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Discussion in 'Game Guides' started by Kobby, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. Kobby

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    Hello all, I’ve noticed an influx of new players, so I decided to make a neat little guide for those who are objectively based, but have no direction on what they need to do in this game to make gold, get gear, etc. Now to spare you the wall of text as I put some effort into this guide, I compiled it into a google docs that should make accessing this information easier. This is not a specific money making guide, as it simply guides you into the mindset on how to critically think for yourself, and about how to adjust your gameplay to accommodate how you want to play the game.

    Formatted it the best I knew how, but I am taking suggestions on how to improve the guide overall. Leave me feedback so I know if this effort was beneficial to someone.

    Guide - https://goo.gl/j8fEJV

    Note: This is my opinion, I’m not sorry if this information offends you.

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  2. Ariess

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    Thanks for the effort put in to this to help out the community :)
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  3. Aviendha

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    love the part where it says 'do not regrade', i can totally agree with that as when i started the game the disappointment is what happened to me.. ever since i just buy everything i need XD

    and this is much more fun anyway as i can do whatever i like, enjoy the game, and make gold in the process c: which is what you also mention, find something you like doing and focus on that. best advice considering there's so many things to do in the game, you might get lost.

    great guide, ty @Kobby !
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  4. Kobby

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    Thanks for the feedback. I tried to make that a reoccurring theme in the guide to not waste your money on things that will not give you a return or more profit. People do a lot of things without thinking about it and in the end usually ends up losing money. If you want to take it a step further, developing a google spreadsheet that calculates profitability based on just changing AH value numbers will help tremendously if you plan to stick around longer than 3 months.

    By all means, this guide isn’t perfect and has a lot of room for improvement, but I’m glad to see my effort is being appreciated and helpful to some. If any of you have suggestions on how I can make this guide more helpful without directly ruining someone’s market or proficiency, leave me some ideas or PM me and I’ll try to include it the best I can.
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  5. XagoBlue

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    First off, thanks for the effort, I'm a returning player but feel like a newbie so it would be great to have some pointers to get me back on track!

    Secondly, I fell in love with you because of the above quote! :D

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