Include Lord Coins in Credit Loot Boxes

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Add Lord Coins to loot crate boxes

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  1. sociopathix

    sociopathix Active Member

    There seems to be some interest in having Lord Coins also included in the rotation in credit loot boxes from the cash shop.

    Many reasons, among them that regrade scrolls have been in nearly every box for the last couple of months, driving down what used to be a decent way to make gold. Castle owners have a monopoly on Lord Coins except for a couple of frankly terrible dailies, and if you have more than a couple of farms, you can't hope to get enough from dailies to run your farms.

    So, let's have some Lord Coin drops from the loot crates. 180-200g per Lord Coin when you are unlikely to even break even doing braziers and archeum.
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  2. Rebel1

    Rebel1 New Member

    It's about time some balance was put into the game so it involves more people able to have fun, rather then favoring the smallest percentage of troll and downright toxic players who congregate based on gear (Pirate and PN) and do their utmost to deprive endgame content to everyone else by blocking ingame paths of progression (needed crafting mats). This is what killed pvp and population on Live servers. The more balanced players gear is, the more potatoes will actually be willing to fight and group together to actually challenge the best-geared established pvpers for content.

    When you can't upgrade your gear because the items are hoarded into unobtainable expense... the vast majority remain inadequately geared and can't play much beyond a few events or farming. Who's going to venture out when they just get 1 and 2 shotted instantly? Then it just becomes a troll and griefing game with zero team and no real challenge and the majority of the better geared players leave for (Pirate and PN) simply to enjoy the rest of the game and the 99% of players on both East and West essentially just play Farm simulator or quit out of boredom doing only gr/cr/ etc.

    This is why XLgames created erenor... but they failed and either they or Trino made it horribly expensive to upgrade so as to be available to only the most dedicated credit-card whales... which is why they had to shift to Hiram gear. None of these shifts would have been needed if dedicated players could have upgraded the original obsidian and Ayanad gear without needed to play on several alt accounts (forbidden rightly so on Rage), or swiping literally thousands of dollars to have the best legendary and mythic gear to compete at the top 1% endgame level (closing off the rest of the game to everyone else) and then monopolizing the upgrade crafting mats so no one else could ever catch up.
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  3. sociopathix

    sociopathix Active Member

    Yep, monopolies are bad. At least here only the most ridiculous credit card warrior could surpass things available to most players. The Erenor nerf was a good step. Hiram might actually give me reason to play more.
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  4. trapwhre02

    trapwhre02 Active Member

    I thought this was a good idea at first, hence my comment in the other thread about it.
    But after thinking about it a little, i figured there's better solutions.

    I think the main reason people would want this is because if you were to farm LCs yourself, it'd take you forever as there is a daily limit to how many you can get. The amount you can farm yourself is also a joke compared to the amount needed to craft an erenor item or tiering an obsidian weapon to T7.

    Theres people that get heavy discounts on LCs but those are preserved to the players that are part of an established guild wih a castle. Typically players that are already geared anyways so this is counter-productive to lowering gear-gap.

    But putting LCs into boxes will also have a negative impact on new / lesser geared -players, as their rewards will decrease in value giving them less profit for their work.

    Maybe decrease amount of LCs generated by castle-owners and hand out more for questing to combat the heavy monopoly castle-owners have.

    But I can already tell you that isn't going to happen. If you open a vote, you're giving everyone the opportunity to vote no without explaining as to why. People that feel negatively affected will just share the thread among friends and mass-vote against it. I can already tell you PN players would get upset if they're not the only ones anymore that benefit from cheap LCs.

    Polls like this don't work, which I blame the devs partly for. You can bring as many great arguments with no counter to them as you want, the devs will look at the poll, see an evened out result and be like "ah no heavy majority everything is fine, move along people.."

    I had a poll to change the halfed GCD of shadowstep/charge/bel and nobody was able to give me a good argument as to why it should stay the way it is, and everything that was said by other players I had an argument against it for the most part. Yet all the upset battlerage users voted no with a majority not even leaving a comment or explaination why it needs no change.

    Some changes have to be forced by the devs with their own judgement whether its good or not, unaffected by players input. If they believe its a good change they should just execute it and let players adapt over time, they'll forget about it sooner or later and accept it. But the devs don't play their own game so this is just day-dreaming from my side.
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  5. Rebel1

    Rebel1 New Member

    I'm not optimistic. I opened a thread about the nonavailability of Kraken Ink Sacs since 3.5 rolled out with a bug that despawned the Kraken that took weeks to fix... and since then the PN guilds who are actually geared enough to do Kraken hoard that mat for their own guild. I had someone just arguing mindlessly why that was okay that a critical mat for certain T6 obsidian pieces should be deprived to 99% of the playerbase and it was our problem... Devs closed my thread in 24 hours and told me I was being inflexible and that PN could destroy the kraken ink sac mats if they wanted to, it was their right... essentially to ckblock gear upgrading outside of PN... and I did hear of one "friend" of PN, not in PN himself who was able to purchase one for 50k... 5x it's actual value.

    They just don't seem to care that the same incredible gear disparity which prevents the majority of the playerbase from even being competitive or able to see the endgame... or the kind of toxic trolling and greed which killed servers on live is repeating itself here... it was told to me by one of the debaters, I should content myself for waiting a "few months" before I could upgrade my obsidian gear... which essentially means my progression has stopped for a few months... so really, why am I even playing just to do cr/gr and never even have the gear to join or defend against or contest a PN guild... and the biggest issue... why are pirate/PN allowed to dominate the server just like Live... and kill the East and West factions? We saw what a wreck this was before. 1% who can play endgame... 99% who can't and can only play farm simulator.... or 1shotted PVP corpse for the elitests to gloat over.... and no hope in hell of ever catching up. We need a communist revolution.
  6. sociopathix

    sociopathix Active Member

    Yeah, they're not going to improve quest rewards for LC. Keep dreaming.
  7. Sjinderson

    Sjinderson Active Member Staff Member Technical Assistant

    Lords coins are not being added into credit boxes
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  8. Einaer

    Einaer New Member

    The value of boss items is based off of their availability to the public. Before 3.5 and late 2.9 kraken was free farmed by a single nation. They sold the ink sac at 10k-15k because everyone free farming it already had their gear at the max and there were fewer new players needing it. Atm there's 3 nations fighting over kraken , each with members who need the material to upgrade their gear. Also you only need the kraken ink sac for t6 obsidian items. That's endgame gear so of course you have to compete in endgame content in order to get it. The fact that you can even make money and buy it off of the ah instead of earning it is a bs mechanic made for lazy whales. Imagine crying that you can't just buy all of the steps of the dream ring, that's what you're doing right now. Guilds doing content will keep doing content and if you want benefits from that content you have to join them/give them gold for it. It's how it works in every mmo and how it should work.

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