[Game Event] Titan's Attack

Discussion in 'In-game & Forum Events' started by Sparkle, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. Greatness

    Greatness New Member

    There is no way I can keep my job and go to all boss spawns when will the event be brought back?
  2. Cloudsp

    Cloudsp New Member

    Yep, que event will return. Check the Sparkle post.

  3. Rosess

    Rosess New Member

    Love the event so please consider extending the period on it! I sure lot's of player's are gonna travel for the holidays. including myself. It breaks my heart knowing i wont have enough time to complete. I work the weekends too :( It's been rough for me and hopefully enough people are on my same boat to make a difference. speak up :) let's make it till sometime January.
  4. CarebearAn

    CarebearAn Member

    For any archers wondering if they should go MS title or Attack speed, I'd go with the 30 attack speed. Just obtained Sniper Title and it boosted my Movespeed by 0.1%.
  5. havockitty

    havockitty Active Member

    I hope u can revert it and change for other one feels bad man :/, rly wanted this title for name.
  6. danylobn

    danylobn New Member

    what happens if a pick up the wrong title token upon tier 2?
  7. Flipsy

    Flipsy Member

    2 Prime Lunarite, 1 Eternal Winter Chill, 2 Revenant Soulstones for a gear set meant to be the catch-up mechanic on retail from each titan done so far. Are you fucking kidding with this loot table? Like, honestly are you serious with this shit? Got the three absolute worst possible drops, one of which isn't even used and one of which you can get in any dungeon (I'm honestly shocked you didn't put in Heat of Eternal Summer in with these drops!). I can't believe the people in charge of this server are so out of touch that they'd do shit like this. Do you guys even play this game?
  8. Thriem

    Thriem New Member

    The Titan event was great!!! I know that some wont agree due to lag, rng for loot, and missing some days of the event but i liked the direction your team is going with special events. It seems the Archerage team has had special events going all the time since i started. Your very in tune with feed back from players and react quickly to attempt to solve and fix issues. In most big mmo's current and past big server events usally cause lag just because of the sheer number of people on. It shows how healthy the server really is having several hundred people showing up for event over the past few weeks. Again very impressed and keep it going!!! =)
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  9. Draeoni

    Draeoni New Member

    Is it possible to unbind the quintessence now the event is over? I know a few people are literally less than 10 quintessences from getting the last title, and I'm one of them...

    Also, I did attend 9 titans. I attended way more of the Arcan/Iola/Golem event parts than required. It just wasn't enough. I'm 6 quintessences away, so unless event comes back or the essences become unbound, I'll never be able to get the final tier title.
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  10. Bacqnbits

    Bacqnbits New Member

    I was out of town for the first one and tried doing extra rifts to make up for it. I came so close but didn't get it in the end. It would help all those people who went through all the laggy titan events to come up short by a few like us.
  11. kyleran

    kyleran Member

    It sucks that some people missed the final title by 10 essence but making it unbind would be a poor choice, they might as well sell it in the cashshop. The whole event for that matter would become pointless. Don't take this the wrong way, i do have around 30 leftover essence and It could sell it for 500g ea, but its not the right way.

    Edit: Also people that never been to titan will be able to get the title if essence becomes unbind, do you really want them to have the title ?
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  12. Sjinderson

    Sjinderson Active Member Staff Member Technical Assistant

    Essence will stay bound. You can finish your title when the event returns
  13. Yankmyplank

    Yankmyplank Member

    7x 70 is 490 and you can do 3 mob quests every day and get only 1 or 2 quintessence.

    TBH it was a good idea but clearly this event was too much for the servers also the timing of main event only suited the America's.

    If this event is for everyone then maybe 3x per 24 would have been better 2pm 10pm and 6am server time, that way everyone would have had a fair chance to get it, without having to take time of work/school.

    I do think it should be done in a dungeon thought with smaller raids, that way every one gets a fair shot, without screwing up the server for everyone with lag, disconnects and even Ddos attacks.

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