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    Items Restoration.png
    We are glad to announce a new service that was added for players use - "Items Restoration".
    This service will let you to restore items, removed from character’s inventory.

    What items can be restored?
    Any items that were removed from the bag within 2 previous weeks.

    How can you do it?
    Go to your Account Panel and press a "Restoration" button that can be found next to the "Tickets" button.
    Then press a "Show Removed Items List" button.
    Choose the character, date and item you'd like to restore.

    How many items can be restored?
    You can restore up to 10 items per 24 hours.

    • Items are available for restoration within 2 weeks after they are destroyed in game.
    • Service works only with items removed from the inventory. You’ll not be able to restore items broken during regrading, sold to NPC, etc.
    • You’ll receive the item to your character’s mail right after you confirm restoration on your Account Panel.
    • Removed items may be displayed on the “Restoration” page only after you leave the game. It can happen right after or within a few hours.
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  2. Epic

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    Nice, just like official Russian server. Ty
  3. Neavo

    Neavo New Member

    Damn... wish this was out a month ago when i accidently blew up my Divine Ayanad Bow. I accidently put a 1.5 yellow charm in stead of my divine anchoring charm. I know... im a dumbass lol
  4. Sparkle

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  5. Medkill

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    You can't get blown up items back, just destroyed items.
  6. Kathrann

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    So if you accidentally drag/delete something, you can get it back.
  7. nice news!!! nice work!!! thank you very much!! This will really help to avoid many messages in the ticket system, as well as relieve the players themselves of despair and frustration!!!
  8. Aumdaydar

    Aumdaydar Active Member

    This is awesome!! Thank you TEAM!
  9. Aviendha

    Aviendha Active Member

    waow, thank you so much! I so totally nearly destroy stuff so often by accidental dragging XD didnt happen yet but who knows lol
  10. zeeh

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    is there a possibility to restore items deleted from mail? Like house/scarecrow designs...
  11. Sparkle

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    Tis service is for items, removed from character’s inventory only. Mails auto-deleted with time can't be restored.

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