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    Winter Maiden Festival

    (December, 21st, 2017 - January, 8th, 2018)
    (December, 11th, 2018 - January, 8th, 2019)

    Dear ArcheRagers!

    One of the greatest magical holidays – Winter Maiden Festival. So, if you haven’t started your preparations yet, now it’s just a perfect time for it. Decorations, glowing deers silhouettes, Christmas Wreaths, bright outfits and lots of other festive items for the perfect Holidays mood are available now!

    Large Winter Maiden Festival Tree

    Christmas tree is considered the main symbol of Winter Maiden Festival – decorating it, ArcheRagers commemorate Kyprosa Daeior, who became winter incarnation deity. People usually place Christmas tree in the house or in the yard to properly meet Winter Maiden. It's said, during the Winter Maiden Festival week you can meet a kind wizard, Santa. His Flying Sleigh are crammed with sweets and wonderful gifts, that he’s ready to put under the decorated Christmas trees.

    Would you also like to receive gifts from Santa? There is nothing easier! Starting from December, 11th Winter Maiden's Messengers will appear in the world of ArcheRage – they can be found in Marianople and Austera. During the Festival these locations are going to be the peaceful zones.
    Complete the daily tasks and receive a small Christmas tree. Christmas tree will need to be placed in the yard.
    It’s not that hard to decorate Winter Maiden Festival Tree as well – after killing the monsters you can get a Festival Tree Decoration Pack as a trophy. Decorate a Christmas tree with 4 Festival Tree Decoration Packs and in 30 minutes you will find a Winter Maiden's Gift Box under it!


    This Gift Box can be opened once an hour during the day! Inside you can find a lot of Winter Maiden's pleasures ;)
    Snowmen... snowmen are all around!

    These, made of snow, funny men with trees branches hands and carrot noses are constant companions of winter. To make a Snowman is one of ArcheRagers favorite activities during the Winter Maiden Festival celebrations, try it yourself! :)
    Hunt the monsters in the ArcheRage world and you’ll have a chance to get some special sets – Flurry Packed Snow. To create a Snowman use 3 lumps of Flurry Packed Snow to make one snowman. (different for each type of Snowman). You made a Smowman, great! You can collect 1 Snowman Anima half of an hour after completion.

    A Prayer for the Winter Maiden

    During these festive days, Kyprosa is invisibly present among the inhabitants of ArcheRage. In Marianople, Caernord, Solis Headlands, Cinderstone Moor and Mirage, pay attention to the Christmas Tree behind the Winter Maiden's Messenger – everyone who touches its branches will receive a gift from Kyprosa – Kyprosa’s Authority, a useful effect that will increase all your basic characteristics (5% increase) for 1 hour.
    Tons of gifts

    Witnesses said they saw on their own, how Santa flew over the capital! But something happened and Santa lost most of his gifts. Gifts are not that easy to open and you can’t do it in the usual way, but, fortunately, the confectioner just made a magic Candy-fueled Fastropod, that will help you to open the gifts!
    However, the Candy-fueled Fastropod's magic is not stable and will let you open only 10 gifts. In addition, her lifetime is only 20 minutes.

    Snowballs fun!

    Winter Maiden Festival even reached the Mistmerrow! Winter Maiden's Messenger is waiting for you in the canyon, she needs help with finishing the Snowmen, so our defenders could also enjoy the Festival and honor the goddess. You just need to take a bucket of snow and finish the Snowman. The bucket, in its turn, will let you play snowballs all over the canyon!
    "Live Snow"

    While making a snowman, we always try to give it the shape of a living being. And what if our wish came true? .. Not so long ago, overseas traders brought to the capital a batch of live snowmen! Unfortunately, they could escape from the warehouse and took a batch of Christmas decorations with them. You will have to face the fugitives and return the Christmas decorations!
    Snowmen have stolen not only Winter Maiden Festival capital’s decorations, but also a collection of last year's snowmen. There is no need to return them to the city authorities... You can place them at home .. :) However, snowmen do not last forever and may melt in the summer... They will also disappear when the house is demolished.

    Spend 120 minutes in game and get a chance to receive a Winter Maiden Boot.
    Winter Maiden Boot.png
    Place it in your house and in 1 hour you can receive a gift.

    You can also look for the festival bards that are hiding in Marianople and Austera.
    Find bard 7 times and get your reward - Winter Maiden's Warmth. But keep in mind, bards are good in hiding ;)

    Complete the tasks and receive the Winter Maiden Coins 11.jpg

    You can use them in Festival Gift Exchanger.

    In Festival Gift Exchanger you can find Fireworks, various Hats, Caps, Headwears, Cakes, a Phonograph, Holidays toys, Christmas trees and multiple gifts!

    List of rewards:
    Round Festival Firework
    Heart-Shaped XP Fireworks
    Snowflake Honor Fireworks
    Winter Prosperity Fireworks
    Yule Maiden Hat
    Reindeer Headwear
    Snowman Headwear
    Cypress Music Box
    Winter Maiden Festival Tree Chest
    Winter Maiden's Lullaby
    Cupcake Whimsy Hat
    Beribboned Cupcake Whimsy Hat
    Decorative Snowman Cupcake
    Decorative Cupcake
    Decorative Beribboned Cupcake
    Decorative Winter Maiden's Warmth
    Leafpile Greenman
    10-Slot Rangora's Trove
    20-Slot Rangora's Trove
    Hermit's Glare (Helmet from Hermit's Glare)​
    Hermit's Glare (open)

    On the picture is a full Hermit's costume. From this event you can obtain Helmet only - Hermit's Glare. Other pieces of the costume will be available in future events.


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  2. Mordred

    Mordred New Member

    someone teach me how to do this event
  3. Zeydec

    Zeydec New Member

    I logged in and went to lunch, when I went back and went to get the candy from the mail to pick up the gifts, he disappeared, I had to pack it up, for the 20 minutes to count when to pick up the item and not when I get the mail, I think wrong like this.
  4. cubansyrus

    cubansyrus Active Member

    Had the same thing, little bit peeved tbh.
  5. oZioNA

    oZioNA Member

    Wait so is solis in peace for the west to run trade ships while the east gets marianople?
  6. JXRaiv

    JXRaiv Member

    Last edited: Dec 21, 2017
  7. fujicakes

    fujicakes New Member

    can we get a christmas tree on growlgate? #MakePiratesGreatAgain

    no, but seriously, I just went pirate and was kind of bummed out that every where is Christmas-like except for Growlgate. Is there any way for you guys to add that so that we can participate in quests too? @Sparkle @IronLady @Ryuzaki

    Remove the peace zone with the Christmas tree for Growlgate to just allow us to get the buff and do the quests. Keep the island the same, but just make it Christmas-like !
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  8. Enigmatic

    Enigmatic Active Member

    Then how would people contest / kill morph ?
  9. fujicakes

    fujicakes New Member

    what does having a Christmas tree to do quests have anything to do with Morpheus?

    edit::sorry its been a while since i've done the christmas event, but i'm assuming its cause of the peace? We don't need peace for our tree! Just add it for buff/quests, imo.
  10. Katsuie

    Katsuie Member

    So to get the decorations, I have to kill any type of mobs?

    Or is there a level limit.
  11. Enigmatic

    Enigmatic Active Member

    Oh my bad i thought u wanted the entire peace, tree and quest should be ok
  12. fujicakes

    fujicakes New Member

    nah, fuck peace man. I want to pvp lol. I just want something to do in the lots of down time lol..maybe rp ;)
  13. elyndora

    elyndora Active Member

    How do you get the decorations once your tree is up? Same mob grind as the quest to get the tree?
  14. Tiiinker

    Tiiinker New Member

    Ya I think so, I have the decorations from grinding mobs but no tree, you grind mobs to get a tree?
  15. elyndora

    elyndora Active Member

    You need to turn in 8 decorations with the quest to get the tree.
  16. Wyzpr

    Wyzpr Active Member

    Lol this helps everyone... Wait till halcy peace and bring some packs back to harranya. Also East has always had easier intercontinental trade routes in normal day to day basis.
  17. Akimato

    Akimato Member

    can you explain how to get the tree? i did every quests but there wasnt one for it... thanks
  18. Tiiinker

    Tiiinker New Member

    Okay first there are two different tree decorations. The first can be obtained grinding mobs (I'm unsure if lower level mobs drop these, but doubt it). You do not need to have the tree quest to get these decorations. These are the decorations that you need 4 of to decorate your placed tree. The other decorations are linked to obtaining the tree and don't drop unless you have the quest. You need 8 of these decorations.
    If you're east, the quest to get a tree is in Austera by the Christmas tree located by the daily Gilda quest givers (raise a lemomorph etc). Once you have the quest mobs of any level will drop the quest version of decorations. I killed the level 22 slimes outside Austera. Once you have the 8 quest decorations, turn them in for the tree.
  19. echoes_of_eternity

    echoes_of_eternity Active Member

    What does this mean? Will snowman statues suddenly disappear? They don't seem to have a timer or anything.
  20. stronghart

    stronghart Member

    ~Can i Craft the Inn Paiting again? I destroyed mine on house changes... XD

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