Happy Holidays wishes!

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    Happy Holidays 2018.png
    Dear ArcheRagers!
    Our Developers, Administrators and Moderators team wishes you Happy Winter Holidays!
    May your heart and home be filled with all of the joys the festive season brings.
    We appreciate you being with us during this year and hope to see you as a part of our big family next 2019 year as well.

    Our ArcheRage team has also prepared little Holidays Gift Boxes for you.

    How to receive a Gift Box?
    After the server restart on 12/25, go to your Account Panel on the website and press a "Gift" button that is located next to the "Tickets" and"Restoration" button.
    Carefully choose the character you'd like it to be sent to as gift can be sent only once per account.
    After the gift is requested, it can't be exchanged or sent to another character.
    Important! Gifts can be requested within 3 weeks only. Gift button will be removed on 1/15 in the morning.

    What is inside?
    You'll find a unique pet, unique house decor, Christmas costume with stats and many other things in the Gift Box.
    We'll keep the details in secret. Let it be a surprise for you ;)
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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  2. ASB

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    ty and to u 2
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  3. MerlinsBeard

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    Thanks so much! I love this server!! :)
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  4. Borcha

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    Coolio, free Santa outfit. Happy Holidays.
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  5. Noname_Shiro

    Noname_Shiro Member

    Thank you, Merry Christmas & happy holidays :3
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  6. RipcordZ

    RipcordZ New Member

    Happy Holidays to the devs and their families! Thank you for creating the server!
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  7. sabertag

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  8. Thriem

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    Happy holidays Archerage team and i hope you enjoy your well deserved time off with family/friends. Thank you all for all that you do that makes this game great, best wishes <3
  9. Skila

    Skila New Member

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to both Archerage devs and the community ^^
  10. Aglarond

    Aglarond New Member

    Thank you ArcheRage team - have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  11. Marco a cuevas

    Marco a cuevas New Member

    Just tried it and it said already received gift...probably talking about the "support pack" what do I do?
  12. Sparkle

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    I can see you receive the mail with your Gift in game today. You can receive it only once per account.
  13. Kirishima

    Kirishima New Member


    But I dont select any character :(
  14. Asmodea

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    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! Best wishes and good RNG! :D
  15. Kirishima

    Kirishima New Member

    Use incognito mode in Google chrome browser
  16. lilynette

    lilynette New Member

    hello , i claim gift from website it has mailbox but nothing attach with mailbox, it's empty. what should i do?
  17. konzul

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    Happy Holidays everyone, Thank you Arche Rage Team :)
  18. Sparkle

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    You must have moved it to your inventory if you claimed a gift, received a mail but mail is empty. Check your inventory.
  19. lilynette

    lilynette New Member

    it's nothing, my client is crash then i copy file client.version from my friend. maybe it bug or something, i attached photo in ticket #6105919937 pls check, i still re-download client again.
  20. lilynette

    lilynette New Member

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