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Discussion in 'Game Debates' started by Tien Ki, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. Tien Ki

    Tien Ki New Member

    There has been a steady increase in the program users at land grabs, people able to skip the confirmation window to place land almost a full second before people are even allowed the option to.
    I don't think I can post any of the videos I have recorded of all of it without getting banned for it so I just wanted to let people know to record any land grab you show up to and if someone is winning every...single...time, and on an alt account with no stipend and low GS....might be a program user.

    If i'm out of line posting this to the forums, do let me know but it's a problem that has been steadily escalating.
  2. evilboy199

    evilboy199 Active Member

    you can always send the video in the tickets just upload to youtube and send a link in the ticket section they will investigate
  3. Velorra

    Velorra Active Member

    I mean, or (hear me out) you're just slower than they are. Our guild has lost land grabs to guys that have been reported for this exact thing, and we've beaten those same people at land grabs.
  4. xkf2

    xkf2 Member

    This. So true.

    Everyone's experience of a land grab is different, and, depends on the alignment of the planets and stars.
    Win, lose, as with all things in this game it is RnG
  5. Marco a cuevas

    Marco a cuevas New Member

    If you devs continue to ignore these type of activities and YES they are happening. I already know of atleast one person who was banned for cheating and I hear of another one being banned recently. What do they have to fear? They are hacking to receive FREE land that they can sell for gold so they don't have to buy any credits. Meanwhile those of us who are supporting the servers are stuck and forced to buy the land from the hackers. Do something. You guys can keep denying this till you turn blue and we don't care.
  6. Tien Ki

    Tien Ki New Member

    Land grabbers should never have a 100% win rate unless a macro or program is involved. These people never lose.
  7. knifeear

    knifeear New Member

    If you actually talk to them, and make friends with them it is obvious they arent hacking, they just practice that much
  8. FanaticFFS

    FanaticFFS New Member

    It is not the speed , it is the "showing up for EVERY SINGLE land grab across the entire map" that is a giveaway of them using a script , i used to be ALMOST unbeatable on live EU servers, almost NO ping , knowing the timer , using stopwatch , already placing mouse to where the confirmation will pop up , all i had to do as soon as stop watch reached 00:00 was to doubleclick. HOWEVER , i have seen the screenshots of the script used in archebuddy , they show a radar of what slots are going to be up for grabs in the entire housing area instantly , and well they do grab the land instantly aswell , but it could be a player with little to no ping and a good reaction. A Regular player would have to spend hours daily to check all the housing areas ETC , and still ,probably, miss some , a scripter will show up everywhere.
  9. knifeear

    knifeear New Member

    I havent really noticed them being at every single land grab... however the ones I talk to /hire don't know about the lands coming up I want. Hell half the plots our guild wants they didnt know about till I informed to hire them. It could be a combination of both, but the ones I deal with seem to have good ping and reaction speed.

    Now if you are complaining you should complain about the jack monkeys placing down boots/phonographs to purposely stop land grabs from people. I almost lost land to that this morning because people wanna use underhanded tactics.
  10. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Mechanics of the Phonograph will be changed with the next server restart, so players will not be able to use it in the land grabs the way they are able to do now. Phonograph will not be the item blocking the scarecrow or house placement or demo.
  11. hayter

    hayter New Member

    can we remove people who have been using phonographs/winterboots to landgrab? its not an accident they clearly know they are abusing an exploit.
  12. RedPoint

    RedPoint New Member

    The problem of land not only goes through the issue of hacks, surely you are going to listen to many saying that it is a thousand-year-old technique that consists in performing tasks of mental synchronization etc, etc. etc. The reality is that the game was originally designed to put a barrier to all those who want to profit excessively with the land, and as explained in another post, the configuration of this server does not have that barrier, so administrators should perform a control over this, an example of this, could be that nobody can have more than "X" amount of land. I do not know if they realize, that this server does not approach the population of an official server and there is no land available, which leads to new players being forced to farm money to buy land, I understand that for server owners this may be convenient as it "invites" them to donate to sell credits and buy land, but I assure you that if they keep looking to the side, long or short term are hurting. As we say in my country, they are spitting up, when there is no rotation of new players because they do not enter the server due to the land monopoly, even those who have a lot of land to sell will regret it.
  13. Velorra

    Velorra Active Member

    So are you saying that people are entitled to land and that it has nothing to do with adding an additional layer to the economy? Because...that's hilarious!
  14. RedPoint

    RedPoint New Member

    Think what you want, with time you will see it. Whether you like it or not like everyone who always comes out saying there are thousands of ways to make money in this game, but then you find out that they own Ahnimar means, having land to generate raw material to make products or just selling them is one of the most common ways to generate money. And do not come to me with that you can fish and kill bugs, because a lot of people want to play their way and not the one that they want to impose, because they do not want to put a damn brake on bad things. But look at the faction chats, always the same people, and in the basic events of the game you can not complete the raid.
  15. Velorra

    Velorra Active Member

    With time I'll see...what? New players and guilds coming here with no way to get any land? My guild of 20 came here with nothing and won land grabs while making money to buy land we wanted elsewhere. We are a part of that portion of the economy and are seeing nothing wrong with it, it's all working as intended (aside from the guys that were dropping phonographs to take land, but that exploit got fixed). It just sounds like it's 95% "we're slower at grabbing land than others" and 5% "someone is cheating/exploiting", but everyone thinks they fall under that 5%. The land is already set up to where you can't have more than 2 unbuilt properties down. If you want that number reduced to 1, I can mildly agree with it. But if you think new players deserve land just for being, you're on the wrong side of social organization because this sure isn't socialism.
  16. RedPoint

    RedPoint New Member


    I will try to explain it so that a child of 5 years can understand it, with the current population of this server you should find land of up to 24x24 somewhere without having to fight against cheaters, but that does not happen because there are people with a lot of land that although they sell some others you have them without even producing anything. What adds to the server's economy? NOTHING.
    Now a new player with some land, which if used to produce, if added to the economy of the server and even help to get more products at a better price.
    But well, thank God there are people like you who tell me that I'm on the wrong side since this is not socialism, and they show me that lobbying or monopoly is what rules here.
  17. Velorra

    Velorra Active Member

    How unpopulated do you think this server is? Do you think this is live to expect 24x24 land to just be falling into your lap? And my guild just got 2 24x24 spots in the last 4 days, one of them was completely uncontested. Other members in my guild got quite a few 16x16's and 24x24's in another location. 2 big spots in Nuimari just demo'd 4 hours ago, and island plots are going down as well (3 of them no contest). Sounds like you aren't looking hard enough, dude. Yeah, there are people who are holding onto land doing nothing with it. But there's also always land demoing daily. So either we're REALLY good at this whole "grabbing land" thing, our land grabbers are cheating, or you're absolutely blind and expecting a handout. Smells like option 3.
  18. knifeear

    knifeear New Member

    Love the condescending tone in that typing. There is always land going up for demo, always land for sale it depends where it is if its cheap. There is two economies in the game that are intertwined to an extent which is the A.H and the Trade chat. Yes I agree it is overwhelming for a new player at first got getting land, but there is public farm plots to use and areas for 8x8s.

    You are naive in thinking that a few new players can change the econ just by producing. Prices fluctuate daily and a flood in one item will not change the prices as much as you think. Also there is ways to make money with out land, it is just land helps with certain things. Most people who have property are doing daily farming and find themselves with out labor alot and it is for farming. 10 labor per crop adds up quickly.

    The population of the sever is rather large, the amount of people on at a time changes depending on the day and time, unless somehow you know the exact numbers at any give time.
  19. lightsenshi6

    lightsenshi6 New Member

    There's never really going to be enough land for housing, especially for someone who doesn't have (or isn't able to) spend a lot of time looking every day. I do remember that there was a debate in regard to instanced housing back on live.
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  20. RedPoint

    RedPoint New Member

    God ... I repeat you can think what you want about me, for my part I'm not interested to know how good players are your guild (tell me you brag and I'll tell you that you lack) I already have my lands, the necessary, even parcels of 24x24, I'm not complaining because I can not find land to be blind as you say, I just see that the only private server Archeage, which in my opinion in some respects is better managed than the TRINO officer, I should have more growth and I see that the problems with the land is one of the important factors so that this does not happen.

    I consider that a small group of new players will not change the economy, but a larger group yes, it is more, the prices fluctuate due to the offer, most when publishing an article in the AH, they always make it cheaper ( most) therefore, to have greater supply prices tend to fall, as I said to Velorra, my astonishment is because I consider that this server should have more users online at all hours and I consider that one of the causes of not grow are the monopoly of lands.
    For sure I can not know how many users the server has, but when you have been playing different types of mmorpg for more than a decade, whether they are private and / or official, the chat, the scarcity or the overproduction of certain items can give you a pattern of whether the server population increases, decreases or stagnates.
    Let's make clear something, with my criticism does not seek to harm the server, on the contrary I want it to grow and endure, for me to continue enjoying it, I clarify this, because it seems a constant that people appear attacking a constructive criticism or opinion, as if one wanted the server to close. I understand who attacks me, when my opinion is putting a finger in the ass.

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