how to report for insult ?

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by mrderive, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. mrderive

    mrderive New Member

    hi someone can tell me how to report ?
  2. cubansyrus

    cubansyrus Active Member

    You could either waste admins time, by making a ticket. Or you could grow a thicker skin/block people ? There is a block function and a profanity filter for a reason.
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  3. Nixkie

    Nixkie New Member

    they take a while with tickets even for bugs
  4. rodtheram

    rodtheram New Member

    please don't waste the time of people working on the game with this, it is an online game, nothing else to add.
  5. Vampiris

    Vampiris Active Member

    So why i have my chat blocked for 1,200 minutes for something that happen yesterday?? I get insulted, i fired back, and i get banned xD
  6. Enjun

    Enjun New Member

    I know several players who purposely will provoke you into saying something and then reporting you. Seriously though grow up and just ignore them. The mods here seen to be way to overzealous with chat banning people and something needs to be done about it, its bullshit.
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  7. Vampiris

    Vampiris Active Member

    This is true. It happen to me twice, and people keep provoke me but now i just ignore. 2,2oo minutes without chat is enough, the funny thing is the player named Discipline sent me a mail telling me that if i was not banned, is because the admins are corrupts. Because i report him once too and the kid got chat banned and come to cry to my mail. I dont report him anyway, block option is great. Dont waste admins time with chat reports, i see everyday people insulting each other.
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  8. Trixiy

    Trixiy Member

    This is a rather toxic and hateful server as far as people go, just stick to yourself and take the advice of others here, use chat block.
    The server and people running it are better then official but the community is poison.
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  9. Marco a cuevas

    Marco a cuevas New Member

    This server has a lot of toxic players I would say more than some retail servers. Never have I blocked so many people in an MMO nearing 100 blocks and counting....just piles of trash.
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