[Game event] Winter Maiden Festival !!!

Discussion in 'In-game & Forum Events' started by Sparkle, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Previously respawned in 60 mins but we changed timer to 20 mins with the last restart.
  2. AkariuTamokiy

    AkariuTamokiy New Member

    ok, good to know because not that I run around for hours and find nothing^^
  3. ruya

    ruya New Member

    Funkeln Sie sagten, die anderen Festbarden wurden entfernt. Ich habe 3 Fetivalbarden in Falc gefunden und angesprochen, aber für den Wintererfolg wurden sie nicht gezählt. und in Austera renne ich seit über 2 Stunden auf den Schlägen herum und kann keine Wickler-Jungfernbarden finden.
    Wie kann das sein?
    können Sie mir damit helfen?
  4. Aviendha

    Aviendha Active Member

    Hi Ruya,

    I don't think the devs read German c: the Evenbard stuff has been explained in previous posts in this thread.
    - other zone bards dont count
    - Austera bards are there, their spawn changed form 60min to 20min.
    - you're not the only one who cannot find them, i didnt find a single one yet either
    - they promised a map after a week of not finding anything but that didnt happen yet.
    edit: nvm a map got added a while ago here and i didnt notice ;-; go to page 3 in this thread

    good luck!
  5. stronghart

    stronghart Member

    well, one week to event end and not a single time i found this bard... i give up.
  6. Zenjirr

    Zenjirr Active Member

    yeah i gave up aswell, found 1 bard last year, and 1 this year and every time was after server restarts. Never seen one ever again :)
    gonna complete it in another 5 years i guess :D

  7. Zenjirr

    Zenjirr Active Member

    so how many people managed to complete winter bard achievement? :D
  8. AkariuTamokiy

    AkariuTamokiy New Member

    I've not...haven't found a single one sadly :(

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