Titan’s followers.​
    Example of an Armor, Sword and Dagger:

    Unique Battle Pets

    Scoop up Titan’s energy, after killing him, and, with a low chance, you can get one of 3 unique battle pets with unique skills:​

    Skills (open)

    You obtained this soul shard from Titan's pure energy. Arcan will guard you until the end of times...

    Pet Skills:
    • Ice Arrow - Deals 1500 Physical Damage to target and inflicts Snare for 1.5 sec.
    • Cold Fearlessness -Launches a rush past an enemy dealing 1000-2000 Physical Damage and decreases enemy Move Speed -50%. Can't be countered with Evasion, Block, or Parry. Can't be used while Snared.
    • Icy Heart - The icy heart can't be destroyed. Arcan instantly restores 2000 Health and gradually restores health over 8 sec. Decreases received damage -10%.
    • Deadly Whirlwind - Arcan violently axes and causes 1000-1800 Physical Damage to surrounding enemies. Increases Arcan's Attack Speed +50% for 10 sec.
    • Heartbreaking Scream - Arcan makes a heartbreaking cry and with a 70% chance weakens enemies within 5m for 6 sec. Increases the duration of Stun, Trip, Fear, Snare, Restrain, Silence, Sleep, Impale, and Slow +20%.


    Skills (open)

    You obtained this soul shard from Titan's pure energy. Iola will guard you until the end of times...

    Pet Skills:
    • Ice Stakes - Iola invokes a wall of ice stakes. Ice stakes deals 1200-1350 Magic Damage to enemies and freezes them.
    • Curse of Witch - Iola curses enemies within 8m. Curse chance 70%.
      Curse: - Reduces Skill Damage -15%; - Reduces Attack Speed -15%; - Increases Cast Time +15%; - Reduces Magic Defense -300; - Deals 500 Magic Damage after 6 seconds.
    • Generous Gift - Iola instantly restores 1500 Mana and 1000 Health to owner. Gradually restores mana and health to owner over 10 sec.
    • Hex - Iola summons skewer within a 5m circle at the target area, dealing 400-600 Magic Damage and Impaling enemies for 2 sec, preventing all actions.
    • Ancient Witch's Energy - Iola knows multiple ancient magic secrets and skillfully use them. Witch instantly restores 5000 Health and Mana.


    Skills (open)

    You obtained this soul shard from Titan's pure energy. Golem will guard you until the end of times...

    Pet Skills:
    • Ice Punch - Deals 1000 Physical Damage to target and freezes target for 1 sec.
    • Freshing Whirlwind - Gradually increases Golem's Move Speed and Attack Speed for 30 sec.
    • Ice Welding - Restores 4000 Golem's health over 10 sec.
    • Frosty Earthen Shackle - Calls forth an ice hand from the ground to hold the enemy, inflicting Snare for 3 sec. Deals Magic Damage on expiration.
    • Golem's Knowledge - Golem shares fraction of his knowledge with owner. Increases Strength, Agility, Stamina, Intelligence, and Spirit +20 for the pet or its owner within 15m.

    1. During the event, PvP in Miroir Tundra is undesirable.
    2. You can’t take a qustline if you are in the process of one of the quests completion or have completed the quest today.
    3. This event is designed in such a way that a player, participating in all 7 boss kills (max number) will have a high chance to get the max title and house decor, in the form of a Captured Titan. All other rewards depend on your persistence in game.
    4. Event will not be extended, but in the future it will be added again.
    5. No changes will be made in the event titles.
    6. Bound items will remain bound.
    7. If you don’t complete the quest for Titan kill, you will not be able to get a reward!
    8. Due to the huge size of the Titan, melee warriors will not be able to inflict damage with melee skills, and can only inflict simple strikes (a tip: aim Titan's legs). But, in the battle with Titan, melee warriors will be useful in the Titan's followers killing.
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    oh nice I can deep sleep off of a pet ability. Dev's literally don't think at all when adding this stuff
  5. ironhead

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    I thought you guys had learned your lesson with the Champion of Auroria title, but nope, here we are with another super OP title, except this time with a disclaimer that you'll never balance it. 'idk
  6. What if we get more than one raid doing the event? Im assuming only the one who gets the tags, gets the stuff. Or anyone in the area gets it if they attack the mobs too?
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  7. Taikai

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    is there a scepter skin? as it stands most scepter skins really suck lol
  8. Murdock

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    custom OP mount... custom OP glider... custom OP titles... at least these aren't in a box this time. But hey maybe pay attention to what you're adding to the game and the affect that it has on it? Just a thought.

    Keep adding seed bundle boxes too that's a great job there folks. People sure didn't get pissed at trion for filling the boxes with trash...
  9. Sparkle

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    All players from the raid get the kills count. You need to kill 8 mobs only from the rift to complete the quest. There are approx 200 mobs available there. Even if that are several raids there, all raids should have enough mobs to kill and complete the quest.
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    What's OP in them? Every player has a chance to receive event titles and pets (there are no mounts in this event, so I guess you are referring to pets). Everyone has the same chances and everyone has access to the content.
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  11. I'm really really happy with this reply ^^ This way everyone, even people who are "late" (weren't the first to X up), have the same chance to get the quest done. And the buff to stop people from screwing up the event for other people is great too. Thank you.
  12. ironhead

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    It's OP because it's better than every other title in the game, and much easier to get.

    Just because everyone gets a fair chance of having it doesn't mean it's not OP.

    Everything people said on the Nui's Chosen event title before it was nerfed still applies (comments like this one for example) and it's sad to see the devs haven't learned from a past mistake.
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    so the rift only spawns at certain times right? what about the people who cant make it at those times
  14. dooder39

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    No, the Rifts spawn every 3 hours. It's the boss that spawns on certain times.

    Tbh, they should have the boss spawn every x hours too imo.
  15. norhi

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    What about the bosses? Does every participating player get the reward or just the raid that has the bosses' tag?

    "One of the quests will send you to kill the Titan’s followers who appear from Rifts every 3 hours on Tuesdays and Fridays."
  16. Please reduce drop rate for:
    Ayanad Weapon, Armor and Accesoary scrolls
    Fine Fire and Wave Lunarite!!!
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    Awesome event!!!
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    You didn't see the drop rates but already ask to reduce them o_O
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  19. I just know that on the Russian server they fell very often and to almost everyone)
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    Every participant that hits the boss at least once from the distance not bigger than 250m will have the quest completed and quest reward received. Works same way as Kadum.
    As for the other rewards rewards, it was mentioned in the guide: "After you kill the Titan, on his place will appear the magical seal and the Titan’s pure energy. If you scoop up some of this energy, you will receive 5 random rewards."
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