Hello and thank you (and a few questions :P )

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Zephyris13, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. Zephyris13

    Zephyris13 New Member

    New here, just found out about this server yesterday from a friend. Was obsessed with Archeage till they turned it into a cash grab and sold it off. It still remained my fave mmo (along with swg) since then.

    Few questions whilst my launcher updates...

    1) I'm from EU...is it ok to join the NA server? Couldn't find an EU server, plus I doubt the population will be large if there was one.
    2) I know we're restricted to one account per IP, but how many characters can we have, and how many can be logged in at the same time?
    3) Are costumes available? I'm mainly looking for the one with a steampunk looking arm and top hat (which I had on live)
    4) Not a question...more of a thank you for reviving one of the best MMOs ever created!
  2. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    I'll be glad to reply your questions.

    Currently we have 2 servers - NA server located in Canada (this one) and RU/EU server located in France.

    Both servers have English speaking community.
    RU/EU server has mostly Russian speaking players and players from Europe.
    NA server is more international. We have EU, NA, Asia, etc here.
    If you are interested to try our EU server, you can reach in by following the link: https://ru.archerage.to/ and press the right upper corner button for English language.

    You can have only 1 account on our server but can create up to 9 characters on it. You'll be able to keep online only 1 character at a time.

    We have our marketplace as well with costumes for Merit Badges, Loyalty Tokens and Credits with rotation of costumes, mounts, decor, etc every 1-2 weeks. You can find out more in this thread: https://na.archerage.to/forums/index.php?threads/in-game-boutique.658/
  3. Zephyris13

    Zephyris13 New Member

    Thank you!

    I'll give the NA server a try first, usually I end up finding a larger population and guilds on NA servers.

    And I'll keep an eye out to nab that costume when it rotates in then!

    Now just need to have my launcher finish updating :D
  4. Aviendha

    Aviendha Active Member


    Don't worry about being from EU on here c: plenty of stuff going on during our day time. The only things you will probably miss are siege and lusca/abyssal (at about 3-4am CEST). Kraken is at about 00:30 iirc, not too bad if you can stay up now and then.
  5. Zephyris13

    Zephyris13 New Member

    From all those I only used to do Kraken occasionally. So won't effect me much!

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